Matthew Ko Seen Kissing Ex-Girlfriend, Haruka Kinami

Former Mr. Hong Kong Matthew Ko’s (高鈞賢) career with TVB has not been outstanding, but his open approach to his own love life makes Matthew a popular figure in headline gossip magazines.

Matthew had rumors with many of his TVB colleagues, most notably with good friends Tracy Ip (葉翠翠) and Kate Tsui (徐子珊). Earlier last year, Matthew admitted to dating 28-year-old Japanese actress Haruka Kinami (木南晴夏). The pair broke up a month later, claiming that their long-distance relationship was hard to maintain.

The 29-year-old TVB actor later admitted to dating Grace Chan (陳賽兒), a fan of his. However, the pair mysteriously broke up in February 2013.

Two nights ago, Matthew and good friend Vin Choi (蔡淇俊) were spotted at a nightclub in Central. Matthew was seen dancing intimately with a Japanese-speaking woman, who was later proven to be ex-girlfriend Haruka Kinami.

Matthew had his arms around Haruka throughout the whole night. When he kissed her on the cheek, Haruka turned around and kissed him passionately on the lips.

A handful of clubgoers recognized Matthew that night, but Matthew did not seem to mind and happily accepted photo requests.

Around 2 a.m., Matthew and his friends left for Volar, another popular nightclub in the area. Matthew and Haruka arrived at the club separately. Hand-in-hand, the couple left the club together at approximately a.m. He helped the drunken Haruka into his car, and drove her back to her hotel in Lan Kwai Fong. He then returned home immediately afterwards.

Matthew Denies Dating Reports

In a phone interview yesterday, Matthew said, “We’re not dating, just very close friends. Since she is in Hong Kong now, I decided to hang out with her.” (Hugging and kissing a friend?) “We were all drunk so that’s why we did it.”

Would Matthew consider dating her again when given the chance? “I really didn’t want her to leave me. I’ve thought of patching things up, but she is a Japanese artist. It would be great if she can stay [in Hong Kong], but that needs serious consideration. Unfortunately, she’s leaving tomorrow.”

Tracy Ip is Not Jealous

Matthew and 2005 Miss Hong Kong winner Tracy Ip are good friends and a long-rumored couple. Tracy expressed that she is familiar with Haruka, “Matthew Ko mentioned her to me once, and told me that it was a pity they couldn’t be together.” At the mention that Matthew and Haruka were very intimate at the club, Tracy said, “I wasn’t there so I don’t know. Maybe it’s just the angle?”

Was Tracy jealous? “Why would I be jealous? I actually wanted to ask why he didn’t bring me with him! Maybe he thought I would just be a hassle for them!”

Tracy insisted that she and Matthew are as close as family, and dating him would be impossible.


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  1. does anyone know what night club Matthew Ko or other TVB stars usually go to? Probably in LKF but where exactly?

    1. Stars and models frequently hang out at Volar, LKF. I like the club but find the crowd snobbish and pretentious. It’s also a members only place thus getting in can be quite a hassle.

    2. She looks like a typical Japanese AV star…….she must have been in some porn movies before.

  2. I really appreciate celebs like him. He’s very honest.
    “We were all drunk, that’s why we did it”
    I think there won’t be a lot of hk celebs who actually admid this kind of behaviour.
    All they can do is deny everything even if there photos of it..

    1. I do too and I hate it when artists still try to lie through their teeth even when they are caught red handed.

    2. He did lie. He denied dating her on the one hand and then kissed her on the other hand. And then blamed it on the alcohol. So idontknow was wrong–he’s NOT very honest.

      By the way, who is matthew ko? When I looked at the picture above, I don’t remember him at all? What drama or character did he act that was memorable?

      1. Oh really? he did lie??? If that were the case then I am not too shocked since celebs are famous for that…

      2. he’s Mr. HK 2005 and was recently in Sergeant Tabloid as 王子傳 the one dating Mandy Wong’s character

      3. oh he’s this psycho community leader in A Great Way to Care 2.

      4. Oh, yes. Of course, kissing doesn’t mean they’re dating. But…

        “When he kissed her on the cheek, Haruka turned around and kissed him passionately on the lips.”

        Passionately? Lol. Really…

  3. Hi Jayne, you may want to correct a typo in the article. “Haruka helped the drunken Haruka into his car, and drove her back to her hotel in Lan Kwai Fong.”. I think you meant Matthew helped the drunken Haruka. 🙂

    1. The last few articles were all written by Addy. Cut him some slack. Poor fellow must be over worked! Wonder what happened to the rest of the writers?

      1. But Jayne reads through some articles before they are published.

    2. Hi Autumn Piglet,

      Please read as below : I don’t think there’s a typo.

      He helped the drunken Haruka into his car, and drove her back to her hotel in Lan Kwai Fong. He then returned home immediately afterwards.

  4. They dated? Does Matthew know Japanese? Or does Haruka Kinami know Chinese or english?

    1. Yes Leva, you are right. How come Matthew and Haruka communicate ???

    2. Body language and the language of love. No words needed, just kisses, hugs and plenty of body contact.

    3. Maybe English? I assuming that they know at least a basic level of English in order to communicate verbally. Those relationships with only physical contact do not last long in many cases.

  5. Wow, that’s not a cute japanese. haha..
    I personally don’t think it’s a big big deal i mean he did admit being drunk and it was ex. And most importantly they are still single, i mean if you married already and fooling around in nightclubs that’s another story.

  6. I think his manager or TVB forced him to lie.

    After the tabloid published the photo, he posted in weibo admitting that she is the love of his life, and ask that reporters not to write bad things about her.

    Of course, fans aren’t happy and the weibo was deleted in the same day.

    1. ahhaha why are celebs do this all the time? write it and immd deleted it? haahaa like that will make a difference?

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