Tracy Ip Wants to Marry for Love, Not Money

Although the winner of Miss Hong Kong 2005, Tracy Ip’s (葉翠翠) popularity paled in comparison to many beauty queens. Although her acting career has been at a standstill, Tracy is one of the wealthiest artistes at TVB. Dating wealthy businessman Huang You Long (黃有龍) before he married Vicki Zhao (趙薇), Tracy sold the property he gave her and pocketed millions. Currently dating the Vice President of a architecture firm, Raymond Zhou (周曉東), Tracy finally found true love and is ready to settle down.

Tracy admitted to dating Huang You Long in 2008. Tracy’s close friend spilled, “Huang You Long gave her two properties worth $30 million HKD. Tracy didn’t even have to work anymore but when she saw the prices of houses going up, she sold one of them. She also sold her home in LOHAS Park and gained a lot from her financial investments. Altogether, she earned more than $50 million HKD and she said she didn’t want to rely on men anymore. She told me she wants to find someone who cares about her so she can spend the rest of her life with him! Whether the man is wealthy or not, it doesn’t matter.”

Marriage For Tracy and Raymond On the Horizon

Although Tracy has been dating Raymond for less than a year, she has intentions to marry within the next two years. Always having been labelled a gold digger in the past, Tracy surprised many people when she began dating Raymond, whose background is modest compared to the wealthy Huang You Long.

Tracy said, “Since the start, I’ve always felt that it’s enough if my boyfriend cares about me. If he treats me well and treats my father well, money doesn’t matter. Money shouldn’t be linked to love. I’ve never thought about how wealthy my partner is; I only want to find someone who loves me.”

When Tracy’s mother passed away last year, Tracy suffered from depression. Taking months off work, Raymond visited the hospital with Tracy every day to take care of her mother’s insurance claims and the funeral. Not wanting to put pressure on Tracy, he shouldered all the responsibility and only asked her out after her emotions were stablized. Remaining by her side during her lowest points, Raymond’s dedication and caring heart eventually managed to touch Tracy. Even Tracy’s father, who is known to be strict and difficult to please, warmed up to Raymond in the end.

Thankful to have Raymond in her life, Tracy gushed, “To be honest, I’ve thought about marrying him – he has changed me and I think he’s really great. I hope to spend more time with him in the future.”


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  1. Yeah I call BS. She’s a known gold-digger in the industry. She just doesn’t need as much gold now as she has her own pot. Finding a VP of a firm is hardly a non-golddigging target. He may be poorer than the rest in comparison, but he’s still a catch and with her current wealth, she doesn’t need someone’s money.

    1. LMFAO she accepted “two properties worth $30 million HKD” from a bf. She is the queen of good diggers!

      1. LMFAO Tracy Ip doesn’t want to rely on men. But she’s accepted two properties worth $30 million and earned more than $50 million and is currently dating Vice President of a architecture firm, Raymond Zhou. And claims she wants to find someone who cares about her so she can spend the rest of her life with him! Whether the man is wealthy or not, it doesn’t matter.” I’m pretty sure she cares about money more than love and care.

    2. Gave her 30 million worth of properties just like that? She must have a few bedroom tricks up her sleeves. Girls, learn your craft if you wanna be rich the quickest way possible.

  2. She’s dating a VP of Architecture company….can’t be that poor. She picks her man well– Ka ching $$$$

    1. IKR too obvious and hard to deny she not a gold digger.

    1. Nah her nose looks pretty real. But her heart is not. Cause she cares about money more than anything , but says she want caring and loving husband.

