Christine Kuo and William Luk’s “Beauty and the Beast” Wedding

Wealthy second generation, 45-year-old Willliam Luk (陸漢洋), gave his bride, 35-year-old Christine Kuo (苟芸慧), a “fairy tale” wedding at the Beaus River Country Club on October 19. The groom felt very lucky that the bride agreed to marry him and declared, “I’ll love Christine for a lifetime!”

Adhering to the “Beauty and the Beast” theme, William wore a beast mask and Christine changed into a yellow-colored dress at the banquet. Jade Kwan (關心妍) was invited as a guest performer and sang the popular theme song, while the newlyweds danced together and re-enacted the famous scene from the Disney movie.

It may be a strange choice to play the part of a “beast” at his own wedding, but William had said many times that he knew he is not handsome. Always seeing his bride as a goddess with true outer and inner beauty, William felt that their love went beyond looks.

Bridal Party

The bride wore a puff sleeve wedding gown, which was romantic and sexy at the same time. The most striking feature were the sheer panels which were hip high, and revealed Christine’s legs with every movement. Her gown also had an impressive 20-feet-long train. Diamond jewelry from Tiffany and Co., which were valued at over $13 million HKD, completed the regal look.

Christine invited nine of her closest friends, Leanne Li (李亞男), Grace Wong (王君馨), Eliza Sam (岑麗香), Christine Ng (伍詠薇), Elva Ni (倪晨曦), Rachel Poon (潘曉彤), Kaki Leung (梁嘉琪), Rachel Kan (簡慕華), and a friend who worked outside the entertainment industry, to be the bridesmaids. With half of the ladies already married, they were thrilled that Christine’s big day is finally here.

Currently seven months pregnant, Leanne proclaimed that it was her tenth time being a bridesmaid. Leanne said, “This is my last time. All my best friends have gotten married, so I’ve finished my mission. Although Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) was unable to attend since she just gave birth to her second baby, she sent her congratulations to the newlyweds.

Celebrated Wedding Across Half the Globe

The couple held an outdoor garden lunch buffet, followed by an indoor banquet in the evening. It was Christine’s idea to incorporate the outdoors in her wedding, “I like nature and wanted it to be more fairy-tale like.”

Initially worried about the weather, William admitted he had lost sleep leading up to the wedding, “It didn’t rain and the sun wasn’t too strong. God treated us very well today.”

To prepare for their wedding, the couple has traveled half of the globe. They took engagement photos in South Korea earlier. In September, William threw Christine a surprise wedding in Toronto, where the bride grew up. Today’s Hong Kong banquet is actually the couple’s second celebration.

Asked if he had spent a fortune, William said, “I don’t know how much it all cost. We’re very happy to have gone to different places to build our [wedding] memories. We’ll celebrate again for our 10th anniversary.”

Christine Wants to Have Four Children

Feeling very lucky that Christine agreed to marry him, William revealed, “I’m really grateful for how well Christine treats me. I’m not an easy person, but she is tolerant [of my faults]. I’ll try my best to give her happiness!”

He added, “Her father wasn’t ready to give his daughter to me. I promised him to take really good care of Christine. I also told my wife I will at least love her for a lifetime.”

The newlyweds said they would like to enjoy their marriage for two to three years before having children. Christine said excitedly, “I want four children!”

CLICK HERE to see all the photos at Christine and William’s Hong Kong wedding!

CLICK HERE to see all the photos at Christine and William’s Hong Kong wedding!

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  1. Congratulations to both! Her choice of dresses are not my cup of tea. She doesn’t look bad but doesn’t look great either…too much cleavage. Also, Linda is not such a great friend…im pretty sure she can take a day or two off from being a mommy to attend your close friend wedding…she didnt do at the Toronto nor HK.

    1. @jessehsuan honestly I think the virgin christian gang aren’t really close friends in person they act close but they seem more like acquaintances. Life happens but you will always be able to make it for your best friends’ weddings. Each of them seems to not have a problem missing each other’s weddings plus eliza didn’t even invite any of them to her wedding.

