Christine Kuo’s Manager Responds to Wedding Gown Controversy

Myolie Wu‘s (胡杏兒) former wedding gown business partner, Kev Yiu (姚子裕) stirred up recent controversies after he ranted his unpleasant experience with a TVB actress who requested a sponsored wedding gown. Kev alleged that the actress was difficult to work with, took credit for designing the sponsored gown, and later complained privately to friends that the dress was rubbish. When the netizens posted a “Beauty and the Beast” picture and linked the incident to Christine Kuo’s (苟芸慧) wedding gown, Kev confirmed that it was related to his complaint.

As media reached out to Christine’s manager, her manager was initially reluctant to respond because Kev did not explicitly identify Christine. However, she relented after the rumor showed no signs of dying down and said, “That day, Christine’s good friend Myolie Wu said her partner designs wedding gowns and helped lined up sponsors for Christine. After the wedding, they (Christine and Kev) were happy and nothing happened. Kev even posted a picture, so everything went well. I don’t understand why after a year, there is suddenly a rumor. Christine is also confused.”

When the media asked if Christine would consider taking legal action, Christine’s manager responded, “We would need to ask the lawyers, but the other party didn’t specify any name. We don’t want to assume. People who know Christine would know she is a simple person. We don’t want to and there is no need to let this drag on.”

Stressing again that Christine and Kev did not have any problems working together, her manager shared, “Actually, the whole process was managed by Christine’s former company and she didn’t really directly communicate with them.  Really, Christine did not say any of those negative words.”

Christine’s manager was asked to confirm Kev’s allegation that the actress told friends that the dress was “rubbish” and that her husband broke his promise to give Kev credit for the dress. Christine’s manager did not provide a comment on this matter.


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