Mavis Pan: “My First Date With Raymond Lam Was On His Bed!”

Since the outbreak of Raymond Lam Fung’s bed photos with Mavis Pan Shuangshuang, only Raymond came forward sadly to explain that they broke up for two months. Hiding in Beijing to heal her hurt feelings, Mavis finally spoke with Next Magazine, stating that she and Raymond never broke up. Each time she arrived in Hong Kong, she would stay at Raymond’s home, Dynasty Court. Since Raymond and Mavis spent more time apart than together, one would think that they would be unable to contain each other’s passion upon seeing each other. However, Mavis said, “He is often tired after work. We did not always do the deed [have sex]. Many times, we just hugged and slept.”

While dating Raymond , Mavis was very careful. When Raymond suggested they walk outside or eat dinner at a restaurant, Mavis felt it was too risky. To prevent the paparazzi from taking photos of them together, Mavis did not want to go out together. As a result, they often stayed home together. Even their first date was on Raymond’s bed at home.

“We could not go to any public places. Our first date was at Raymond’s house.  We laid on his bed and chatted for the entire evening. Then we hugged and went to sleep. This gave me the feeling that he was not too lewd. I found him to be very good.” From then onwards, Mavis and Raymond  spent their dates at his house.

Mavis noted that Raymond was often tired and they did not always engage in sexual activities. “Although [sex] cannot be absent, a relationship should not be entirely about [sex] either. Sometimes, I will give him a massage. I will not do anything intentional and will just let things happen naturally. I am someone who enjoys the process. While together, most of our time was spent hugging.”

Was Raymond able to satisfy Mavis’ needs in bed?  Mavis said awkwardly, “I’m okay, I truly need to be in the mood. I cannot sleep with someone if there are no feelings. If we are only talking about sex, then what distinguishes us from animals?” (Did you ever think that Raymond pursued you purely for sex?) “No, if it were only for sex, why not get a prostitute!”

Facing a girlfriend with a 36D figure, Raymond often praised her. Mavis recounted, “He would say sweetly to me, ‘Many girls do not have what you possess inside.’ I said, ‘Many people say my breasts were augmented.’ He said, ‘If I know, that’s good enough. It doesn’t matter if they are real or not. Is it necessary to care so much?” (Did Mavis believe that Raymond never had plastic surgery himself?) “I will only believe what I see. What people say about me, I can dismiss it with a laugh. He was right; you only care about the thoughts of the people that are important to you.”

Buying Underwear for Raymond 

While dating, Raymond was the most important person to Mavis. Love was the most important thing for her. Each time she went shopping, Mavis would buy clothes for Raymond, including his underwear. “Women will buy underwear for their boyfriends. No other person would select the underwear with greater care.”

Although dating was between two people, dating Raymond Lam turned out to become an issue that concerned many people. The strongest disapproval came from Raymond’s father and TVB executive manager. Raymond’s father, Mr. Lam, was especially rude towards Mavis. “When I had time, I would visit him. When I went to his house, he would say, ‘You’re here again?’”

In addition, Mr. Lam made Mavis make three promises, otherwise he would disapprove of her dating Raymond.  “Number one, we could not talk on the phone for longer than 15 minutes. Number two, we could only see each other every three months. Number three, we could not be photographed together. Otherwise, everyone would disapprove of Raymond and I dating.”

The most painful experience for Mavis was one night, Raymond returned home very late. He informed his assistant that he had to change his airplane flight to the next day. “Mr. Lam spoke to Raymond in Fujianese, which I did not understand. I asked Raymond, ‘What happened?’ Raymond told me that his father said, ‘Do not let other people drag your hind leg.’ Mr. Lam’s intent was to say that I dragged Raymond’s hind leg, which led to Raymond’s argument with his father. This incident moved me very much.”

Since the outbreak of the bed photos, many of Raymond’s friends and artists supported him, noting that he was betrayed and loved the wrong person. These comments made Mavis realize the coldness in the world. “Especially Charlene Choi’s words…I worked with her in two films. I find her to be a very good person. However, in an interview, I heard her comment that Raymond met the wrong person. I was very hurt…. How can you make judgment about me when you are unclear about the situation. Charlene had her own past experience as well!”