      1. @holiday umm not sure where you’re getting the vibe that they are acquaintances just because they’re not as annoying as the nonsense club? And you’re wrong that none were invited to Eliza’s wedding. All of them were there with the exception of Grace because she has work commitments. I mean would Christine even invited Eliza to be a bridesmaid of she was never considered close to or invited to Eliza’s wedding? Oh net citizens believe what they think is true.

        By the way I’m no fan of this group. J

      2. @holiday – Wow, you’re really clueless and have no idea what you are talking about. Do you know their group personally? Just because you can’t attend a close friend’s wedding, it means that you’re not good friends with each other? Really? I couldn’t attend one of my best friend’s wedding that was held out of state because it was not possible for me to fly out there due to my kids school. But I can assure you that we are still very close friends. Also, you better do your research before you decide to make a statement because for your information, Eliza did invite her group of virgin Christian friends and they did go to her wedding in Vancouver. Jaynestar even wrote about it.

    2. @jessehsuan – You probably haven’t experienced giving birth. When you have just given birth, it takes a few months for your body to recover. It’s not a good idea to fly in the 1st few months after giving birth. Linda is in Vancouver so she would have had to fly to either Toronto or HK.

  2. Congratulations!!! She wants to have four kids? She better hurry up then isn’t that what Linda says before that she wants four kids also? Lol. Leanne I’m done with my mission?

  3. After all that hype building up to their wedding, I hv to say I’m quite disappointed with how it turned out. Considering William’s wealth, their choice of venue and the decor was very plain and not quite what was described as fairy tale. Christine’s make up was terrible, in all the photos her face and neck were of 2 different shades. Her hairstyle was boring and dated, only one style from morning to night and her evening gown made her look fat and frumpy. Her wedding gown looked better in photo shoots than in person especially from the side and back, it looked like a mushroom sprouted from her butt. Also dont like the peekaboo show of her legs. Their wedding pics were also stiff and unnatural. However it was very cute to see William so shy, declining to kiss the bride. Yeah… should have turned out much better.

      1. @msxie0714 I didn’t watch that movie, I don’t know what you’re talking about. Neither did I follow AB and HXM’s wedding. I’m just saying it feels lacking in something after all that hype; not comparing with anyone.

    1. @passingby to each their own. I might not wear her wedding dress on my wedding day, but those two dresses are beautiful and exquisite. The train, the shape, the fabric are not cheap, all very beautiful and flowing.

      I found that ruco’s Wedding has a few let down, considering he’s rich, but the bride’s bouquet is down right terrible, the cake is nothing special, pretty normal stock standard even. But I guess the decisions of each of those elements are that of the bride and groom, they feel it good enough, it’s good enough! It’s not about how rich they 🙂

      1. @littlefish absolutely to each their own. Just saying what I thought about it. Not asking anyone to agree with me lol. Didn’t say her gowns looked cheap either, just didnt think she looked that great as I had expected.

      2. @passingby The white one looked horrible to me…I was thinking what in the world is that? The low-cut, the back and the slits on the front? She’s a pretty woman, not sure what happened to her taste. lol….

      3. @passingby and I’m not saying you are wrong in anyway in expressing your opinion, and I’m just saying the area that let us down (yours in chritine’s Wedding and mine in ruco’s Wedding) May not be their focus lol, or just to their taste 🙂

        @jimmyszeto he will not be relevant to me in any time soon lol. Good of them if they get more endorsements, I don’t live in hk xD

      4. @littlefish
        Ruco really made the most of his wedding. After being irrelevant for a while with his popularity slightly decreasing, he really has made his wedding a big event in Hong Kong. Plenty of endorsements will follow for him and his wife soon…..

      5. @littlefish
        i don’t think Ruco is rich. He may be quite poor considering that he has not filmed for almost 2 years and hardly see him doing any endorsement these 2 years.

  4. With all the Cantonese strugglers Christine Kuo is amongst the prettiest alongside Rebecca Zhu. Extremely beautiful bride…..

  5. Congrats to them! William is perfectly attractive in his way, he needs to stop thinking he is ugly.

    I have a love/hate relationship with “Beauty and the Beast”. I really disliked that it teaches girls to love an abusive guy and he will turn into a prince message. But I can’t stop myself humming to the amazing music.

    I didn’t think her dresses were the best choices, especially the awkward white wedding dress. But she did look happy and beautiful.

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