Tracy Ip’s Lazy Domestic Helper Abuses Her Son

Former Miss Hong Kong winner Tracy Ip (葉翠翠) could not enjoy her third pregnancy in peace due to her domestic helpers. Earlier, she hired two Filipino workers to help take care of her two sons and household chores, but they were more troublesome than helpful. Not only did the helpers, who turned out to be sisters, pinch Tracy’s youngest son, Little Little Prince (小小王子), but they also stole resources in the home and smeared Tracy’s name on social media. Today, Tracy couldn’t bear it any longer and counterattacked online.

Tracy Released Their Pictures

Tracy uploaded several recent photos of the sisters, including their passport photos, and wrote, “These helpers are really bad!! I had no intention to publicize it, but these two Filipino workers are sending messages to my fans one by one. It is really unbearable!!”

Although the domestic helpers both claimed they have prior work experience, they didn’t know how to do anything when they arrived at Tracy’s house. It was only then that they admitted it was their first job ever.

She continued, “The Hong Kong agents weren’t aware that the Filipino agent and the workers lied.”

Tracy Called the Police

Aside from not knowing how to do anything, the sisters were also lazy. “In the interview, I made it very clear that I have two little boys, but after the helpers arrived, they both said they didn’t want to take care of my sons,” Tracy shared. “I found out that there was a stench coming from the cups and my son’s bottles. Then the older sister told me the younger one would only empty the cups and not wash them.”

To make matters worse, the workers kept the dishcloths and floor cloths together in their own bathroom. Aside from being incompetent, they also used Tracy’s resources by drinking all the chicken soup that was in the refrigerator. Both of them loudly said they wouldn’t work anymore and demanded Tracy to fire them and pay them for their work. They also threatened to file a complaint against her at the Philippine Consulate General in Hong Kong. “I was not scared,” Tracy expressed.

The younger helper ended up working for her for 24 days. After she left, Tracy hired a doula for extra help. The doula notified Tracy that the remaining domestic worker gave Tracy’s son unwashed strawberries to eat. When Tracy confronted the helper, the helper did not answer. As a result, Tracy called the police, and when the police came, the helper said she did not want to stay here.

Later, when Tracy was in the bathroom, she heard a loud wail from Little Little Prince. She came out of the bathroom and saw the worker pinching her son’s arm. The baby was crying while looking at his arm. Tracy sent a letter to the Immigration Department to call for help.

The Sisters “Lost”

The remaining domestic worker worked at Tracy’s for a total of one month and nine days before leaving two days ago. “I followed the labor laws and went to the consulate,” Tracy revealed. “In the end, the workers lost.”

She admitted that she had placed cameras in her home, so she had sufficient evidence on hand. After she publicized their misconduct, many employers resonated with Tracy’s situation.

At the moment, she has to depend on herself, her husband and her doula to take care of the children and the household chores. However, Tracy already hired three more helpers from Indonesia and the Philippines, and they are set to arrive a month later.

Source: Oncc

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  1. If Tracy think these Philippine workers are lazy or being mean why bother to hired Philippine workers again? Should have hired some Chinese workers instead? Not sure why the two workers face are covered up if Tracy wants people to know who they are? If I were Tracy I need to have their background check first before they’re hired and it’s sad pinch a little boy arm?

    1. @cutie777 I think they prefer Indonesian/Filipino maids as they speak English – so they can speak/train their kids in English for Internation schools and then for an International education outside HK in future. Probably a secondary reason is so that there are less temptations for the husbands to cheat vs a mainland woman.

      1. @willister Based on the 2 posts above, I wouldn’t want any kid learning English from a Filipino! Lol. I’m more inclined t @cutie777 comment though. The labor is probably dirt cheap from there.

    2. @cutie777 because if they can hired Filipina she can do what she wants like inhuman treatment!nobodys perfect in this world and even her career is not perfect at all right!if you hired Chinese you can pay triple or double but your kids are always messy like her mind.treat your helper good and the helper will stay with you longer.dont under estimate anyone because life is too short.even if you are rich but you didn’t bring your money when your die!

    3. @cutie777 If she’s not satisfied with her helpers then…

      Let her take care of her children without any help from others so in that case.. she will understand how hard to be in that job….
      Why don’t show the CCTV footage to the public?
      If she think she’s right then she have to go to the proper agency to help her about that matters not to show it here in public photos of her helpers face covered up and talking bad words behind their back..
      You are professional, act like a professional too…
      I wish you will be block listed and cannot hired helpers anymore..