    2. Her nose looks natural but not sure of her intentions and heart.

  3. I find it too much of a coincidence how many of these ex-beauty pageants, models and actresses ended up marrying someone from a rich background and have made claims about how money wasn’t an important factor in their decision, and how what matters is the guy loves and treats them well – people like Cathy Tsui, Marie Zhuge, Fala Chen (rumoured to have married this rich guy but they’re now no longer together), Barbie Hsu, Gigi Lai, Michelle Reis etc. Being skeptical and cynical, I think their wealth was a big deciding factor but they’re just not admitting it because it’ll make them look like gold-diggers otherwise. I suspect more than half of these celebrities decided to enter the entertainment industry harbouring intentions of marrying into a rich family so that they don’t have to work anymore, just be swept off their feet and live the high life. Just my thoughts.

    1. Good points and my oldest brother and I often talk about this. He tells me that many enter the circle hoping to live the high life so there should be no surprise that want to marry the wealthy so that they can live that life. Honestly who does not want a
      Ife free of financial worries and stress? Average citizens would love to as well but sadly they are not eligible in most cases and these rich hiers are beyond their reach. But the biggest question is is there love and other factors involved rather than just money and financial gain?

    2. Couldn’t have agreed more. Most older generations will tell us that it is all about the MONEY. Yes, u can’t say ALL but MOST of them are hoping to snatch a RICH dude from the entertainment circle so they can live a comfortable life. Of course, they will never admit it? Who will? haha LOL..
      I don’t know this one: Marie Zhuge?
      Barbie Hsu – Yeah, sure it’s love at first sight? Please, w/i a month or something and she knows he’s the one. Sure, he is…not that old and younger than she is and RICH… Need any more reasons? Gigi Lai – Yes, ppl will sympathize w/her more cuz she is not like gold digged like Isabella Leungs age, but she is in her late 30s or 40 when she married this crippled or whatever rich businessman right? Yes, she can give all those kind of sob story on helping brother w/medical expenses but you can’t not admit that it is about the MONEY as well? This Tracy Yip, never even knew she is a winner or MS.HK b/c when i do glimpse at TVB series, she has always been a supporting or cameo cast so never even knew she was a winner of ms hk or dated this rich dude who gave her millions of property. Sure, you can say anything you want now, but when you accepted properties from a rich ex b/f, of course you can now say you are not in it for the money b/c now you can use your riches and buy yourself a younger and probably more good looking guy to settle with. So yes, eventually it’s all the money w/so called female celebrities.

      1. Beauty queens will not marry down…will they want to follow a poor man to slog? As long as man is rich, grab! Michelle Reis’ husband was married to daughter of Stanley Ho when they started a relationship.
        Gigi didn’t come from a rich family. Her brother needs medical care. Just in time, this rich guy came along.
        Cathy’s father in law is super rich. She claims Martin (her husband and younger son) is crazy over her since young…never mind, grab!

  4. With her kind of looks she can attract these rich men and one even gave her two properties worth hkd30 million? Are they blind or what?

    1. Exactly my thoughts! I never found her pretty at all. I don’t even know how she even won Miss HK.

    2. Maybe she is a sweet talker or is good in bed? There is more to anyone than meets the eye.

  5. I actually think she is quite pretty but lack of luck as she never made it compared to other runner ups of the Ms HK pageant.

  6. Yes she have done a mistakes in her past but after watching recent interview about she talk about the death of her mother. She seem like a change person. I hope she find true love!!

  7. I find some of the comments here coming from people who are rather shallow and jealous. Honestly, a smart woman will know when to fall in love. Love definately can be developed overtime with the right partner. Of cause I am someone that believes in love at first sight as well. But that only happens when I put reality aside. In reality all women hope to have someone mature and can take care of them but how many can fulfil that?
    Only smart woman will pick the right partners to fall in love with.
    I think Tracy or any of the women mentioned above were very fortunate to be in that position. And in fact we should be happy for them.

  8. Another thing to note, a man’s charms does not only come from his looks and exterior! It can come from his position, his intelligence and his authority that is extremely charming to smart women and making them fall in love with the men eventually. So it’s the whole package ultimately.

    This cycle of love is present in society and unfortunately not many average women will understand.

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