Designer Kev Yiu Criticizes Christine Kuo?

Kevolie designer Kev Yiu (姚子裕), who partnered up with Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) to launch their bridal gown label, recently ranted online about a certain artist. A few days ago, he revealed on both Facebook and Instagram that an actress, who asked for a sponsored dress last year, did not give him credit for the gown.

Then she later told the media that she designed the evening dress herself, and privately complained to others that Kev’s design is rubbish. She told others, “I will not give him publicity” and “No one would know who Kev is if I don’t wear his design.”

Although Kev did not name anyone, he hinted that she was a former TVB artist, who is on the curvier side. His rant prompted netizens to post pictures of Beauty and the Beast and comment, “This picture is related to the incident.”

Kev responded, “I told her not to choose bright yellow, I suggested champagne gold.”

Though there have been many TVB actresses getting married in recent years including Lucy Li (李旻芳), Tracy Chu (朱千雪), Priscilla Wong (黃翠如), Becky Lee (李璧琦), Fala Chen (陳法拉), and Christine Kuo (苟芸慧), only the latter fits the bill. Christine already left TVB, and she held a wedding in Hong Kong. Not to mention, she wore a Belle-inspired yellow evening dress at her Beauty and the Beast-themed wedding.

Christine tied the knot with racer Willliam Luk (陸漢洋) last year in both Canada and Hong Kong. During her castle wedding in Toronto, she wore a dress from the Israeli brand Galia Lahav. She received many goddess compliments, and she even credited Galia Lahav in the wedding pictures she uploaded onto Instagram. On the other hand, she never posted the yellow evening dress that she wore to her Hong Kong wedding on Instagram. It is no wonder netizens believe Christine is the person Kev is criticizing.

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[Pictorial] Photos of Christine Kuo’s Wedding


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  1. She is such nasty if the story is true. She asked for a free gown, she better credit the designer.
    She may have a opinion in the design of the gown but it is still not her brand. Why are for free sponsor if she think he is rubbish?
    Hate such cheap skate.
    Want to look glam but no money to pay for it.

    1. @hohliu Absolutely, if the story is true. If she didn’t like the sponsored gown then she should just purchase another that suits her “disney” taste. Since she chose to wear it, then she had to give the designer credit even if it was ugly.

  2. That is 1 ugly gown. She looks like a big egg yolk! As a celebrity (presumably with taste and a stylist) didn’t anyone tell her that? And not to credit the designer is being cheap. If she had credited the designer, and the gown looks bad (which is obvious), then her friends will know who not to use. Just sayin’

  3. Well, another thing is, she told ppl that she design the gown herself. She’s taking credit for herself. Like Kev said, he suggested champagne gold but she insisted on yellow. Even if she didn’t like it, she should just keep it to herself and don’t wear his designs again. Shouldn’t go around talk trash behind other’s back. I wonder after this news come out. Any designers would sponsor her again haha

  4. Tbh, she looked god-awful in that yellow gown, like a giant yellow blimp. And her hair was so old-fashioned. Bet she wanted to weep when she saw that gown. With the amount of dough her hubby has, she could have ordered another at short notice but she was probably too cheapskate to spend her own money. What a piece of trash she is.

  5. If she asked for sponsorship then she should have given the credit to the designer. She must have liked his work for her to ask for a gown. She would have to go for try outs in order for the gown to be made. What she did not like is herself. The gown is not made for her. Give it to someone else the turn out will be different like a Beauty.

  6. Christine whole ensemble with the gown is a mess. I think if she did something different with her hair and added some accessories, it would’ve save the image a little. Anyways, agree that she should’ve given the designer credit / shout out even if she didn’t like it. I’m sure she had a pre-fitting. If she hated it then, she shouldn’t have worn it for the event. She chose to wear it, so she should’ve give credit where’s credit is due. Common courtesy/sense lady.

    BTW, where’s that promo of Myolie and Kevin on the second pic took place? Wonder why they used Western models?

  7. In the first place, I wouldn’t ask people to sponsor my wedding clothes. I am sure her loaded husband could have afforded a good one for her. If I did ask for sponsors, I would not have the sense to criticize the designers’ products. It is a courtesy to say “thank you” if you wear it. Even if you don’t like it, she should have returned it and said “Thanks. Sorry that it does not suit my taste so I can’t wear it on my wedding day”.

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