When asked about Mavis, TVB executive, Virginia Lok Yi Ling, said to the press that she did not “judge her incorrectly.” Virginia’s response made Mavis feel very uncomfortable. “Last year in Beijing, I met Ms. Lok. She was very polite and did not appear to dislike me. At the time, Raymond requested that I meet his superior.” Afterwards, Mavis heard that a TVB executive requested Raymond to break up with her, otherwise he will not be granted work. “This relationship was very difficult for me. It was also very difficult for Raymond. A relationship that was not blessed by others will not be joyous. Raymond also put in his efforts in the relationship, but many factors pressured him. I know he faced a lot of pressure all along.”

In addition to pressure from Raymond’s family and his work partners, there was also the emergence of a third party in Mavis and Raymond’s relationship after they dated for one year and two months. However, this incident did not induce Mavis and Raymond to break up. “It happened last year. However, I do not understand what happened. Raymond’s text messages had a flirtatious air, but he denied it. He said it was a misunderstanding.” (Do you know who the woman was?) “Actually…actually…it’s inappropriate to say. At the time, I already forgave him.”

Since the outbreak of intimate photos, Raymond has not contacted Mavis and did not respond to her text messages. However, she stated that the pair never broke up. “He never said the words, ‘break up’ to me. In our text messages, we often called each other ‘hubby’ and ‘wifey.’” When Raymond told reporters that they broke up for two months, Mavis was saddened upon hearing the response. “I was happy he acknowledged our relationship. When he said it was over between us, I was very saddened. I never thought of separating from him. When he said our relationship ended, I was very sad.”

Refusing to Give Diamond Ring

While with her family and friends, Mavis pretended to act strong. When she was alone, she thought back to the sweet times she shared with Raymond. On Valentine’s Day this year, Mavis and Raymond had been dating for one year. When Raymond asked what Mavis wanted, she said she wanted a ring. However, he did not want to give her a ring. “It’s not that he did not want to give it, but a ring held greater significance for him. He said you can only wear it on the wedding day.” Thus, Mavis wished that Raymond would custom-order a gold ring for her. “I was afraid he would think I wanted a diamond ring. I asked him to custom-order a gold ring, with name engraving so that it would be different than other rings. It was not expensive.”

Raymond had promised to reveal their relationship two years from now. Mavis said, “He made many promises, but they were never fulfilled. He said that within one to two years, he would publicly reveal our relationship, followed by marriage.” Whether it was a gold or diamond ring, perhaps Mavis was not destined to wear it anymore.


Source: Next Magazine # 1100

Jayne: Mavis only had good things to say about Raymond. I do believe there is some truth to her story. Undoubtedly, she faced disapproval from Raymond’s family and Virginia Lok due to her risque modeling past. Mavis’ account did provide a sliver of what it was like to date a popular celebrity like Raymond Lam, the need to remain anonymous and the backlash from his fans.

However, looking at the revealing photos Mavis shot for Next Magazine, this interview was clearly intended to self-promote herself and her figure as well. What matters more may be fame, rather than clearing her name in all this mess.

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  1. girl seem likes monster or draculas /vampire like to drink sweet honey ray

  2. poor ray,but im his fans always suport .im dont care people talk bad abaout his, now ray have choice ,ray must be strong dont down im always love ray forever.

  3. Mavis Pan Shuang Shuang = Poison. Pill. Lol.

    Oh well, as they say, love is a double-edged sword!

    But honestly hun, if you dress like that for an interview which you claim to be “heartbroken” and “breaking your silence”, no one would take you seriously! *Face palms*

    Talk aside, I do believe that she was dumped by Raymond and that they probably didn’t have a clean break-up (cause that was also my exact thought when the news first broke out) hence the release of those photos to seek payback on Raymond, probably?

