Tracy Ip Gives Birth to a Baby Boy!

By on April 11, 2017 in NEWS

Tracy Ip Gives Birth to a Baby Boy!

More baby news! 2005 Miss Hong Kong winner Tracy Ip (葉翠翠) and her husband Raymond Chow (周曉東) welcomed their first child, a baby boy nicknamed “Little Prince”, on Monday, April 11. Little Prince weighed seven and a half pounds at birth.

Raymond was by his wife’s side when she delivered their son. The 35-year-old former beauty queen immediately shared the news on social media.

“Little Prince has already arrived to our family!” wrote Tracy. “All was well! [He] arrived a little earlier than expected; he is seven and a half pounds and very lively. He looks like me and my husband; his face round but small. So cute! I was very nervous during the entire process, and I couldn’t stop shaking. But once I saw Little Prince, I felt a sense of wonder. Everything was worth it!”

The gorgeous mother added that she looks forward for her Little Prince to meet with her family’s pet cat “Big Princess” and pet dog “Second Princess” soon!

Congratulations to Tracy and Raymond!

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