  2. @jjwong
    Yeh.. they are dirt cheap and mostly extremely hardworking so they was hoping to get the full package. While Chinese can be lazy and are not respected by many HK people anyway…

    1. @jimmyszeto

      Maids from south asia and the mainland should be super cautious about working in HK. Many of the snooty HK’ers are notorious for abusing and even killing their maids. But they’ll be treated like royalty if they’re caucasians from the west.

  3. hongkongers prefer to hire filipinos because they can speak English. many maids who have worked in singapore want to work in HK because of the higher pay. it’s a headache training one maid but she is hiring 3. there is no guarantee getting a maid will help…in fact they may be the start of more problems.

  4. She called the police because the worker didn’t wash strawberries before giving it to her son? And its based on another person saying that she didn’t wash it but didn’t stop her from feeding the child?

    Never knew you can call police because someone didn’t wash strawberries…

      1. @jimmyszeto it’s only true if the farmers didn’t use pesticides, if they do use pesticides, best to wash it instead of just eating it straight. But yes, you should change the maid if you are not happy with them

      2. @littlefish

        There are tons of pesticides in Strawberries. No thorough washing can wash off the pesticides because they are absorbed into the flesh.

  5. I’m not sure about English speaking from Philippine because my brother & sister in law live in Toronto & they hired a Filipino when they had their 2nd son then the 3rd came. Both my nephews growing up speaking English with Filipino accent which sounds really funny and hard to understand sometimes when you’re living in the English speaking country. Not until when they start school they start to speak normal accent. And the pay is not cheap. My sister in law even gives her a whole month of paid vacation per year. Free rent, free food. After 3 years of working for my brother, she got her permanent residency. 5 yrs she got her Canadian citizenships. Admittedly she’s a hardworking woman, my sister in law treats her so good and she still demands pay raised

    1. @joyce People don’t value things if you give them too much too quickly. But after 5 years, its fair to demand pay raise…

    2. @joyce we accept because English is are 2nd language but we luckily understand the meaning, not like others they don’t know how to speak and they don’t know the meaning, i think that’s the very worse to admit. The only common mistakes for us is our pronunciation but i think practice make perfect.

    3. @joyce
      when you are in an english speaking country, you don’t hire a maid to teach your children english. perhaps your brother just want help as supposed to the language aspect. yes, weird indeed if their children grow up w/ a flippino accent

      1. @m0m0 I’m not blaming the maid and they didn’t hire her to teach the kids English. Both my brother & his wife speak English fluently but I blame them for not spending enough time with their kids. They work too much. We’re Vietnamese and none of my nephews speaks Vietnamese because growing up they spend more time with the Filipino nanny and English is the only language they can communicate with each other. They only see their grandparents once a week, there’s no way they can learn Vietnamese. I feel pity for them when my kids are multilingual

    4. @joyce there you can do well to teach your child because it is not a maid’s job. are you good english right ? Then if your son’s accent is wrong he’ll blame you on the helper.. hustisya nmn feeling tong mga to.

    5. @joyce
      English is the second language of Filipinos or people in the Philippines …Not quiet good in accent yet can understand and communicate!!! We speak English not to impress but to express

  6. “At the moment, she has to depend on herself, her husband and her doula to take care of the children and the household chores.”

    Poor baby. Life is so tough. She has to do things for herself and take care of her own children again.

    1. @babycakes much better if she’s the one who would do taking care for her children than to become stupid for her helper.she had 2 kids and 3 dogs omg!no one will stay with you as your helper if you don’t know how to respect others!your rich but your attitude is worst!it’s the same like a rubbished!

    2. @babycakes
      that’s what people do in china and hk. they just hire help for house chores. almost everyone hires help and you don’t need to be rich. their thinking is very different there than here. having a live-in is very normal

    3. @babycakes

      I’m not here to choose sides, but you can’t compare the mentality of the west to mainland/HK families in Asia.

      In China, if they can afford it then they will choose to hire a maid to do all the work they don’t want to do because it’s dirt cheap, and practically anyone can afford a maid in HK/mainland if you have a middle-class income and above.

      My cousins in mainland are accountants, middle-class families in China, and even they can afford a maid because it’s dirt cheap.