    Erm well at least she got the fame she was gunning for, but for all the obvious wrong reasons! And let’s not deny Raymond also got what he wanted out of this relationship before they broke up! 😡

    1. Don’t forget that Stephen Shui is inviting her to star in 3D Sex and Zen sequel. The movie is currently “hot” in HK 😉

    2. In the newest interview, she changed her story. Now she said she dumped him.

      So far, there are 4 break-up stories come from PSS’s mouth:

      1. Peaceful break-up on 13 April when she came to his house (shot by Next magazine)

      2. Never break-up

      3. Break-up under the pressure of his family and TVB (mentioned of 620).

      4. She dumped him on 9 March in Beijing.

      Now she also revealed that there is movie director want to pull her love story with LF to the big screen.

      I’m very curious to see wat PSS will say in the future to keep this 10 mins fame.

      1. Mavis Pan just sounds insane and confused herself. like she said, love is a slow poison, keep drinking until you die beetch. maybe she envisions Raymond and Juliet as Romeo and Juliet not being able to be together so she wants them to go down together. girl should check into a mental hospital.

      2. its also funny. one minute i think she’s whack, the next i pity her for being used. maybe she is emotionally unstable from recent happening and being unsurreptitiously dumped by Raymond so she got angry and says he didnt dump her, that she dumped him instead, thus the confusing saga continues.

  4. HK media is too scandal-crazy. I can’t believe Miss Pan can have this much attention from them for quite a span of time.

    1. Today Next magazine crossed the line again by accusing an innocent female assistant to have a scandal with the male actor she was assisting. The fans were shocked and feel sorry for the girl because she’s just a normal civilian who work for the actor and the fans knew her well. When magazine scandals start to drag civilians it’s crossing the line.

      Oh well this is the HK doggies and tabloids we’re talking about 😛

      1. lol that’s child’s play. various magazines crossed the line long ago when they published Carina rape-victim photos. romance rumors is small compared to many previous scandals. Raymond’s fans should take a breather and not hate so much on the press when HK granted them media freedom. we are not living in a communist country where we are not allowed to write about public figures. they are public figures, that means their image is displayed as public property. if there isnt so much demand for gossip entertainment, where is the market for these magazines to sell their rubbish?

        i see alot of dragging and attacking a media outlet from Mr. Idol’s fans since they didn’t give Raymond any leeway like they also don’t others. should they be afraid to write about Mr. Popular since his family has power, wealth, and connections?

        get use to freedom of press in HK then or else, dont bust a vein just reading some small fry article.

      2. if Mavis and Raymond stop feeding the press, they will die off soon enough. you gotta starve them and cut them off, then they dont wont have anymore spirit/energy to tail if they cant get a bite.

  5. Ray dumped her… if she was the one that dumped him then why does she still keep on texting him while he doesn’t reply to her texts…does that even make any sense?..
    Usually it’s the one that dumps that doesn’t want any connection and don’t respond back anymore.
    Girl, if the guy don’t respond to any of your texts then it pretty much mean he doesn’t want anything to do with you…get the hint.

  6. ray said that if his girlfriend would give his family troubles, ray wouldnt be with that girl.

  7. ray is deserved to get who ever he want, but since the family also dont really like her, means well, his family dont even trust to girl either.

  8. anyway i think she plotted all these by releasing ray photo, she get what she wanted, anyway, attention its time for her to shut up.

  9. the fact the reporter and mavis doing all this, just pathetic, rude, and hurtful to ray.

  10. she is such a disgusting person like really, she revealing her sex life in public, why not just go join some sex film and show it for god sakes, how could she do this to ray.

  11. I feel so bad for Ray. This girl seems so emotionally unstable. And who dresses like that for an interview?? No one’s going to take her “it wasn’t JUST about sex” story seriously! The release of those photos seems like a catty way to get revenge on a messy break-up. Either way, this girl is definitely not getting the pity she expects. She just looks like a psycho ex-girlfriend now.

    1. Bad for Ray? You gotta be kidding me the guy knew what he was doing he is a pro, however he failed to recognize her as trouble. This is most likely due to her oversized breast overcoming his good judgement. Pretty sure it was just sex for Ray as well. People should seriously bad-talking her sure she wants to be famous but they both agreed to do this trade!!!

