Christine Kuo Plans to Open Bakery Business

In 2018, 37-year-old Christine Kuo (苟芸慧) married rich third generation William Luk (陸漢洋) and deliberately slowed down her acting career to take baking lessons in France and Hong Kong. With newly acquired skills, Christine is looking forward to opening her own bakery and has started looking for a suitable location.

While Christine’s last project was a minor role in TVB’s Flying Tiger 2 <飛虎之雷霆極>, the former beauty queen has reportedly lost interest in the entertainment industry and wants to pursue her passion in baking. Last year, Christine enrolled in a 10-month comprehensive program to learn from renowned pastry chefs in France. Working hard in her studies, she successfully earned a certificate that gives her the professional qualifications to open her own bakery or work in a French restaurant.

According to a source close to Christine, the former actress wanted to use her new skills for her health conscious bakery business, “Christine always wanted to make a career out of her passion. Right now, she has her eyes on baking and she wanted to open a shop with her friends. Christine wanted to teach others to bake and sell her own pastries. Her husband is supportive and said he would help out financially.”

The source also disclosed that Christine had trouble with maintaining her weight and thus she wants to use her experience in keto diets to create pastries that contains low sugar and low carbs without sacrificing their taste and appearance.

Unfortunately, Christine’s plans to open her shop were put on hold because of the COVID-19 pandemic. As she waits for COVID-19 to subside in Hong Kong, Christine has been continuing to hone her baking skills while searching for a suitable location for her future shop. With big plans in the horizon, it is unlikely Christine will return to acting anytime soon.

Source: Weekend Weekly

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  1. She’d never make it big in acting with her capabilities and heavy accent anyways. I doubt she still wants to work long days filming. I wonder who in their groupie is wealthiest? Leanne, Christine, or Linda.

    1. @bubbles23 I am thinking it’s this one since she married a rich third generation? Next would be the shorty WCL. haha lol….n then the other 3

  2. It pays to have a rich husband to fund whatever interests she wants to pursue.

  3. It’s great that she has multiple hobbies and the time/money to pursue them.

    As beautiful as she is, acting is not her forte. It’s not just the accent… her performance in Flying Tiger was painfully self-conscious and awkward. Glad she has other goals to pursue.

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