TVB Features 32 Artistes to Host the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

The 2014 FIFA World Cup is only a few months away, and TVB is gearing up their team to welcome the biggest single-sports competition in the world. TVB has won exclusive Hong Kong broadcasting rights for the 20th FIFA World Cup, which is scheduled to take place in Brazil in June 2014. With TVB’s recent slump in television ratings, the station is going all out to promote the event, and has thrown in an extra $40 million HKD to produce a special world cup program.

Over 50 TVB artistes and guest stars will be featured in the program, and some will be sent to Brazil to cover the world cup. There will be 32 popular TVB artistes – 16 males and 16 females – who will be involved in TVB’s series of world cup promotions, including Ruco Chan (陳展鵬), Det Dik (狄易達), Tracy Ip (葉翠翠), Toby Chan (陳庭欣), Whitney Hui (許亦妮), Tracy Chu (朱千雪), Grace Chan (陳凱琳), Sisley Choi (蔡思貝),  Samantha Ko (高海寧), Christine Kuo (苟芸慧), and Sire Ma (馬賽), who has recently returned to TVB from a hiatus. The 32 artiste-hosts were given orders to postpone their drama-filming schedules, putting the world cup as priority.

Christine Kuo will be one of the artistes who will travel to Brazil to cover the event on the spot. She revealed that she will be staying in Brazil for about 50 days. Although the 30-year-old went through some emotional upheavals back in 2013, she has recovered and is ready to challenge the world cup.

Brazil is currently going through some public security issues, but Christine is not afraid, as she will be traveling with colleagues. Samantha Ko believes that the Brazilian government will likely add more security. “The world cup is an international phenomenon. I’m sure the government would fix it.” Sire Ma, on the other hand, admitted that she is slightly worried, but said she has been training her physical endurance as a result. “If anything happens I can run away faster!” she joked.

Christine said she has been studying Portuguese and lamented that it is a difficult language to learn. “If all else fails, I’ll just body language to communicate, but the company has arranged a translator for us.”


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  1. There’s Jason Chan by the way. I think in the list I will wonder why is Ruco in it? Isn’t he too established to be in it? There’s a picture of him kissing a ball amongst others. Looking more natural than the official TVB yearly calendar but weird to me.

    1. Anyone who has read this news, any news on who is actually going to Brazil and who is not?

      1. “The world cup is an international phenomenon. I’m sure the government would fix it.””

        So far I think it is a mess there. Protests, etc. Good news, maybe too far for hooligans.

      2. “So far I think it is a mess there. Protests, etc. Good news, maybe too far for hooligans. ”

        Coming from a country that is struggling in aviation.

      3. LOL LL Lam.
        if anything is good about mh370, its how malaysia is centre of attention and seeing how messed up their search is.

    2. The world cup is an international phenomenon. I’m sure the government would fix it.

      Indeed they will. never understimate the power of a govt. look at russia and sochi games!

    3. Why Ruco? I guess TVB can’t just have a bunch of newbies as ambassadors, so need to get Ruco to babysit as usual. He’s the convenient go-to guy when they need an established name, like how they always pair him up with newbies or “currently-promoting” actresses in his dramas.

      1. its not even clear if ruco is sent tho. this article only has kuo as confirm

    4. “I will wonder why is Ruco in it? “

      They need someone with experience to lead them. Can’t send all newbies and make a mess of thing. Iirc, Ruco has been a sports commentator before in ATV.

  2. Why Ruco? lol I want to see him tackle a new project. A heavy weight one.

  3. Isn’t this article about TVB artistes hosting 2014 World Cup in Brazil? Why would people want to bring up MH 370 case? Argument seeking I guess.

    1. Argument seeking I guess.
      Yup. But its ironic. brazil and malaysia are both uprising developing country.

    2. I know but it’s kinda strange of reading the comments about MH 370.

    3. I also find it strange about why MH370 is bought up?? Is this another anti Malaysian/Funn campaign here???

    4. @Sue,
      I am not too sure myself, but I think it had something to do with the whole Malaysian plane MH370 that went missing. There was this long and big discussion about it on some of the threads here. I did not really read or comment much so am not too sure. I think some were offended by Funn defending her country, Malaysia, while many are blaming Malaysia and anything Malaysian related. Even the popular Malaysian singer Fish Leong got attacked by mainlanders for just posting her well wishes online. They attacked her and wanted to boycott her works and ban her from China,etc… Through all this, I kept asking the same question “Why blame it all on Malaysia”??? However, since I do not know much about the whole issue, I did not bother to read or comment much because everything got intense. You can go to those articles to read the comments if you are interested in knowing more.Sorry that I cannot tell you much…

  4. Why Ruco though? He’s a really good and popular actor so I thought TVB would be casting in more projects… I hope he still gets to film Sky Eye since it sounds so cool! I’m assuming (hoping) he won’t have a prominent role in it since tvb needs him to boost ratings lol.