      1. Be it that she and he had sex or not, that doesn’t prove that he is a “pro” at relationships. If he had enough time to have relationships then he wouldn’t be a “pro” at singing and acting. He trusted the WRONG GIRL and that isn’t because of her huge boobs, its because of she had tricks up her sleeve and lured his innocent side to believe THAT SHE COULD BE A TRUST-WORTHY PARTNER. This is a lesson learn but she is more at fault for exposing their relationship to the public in those disgraceful ways. This is no different than what happened with Edison Chan (except for the culprit is Mavis Pan) and exposing private photos in past relationships. What for? it won’t save the relationship that is ALREADY under a lot of pressure, if anything it was just a faster way to kill it. He didn’t agree to TRADE, there is no trade involve and if there was, his manager and father would’ve done way more restrictions than just less talking and seeing each other. He wanted a relationship regardless how busy he was, but just met the wrong girl at the wrong time.

  12. ray was the one to meeting the wrong person, she was more worst than any one, blaming ray, she use such and evil ways to beat ray, i wish ray had never meet her, he wouldnt have needed to go through such great pain, and the bombarding from the hongkong media.

  13. As his fan, it doesn’t matter who he dates, so long as SHE CARES AND LOVE HIM AND SUPPORT ALL HE DOES! IF she can’t even do WHAT HIS FANS can do, then why be his gf? Any girl that wants to date LF would know 1.) hes famous 2.) he wants privacy in his personal life 3.) He respects those around him that care for him and expect you do the same. So why would she go to the interview dressed so provocatively? (don’t tell me it is her manager’s pushing her or pressure from whomever…you CHOOSE WHAT you think is appropriate to wear to an interview…especially when the interview is to clear up the mess between you and LF). So to say yes it is sad to date a famous HK star, but you knew it from the get-go so why complain? He did ask you to go eat in public but you refused willingly so why complain that you two only got to spend time in his house? Isn’t IN HIS HOUSE BETTER THAN AT THE HOTEL? Yes so to speak that he doesn’t want just sex from you and if so, he could go get a prostitute. But be HAPPY if he does choose you to even just to have sex because at least that means he was attracted to you and TRUSTED YOU with his reputation. Mavis Pan is TO BLAME for those photos being released because who else took them? You did Mavis Pan! Why complain that you are sad that he announced in public that you two broke up already? Did you think actually think by releasing those photos you could push LF to further increase the process of letting everyone know that you two are dating and will be married soon? You let jealous took over your brain power, from all those actresses that are around LF and how little time you two got to spend should have supported and understood him MORE! So what if you bought underwear for him? His MAIDs that washes his clothes can do it for him too! Even if i wasn’t LF’s fan, i would still despise you Mavis Pan. You damaged the image of pure lovers that long to be with their bfs/gfs. You used revenge to earn his love, WRONG! you only pushed him off the hill and now you two will never get to be together. It is one thing to come out to public about you two dating and complain to the world that his father and manager disapprove the relationship and IT IS ONE WHOLE OTHER THING WHEN YOU RELEASE PRIVATE PHOTOS OF YOU TWO BEING TOGETHER! You FAILED to make your point and you are a disgrace of all other women that love their men in this world.

    1. I can see that you are a big fan of Ray. I like him and all but even if I was a big fan of his, I would not be blind to his faults. Honestly, IF he were honest about his relationship with Mavis in the first place, then I don’t think it would have been as bad if she did purposely leak out those photos. It would not have been the biggest deal since people would have already known that they were dating. However, since he claimed that he was not dating anyone, it was a bigger shock then it should have been if he was honest about it before.

      1. Such an old topic. Looking back after one year and seeing wat is happening to Ron Ng, do you think it’s a wise decision to reveal a relationship :p? Normally we only know about a relationship in Hk when they purpose to get married or the woman is pregnant. It isnt a rare case of hiding gf/bf.

        Maybe I dun think of any of them as angel or virgin so I dun feel shock with any revealed relationship at all. I think it’s their private matters and they are adults, can handle it and of course it’s their own right to keep secret.

        But I will hate if an artist dun treat fans good enough. They can survive mostly thank to fans. Even own fans cant respect? Kick out!

    2. I think she was too into him. Her revenge is nothing but too much love turned to deep anger. She loves him very much, it’s something can be seen. Genuinely love.

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