      In the west, accountants with “middle-class” incomes can’t afford a maid even if they want the help. At least in Vancouver, where I live, middle-class incomes can’t even afford homes, nevermind a maid.

      That’s the difference.

      I put the middle class in quotations because an argument can be made that the middle-class hardly exists in the US and Canada anymore. Wages have been stagnated for decades, and the middle class is literally dying, so it’s more like you’re either wealthy or you’re poor in the West.

      1. @anon i don’t think it’s really that cheap in HK. maybe in mainland China it’s cheaper? when I went to HK, i felt everything was pretty much priced similarly to the U.S., with exception to certain items. i can’t imagine it’s much cheaper to hire live-in maids.

      2. The salary of a foreign helper, most commonly from the Philippines or Indonesia, is around HK$4,500/month. In addition to housing, the employer must provide workers compensation insurance, RT airfare to HK and back to their home country when their employment ends, housing and meals (or a meal allowance, if the employer does not provide food), health insurance (or pay for health care expenses), maternity/paternity leave, etc. Hiring locally is much more expensive, but more often than not, these workers are hourly and not live-in. With the foreign helpers, employers are required to provide housing and employ them on a full time, contract basis.

      3. @coralie

        I know in the mainland it’s cheaper to hire mainland maids than in HK to hire Filipino maids. In HK, I see agencies placing TV ads to hire Filipino maids all of the time.

        I have never seen the Canadian or American equivalent of that. The closest thing is live-in care aids for senior living in the West.

  7. She has 2 sons currently, so her first son must be Little Prince and her younger son is Little Little Prince. If her third is another boy, he will be Little Little Little Prince? If it’s a girl she will be called Little Princess? With nicknames like these, no wonder kids these days grow up to be a spoilt, selfish and privileged bunch.

  8. Golden rule”Don’t do unto others what do not want others to do unto you. “if you plant good then you expect you harvest good.

  9. There must be reason why these helpers do such things..not even sure if this is true..We havent heard the helpers side..Before making a conclusion,think First..
    Being on top doesnt give the right to stepped to anyone..Do Note!!We’ll all be Rotten and we’ll come to an end..

  10. There are three sides to every story: hers, theirs and the truth. That’s not to say that one side is lying, just that both sides recall things differently and both feel wronged.

    Having said that, why does anyone with two kids need three live-in helpers? Look at Linda Chung, for example. While I am no fan of hers, she seems like a very down-to-earth mom. She has no hired help. She takes care of her kids, cooks, cleans, and works part-time.

      1. @jimmyszeto I was just using Linda Chung as an example of someone who manages to do it all – and there are many moms out there who can. No need to be so defensive.

        I did not say Linda needed to hire filipino maids. If she wanted to, she could hire help. Believe it or not, Hong Kong isn’t the only place in the world where people hire housekeepers and nannies.

      2. @redbean
        I’m not being defensive because you haven’t gone against my views so I think you do not know what defensive means. You said Tracy has 3 in house maids and Linda is doing everything herself. I was stating that Linda is not an example because she isn’t living in Hong Kong. The environment abroad and culture is totally different. Barely anyone will have an in house maid….

      3. @redbean she lives in Vancouver, housemaid yes, nanny? No. You would have to drop your kids to a daycare to have them taken care by someone else.

      4. @jcc10 Actually, there are many agencies in Canada (and the US) that assist families with live-in and live-out nanny placement. A relative of mine was a live-in nanny in Vancouver for 8 years. Other than caring for the kids, she did household chores. Also, a friend (in SF, not Vancouver) hired a nanny through an agency when her son was younger. The nanny worked in her home during the hours that she and her husband were at work. My friend lucked out too. The nanny wasn’t required to do any housework but she said she was bored when my friend’s son took his naps, so she would clean her house.

    1. @redbean if i can afford it, i would probably hire 3 live-in helpers myself for just 1 kid, let alone 3. most people have family to help them out, don’t require any hiring. linda chung is back in vancouver, not HK, so her family’s nearby + his, too. so though we don’t see her needing help from outsiders, doesn’t mean she handled everything on her own.

