Christine Kuo Takes it Easy After Marriage

After former TVB actress Christine Kuo (苟芸慧) and rich third generation William Luk (陸漢洋) tied the knot in 2018, Christine has been slowing down her career and enjoying her new role as William’s wife. Without any pressure to go back to work, the Miss Chinese International beauty queen is seen travelling to various countries and enrolling in various leisure classes.

Living life to the fullest, Christine treats every day like a vacation and even proclaims that she gets to wake up naturally.

In the past few months, Christine frequently traveled for leisure to countries such as France, Canada, South Korea and Japan. When she is not travelling, Christine would take classes with famous French professional culinary school Disciples Escoffie and even shares pictures of her cooking on Instagram.

When reporters saw Christine in Hong Kong, Christine and William were out on a date. As William juggled his time between being a professional racer and a director for several companies, William would constantly be on his phone or meeting up with acquaintances. Thankfully, Christine was very understanding and respected William’s work.

Source: Weekend Weekly

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    1. @bubbles23
      Yes but it is not good to drop your career and rely on your husband as you never know what can happen. What if they divorced all of a sudden? It is still better to be independent and self sufficient.

      1. If they divorce I’m sure she’ll receive a lucrative alimony payment, especially if she have children with him.

      2. @hetieshou push comes to shove she can work if she wants but like Jane626 said, Alimony.

        I dont see the shame in it, its fine to choose how you support yourself by the best means necessary. She is getting to experience most life that others cant afford to do because moat when they are young are too busy working. If money isn’t an issue, its best to live life.

      3. @hetieshou No man is an island. People rely on each other for certain benefits. Employees rely on employers to pay them living wages by selling their time to them. Children rely on parents to support them till they are old enough to support themselves. Entertainers rely on fanatics to support their works to remain relevant. Nothing shameful about her relying on her husband to support her as I only see her as an “upgraded” version of housewife.

      4. @rika Right on!! lol…haha Yup, mutual benefits in all accounts for sure. Also, at least she managed to put a ring to it unlike the ones who popped tons of kids out before wedlock or the ones that live together only and then get dumped. If it doesn’t work out, yes there’s alimony and since he’s rich 3rd generation why would any woman say NO to that. haha lol…That’s not really fully relying on when you are entitled to get it after a divorce.

      5. @wm2017 Spot on. She isn’t his mistress and she didn’t break up anyone’s family to get to where she is. There’s nothing wrong if she wants to spend more time with her husband and just literally, be a wife. I don’t see what is so shameful about that and there is no need to criticize her for not becoming an “independent and self sufficient” person just to fit certain people’s ideals of what a woman should be. That’s why people hate feminists because the agenda is all about them instead of empathizing that every woman is different and does not deserve to be thrown into the same bucket.

  1. Cathy Tsui rely on her husband still. Nothing wrong with that if you’re a married couple as long they’re happy that’s all matter.

  2. Doesn’t matter. Her luxurious living doesn’t affect me. In fact, her photos encourage me to study harder. haha
    Besides, with the coronavirus going on, these are something nice to look at. At least for me, it brings positivity.

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