  5. Do these artistes actually know the sport inside out and qualified to be commentators?? It appears more like they’re just selected to look good in front of the cameras with the sport as a backdrop.

    1. some of them r used for promotions for the sport cup programs.

    2. tvb is known to use them, they want more artist recognition. it has backfired before.

    3. I was wondering the same thing. Are any of them fans of soccer or qualify enough to be commentators??? If it were me, I would be really scared and nervous because I do not really like soccer at all or know much about it.

      1. I think they’re not commentators but some celebrities as recognised faces to promote the event. I doubt they’ll be doing the actually commentator’s job. But we may get to see some brief intro on the sport or city thanks to the stars. Like perhaps a few minute segments is my guess.

        But HTS, try World Cup. Great event, the time to learn about Football or as you call it, soccer. Amazing game, amazing countries.

      2. I have tried world cup before since my oldest brother who is a BIG fan of soccer used to tape them all. Now he only watches it along with some of my other brothers, but most of them are not big soccer fans either. They like mostly football and basketball and find soccer really boring.

        I guess you are right that they are only there to promote the event. I think promotional activities are less stressful and probably more exciting than filming series all the time.

      3. I doubt those actresses know anything about soccer though soccer is the most popular team sport in Hong Kong, but not in North America.

        Some male artistes may know more about soccer, but they should not be in a position to be the commentators.

      4. what are you talking about? soccer is very popular in north america.

        its not any less popular in hk.
        go on the street and ask if they know david becknam. just what i thought

      5. Really? I still think football (American soccer), baseball, ice hockey, and basketball are more popular than soccer in North America, especially in Canada.

      6. Really? I still think football (American soccer), baseball, ice hockey, and basketball are more popular than soccer in North America, especially in Canada.

        def. not football, basketball, rugby. soccer is more popular than baseball.

  6. Pretty girls: Grace Chan, Whitney Hui, and Christine Kuo
    and a Handsome guy: Ruco Chan

  7. If ladies dress in bikini tank top…. high ratings!

  8. One don’t need to be a football expert just to present it.

  9. None of us are “shoe lickers”, but just find it strange about why some are suddenly attacking Funn out of the blue.

    1. I don’t think it was fair to attack Funn either. She might have defended her country a bit in her posts after the MH370 accident. However, since she is a Malaysian, I think it is quite logical for her to defend her country before any concrete evidence was found. I agree that some of the posts were very harsh on her as I followed most of them. Some of them were like personal attacks and even questioned why Malaysian Chinese would stay in such a corrupted country.

      It was very unfortunate to have a missing plane with so many lives on board, but those passengers were not only Mainland Chinese. Many other nationalities were involved, and Malaysians were the 2nd majority. I agree that Malaysian Government had to assume some responsibilities, but definitely not a Malaysian citizen.

      Since tons of attacks were filed towards Funn ever since the MH370 accident, I think Jayne then decided to remove some of the harsh and rude ones.

      This is a website to voice personal opinions on drama series, movies, artistes and other related issues, but definitely not a website to file personal attacks. Therefore, I don’t blame Jayne for removing those rude and harsh posts.

      1. half of the world prob. dont trust malaysian airlines. look at the consecutive accidents after this incident. a fire in a workshop, several planes making emergency landings.

        there wont be any concrete evidence. even if black box found, it wont be solved. investigators will only know the last 2 hours of the seven hours. just how they didnt solve the 1977 incident.

      2. Malaysian airlines used to be pretty good in the past. I think they lost their confidence after the MH370 incident. They should improve their flight and airport maintenance and security in order to regain people’s acceptance.

      3. its a good thing they dont fly everywhere in the world.

      4. Sandcherry,
        “Since tons of attacks were filed towards Funn ever since the MH370 accident, I think Jayne then decided to remove some of the harsh and rude ones.”

        It is one idiot commenter assuming many aliases to “crowd bully” Funn over and over again. She continues to visit the site and criticize Funn again and again. Gave her many chances already, but some people are just not worth our time. So I have been deleting her comments whenever I spot her, although she posts under new aliases.

      5. Jayne:

        Don’t worry. I understand it. Sometimes it is hard to control readers’ posts.

  10. dumb idea to use celebs to do commentating. i remembered watching olympics dodo cheng was talking and joking during live national anthem ceremony. that is so disrespectful.

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