      1. @redbean my bigger point being (and this is not directed at you, but a general ‘you’), people who praise moms and dads that can handle childcare singlehandedly often denigrate moms and dads who can’t. oftentimes, those moms and dads have help from family, they just don’t discuss this in public. it’s not just a proverbial phrase that it takes a village to raise a child. i don’t think it’s right to shame moms who seek additional assistance (even from outsiders), especially nowadays when moms have to go work, too.

      2. @coralie you’re right. It’s wrong to shame parents who need extra help. Nonetheless, i still find 3 helpers to be excessive, but that’s subjective.

      3. @redbean

        You can’t really compare. I agree with Jimmy, your comparisons are like comparing apples to oranges.

        Culturally, it’s different from the west and the east. In the west, there is this attitude that you must do everything on your own to take care and raise your kids regardless of whether your rich or poor. In the east, it’s to either rely on your in-laws or you hire maids.

        Furthermore, Linda Chung grew up in the west and is quite westernized. I know this because we were classmates. Heck, she was sitting next to me in one of our classes.

        Tracy, on the other hand, is more Asian, so her customs and cultural values are different. She’s your typical HK housewife that would use maids if she can financially sustain it.

  11. If there was truly a situation where the children and household requires 24 hour care, and the parents have elaborate work schedule, having 3 helpers is not too excessive.

    If work day is 8 hours per day and work week is 40 hours per week, children don’t suddenly stop needing care at the end of 8 hours. Also if weekends are included, not unreasonable to need upwards of 100 – 120 hours of help a week. Hiring 3 people would not tire one out and comply to labor laws letting someone get time off.

    1. @smurf I love how your hypothetical child do not need sleep xD children less than 2 tends to sleep on average 12hrs a day, say you have a bad baby who barely sleep, they still sleep around 9hr (less than 9 under 2 consider as unhealthy and possibly something wrong, the hours range between 9-13hrs). In that 9 hours, the child do not need care.

      I would say with parents, 1-2 extra help is all you really need. She possibly have 3 is because she has pets as well as the kids, and the parents possibly not as hand on. Since sending my 2yo to daycare for 2 days, I already feel I barely spend any time with him, when you change a child’s Diaper or giving him a bath, that’s your bonding time with them, the helpers will just cut in the bonding time, more helpers, less bond time

      1. @littlefish if the child is less than 2, like say, a newborn which Tracey will be having soon, even if the baby sleeps on avg 12 hrs, it is not a complete 12 hour sleeping period. It is separated into chunks of 2-3 hours. And maybe every 15-30 minutes. Someone has to be on duty to attend to the sleeping baby while someone else takes care of other things, like washing bottles, laundry, prepping for the next meal, etc. Unless the plan is for someone to not sleep at all, at least two people needs to be ready every 24 hours. And Tracey is not a FTM either…she has two additional kids to cook, clean and pay atte ntion to. Three maids is just enough, on top of her pets.

      2. @coralie I have 2 kids, one just over 2, and one new born. And I got zero help, admittedly I got no pet, but you don’t need that many maids. Older kids in a sense know to take care of themselves, plus daycare, plus daddy play time, plus being siblings that know to play with each other. And no, I got no one to help but my husband, we got no parents here to help us out. And many parents are out doing it basically like us, again, daycare helps. Unless she full on not sending her oldest to any school at all, then yes, it would be tough and kinda stupid and not good for the kid. First kid you tend to not sure how to deal with their sleep and their sleep tends to be horrible, but second and third kids, a lot of mom I know all have a much better time with their sleep. The 10-15mins doesn’t happen too badly, like my little one, would kinda do that during the day, but at night, she sleeps for a solid chunk of 3-5hrs. I cut in a lot of my sleep, but it’s not bad. Both my kids tend to be in bed by 8pm, from then, I get a few hours of doing housework and what not, sure it’s not a lot, but survivable.

        Also you like to fight with me, I didn’t say she can’t have 3 maids, I even said the reason why she has 3 was due to the fact she also have pets. In general circumstances without pet, 1-2 maid is the most you need, you need to do thing smartly, and again think of childcare option instead of a maid? Childcare helps their development a lot while letting you do your own thing. If you already send the children to childcare, yet still require 3 maids, you need to start doing your life better! Meal prep, Be organise, and just expect nothing will be perfect, and your house isn’t gonna be sparkly clean, and not messy.

        And lol, “Someone has to be on duty to attend to the sleeping baby“, the baby is sleeping, go do other stuff? What are you gonna do? Sit there and watch the baby sleep? I admit baby sleeping is the cutest thing in life, but she/he is sleeping, they don’t move, and they don’t need attending to.

      3. @littlefish personally I have nothing against you, but when i don’t agree with something, that’s when i comment. so it’s not you, but what you say.

        and your personal anecdotes only speak for a part of the population, but you don’t speak for everyone. this isn’t a competition where someone wins because they spent more time with their kids or did everything themselves.

        but if you want to comment on bonding time – most kids don’t even remember this period of their childhood. do you remember anything from when you were 2? as the kids grow older, parents can spend more time with their children and less with the nannies to ensure there’s adequate time with family so they can bond. i’m not saying they should spend no time with their babies at all, but it’s not that big of a deal when they are raised with help.

        @jimmyszeto and likewise, parenthood can be a self-sacrificing passage of adulthood, when you let it be. who says parenting has to be difficult or hard? i don’t have anything against folks who hire help for their kids, just like i don’t deride people for having their family help. at the end of the day, we just do what we can do to make our lives a little easier.

      4. @coralie of course I can’t speak for everyone, and I’m not shaming parents who need help, got help, require help. My point in the first comment was you gain some, you lose same, more help will definitely mean less bond time, I even mention I sent my little one to daycare and feel like I lost a lot of time with him, but it’s necessary. And to answer your question about whether I remember, my case is special so this is not a representation for other or any big portion of the population at all, but I do remember some stuffs at 2, and possibly why I never bond well with my mum, the bad memories I remembered about my mum plus the separation after that for 5yrs contribute to the fact that to me, my mum was nothing but a stranger up until I was 11. My dad on the other hand, I remember being with him, he took me to stuffs and take care of me, so while he had the same separation time minus sometimes when he came visit me (my mum never did), I love my dad to bit. Less than 2, most kids don’t remember, but from 2, they start to remember some stuffs, and know a lot of things.

        Also children will have their preference, you give them more choice on people who can spend time with them, you will get less bond time, it’s just what it is. It’s how you see it, whether this less bond time justified, and whether it’s necessary. Matter of perspective, no one blaming anyone or shaming anyone, no need to get so jumpy.

        And as a matter of fact, you can get help, have live in maid that clean and cook, while all you do is solely focus on the children, then that’s fine, however, again, that bring you to need just 1-2 maid the most. The cleaning and cooking can be done by 1 person. The second can help out with either kids or housework. So yes, 1-2 maids are all you really need really.

        Last and not least, I was merely pointing out that dividing the day into 3 segments of 8hours to make any sort of calculation in term of taking care of a child is wrong because you neglecting the time they sleep. While it’s true that their sleep is broken, it doesn’t last long, after the first year, it will settle and that is with the bad baby (I know because I have the bad one as my first).

      5. @coralie
        I don’t have anything against anyone who hires help but I don’t agree at all with 24hr around the clock help. Even if work is in the way, parents have a choice to spend more time with the child. There aren’t any excuses for that! Could easily find time after work to care for the child rather than depend on strangers. You say that it’s not important when the children are babies because they don’t remember but it’s about ‘gains’ you get from the child remembering. It’s the memories you have yourself from care you have personally shown towards your child. Also who is to say that these parents who hire ‘3 live in maid’ will spend more time with the kids when they are 3, 4 or 5+? They are so ‘non hands on’ that they may choose their own freedom once again…

      6. @jimmyszeto well said 🙂 also children grow up so quick, how they response to your care at different age in their lives are so different and constantly changing, missing out on the first two years is quite a pity if you could help it.

    2. @smurf
      You might as well hire a whole company of staff to look after the child. Each one can be responsible for one task such as feeding, changing the nappy etr. You can do zero parental work but still tell the child later in life how much effort you have put in raising him up…..

  12. Wow all I wrote was that it was not unreasonable to have 3 helpers (which I assumed lived offsite). From my own experience with 2 kids, we had a live in au pair but her contract said absolutely no house (unrelated to the kids).

    So right there would be two persons working (one childcare, one housework/s hopping/ groceries).

    Also the au pairs hours are capped at 40 per week. If none of the kids are at school or daycare, my long work hours would absolutely require a 3rd person.

    *I live in the US – unfamiliar with HK houseworker laws/practices.

    1. @smurf you have 1 live in au pair, does she actually stay with you? (Just curious, no need to reply unless you want to).

      Based on what you said, it seems that you counted yourself as a helper? Yourself and your au pair? That makes it 2? Otherwise I’m not sure where no.2 come from.

      Lastly the article said they are live in maids.

      If counted the parents, and the helper, I absolutely agree with you that 3 per 1 child isn’t unreasonable. But 5 for 3 children (2 of which should start childcare/school) is a bit much. Triplets = I’ll give you that lol. A lot of these works aren’t taking proportionally longer just because you add an extra child, like cleaning (put stuffs in the dish washer, even washing by hand, won’t take that much longer to wash 3-5 extra plate), same with cooking.

      Then the math again is out, because if you count the parents, then give them the fair wages hours then uhm, it’s unrealistic lol. No parents work with the paid 8hrs :p when it comes to children.

      While I agree 3 maids aren’t unreasonable, I just disagree with your math/argument, that’s all 🙂 also I think 2 maids are basically enough when you have 2 hand on parents, unless both parents are full time workers. 1 maid like you said cook, clean and shop. One take care of the kids, again, with 3 kids, I’m gonna assume the normal setting: 3.5yo, 1.5yo, and new born. Both 3.5 and 1.5 can be in childcare full time, leaving you with new born (even if the 1.5 isn’t in daycare, 2 kids 1 person is absolutely doable, it’s wreck a person, but you can do it in 8hrs no problem, then swap for the mum who comes home from work, and again the kids sleep for assuming 8hrs in 2 lots of 4). Also assuming the kids aren’t wild, I.e have a routine, they will be both out cold by 9pm, and won’t be up again until 7am, unless the 1.5 is a bad sleeper, who wake up every 1hr at night, you have both parents to deal with it (assuming the 2 maids are out/not live in/whatever worker law apply here). Anyway, etc etc :p anyway, the article said Tracy + her husband + her doula + 3 new helpers = 6 adults for 3 kids? Lol that’s a bit excessive 🙂 what are these kids doing? Can’t feed themselves? In normal setting, US worker law, both full time working parents, 3 helpers are not unreasonable, but in this case, not necessary 🙂 (consider they already have a doula)

      1. @littlefish i don’t mind. When I was pregnant with my son, I had difficult 3rd trimester where I could barely walk, the flu which turned into horrible coughing fit (lost my voice for weeks) for 8 weeks while still working full time up to delivery.

        We found live in au pair (au pair system are more like work/education program with childcare component) with minimal housework- only what is considered family housework like washing dishes after family meals which au pairs can choose or decline to be part of. Max is 45(?) Hours per week, they are not obligated to respond outside scheduled work hours even if they live in your home nor they allowed to care for children under 90 days old.

        So whole she helped me care for my 4 yr old for last month of pregnancy before (7-9 am) and after preschool (5 pm to 10 pm) mon – Sat like taking her to park, enrichment classes (different places all overvthe city), bath, crafts, reading, etc. I still had to do most household chores, shopping, etc.

        When baby was born, I was on maternity leave and primary caregiver for newborn for 3 months which I considered 24 hr around the clock. Upon returning to work, my mom took care of baby during daytime and au pair kept same work schedule.

        This entire arrangement only lasted about 8 months but headcount was au pair and mom plus me/husband. If I had money to swing for one more part time to cook/clean/laundry/chauffeur I absolutely would just so I can have more play time with the kids. At the 4 year age difference the care requirements and activities were just too different.

      2. @smurf it’s true that around the 4yrs, the kids have so much more activities. For your case, (I’m sorry to hear you have such a bad time on your last month, must be very hard), it’s actually only 3 adult for 1 child before returning to work, and that like I said was reasonable. Your mom became a 4th person when you have to return to work, and again, very reasonable. Because technically, you are being replaced by her. For the actress of this article, however, she isn’t going back to work or have any real work atm apart from being a housewife/mum? And with two kids at 2 years of age different, their activities aren’t vastly different like in your case. That’s why I said I think for her case, slightly a bit excessive, but then she has the money lol. And your part time in cooking and cleaning would possibly be like max 10hrs a week? Rather than a live in maid who cook and clean daily, which is what she would have. Anyway, we all love extra help so we can spend more time with our children, if the actress spend more time with her children, n she can afford it, good for her 🙂 (though I have a feeling not lol)

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