Mavis Pan to Raymond Lam: “Don’t Pretend to Be Innocent!”

Since Raymond Lam’s (林峯) bed photos with busty ex-girlfriend, Mavis Pan (潘霜霜), were leaked in March 2011, followed by his old friend from Xiamen, Angel Fong (芳芳), offering an online tour of his house, Raymond’s image plummeted. In a recent interview, Raymond revealed that Mavis broke his heart in their former relationship.

Mavis countered in a blog message, “Do not pretend to be innocent and say that you were ‘heartbroken.’ Look at the extent that you hurt others (and in mercilessly manner too). Let’s not interfere with each other, okay?” Although she did not scold Raymond directly in her message, it was obvious that she blasted her ex-love in pretending to act innocent.

Asked by the reporter from Apple Daily regarding Raymond Lam bringing up their old romance in a recent interview, Mavis said angrily, “It’s disgusting; this will be the death of me! It makes me wonder what he is up to? Do not disturb me; it is not a good idea. I will certainly speak up!”

Over the past few months, Mavis sealed her lips and refused to speak about Raymond Lam, choosing instead to heal her love wounds by focusing on work. Unexpectedly, Raymond spoke about their old romance in a recent interview again. Mavis stated, “I do not wish my name to be attached with his name. I do not want there to be any ties at all.” Mavis explained that she never used Raymond to promote herself, “He never helped me with any matters.” Asked about her current love life, Mavis said with reservation, “Let things run their natural course; I do not wish to discuss too much about the matter.”

Excerpt from Apple Daily

Jayne: Certainly, Raymond would expect that Mavis would have some sort of back lash in regards to his recent mentioning of his old romance with her?

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  1. ok mavis pan
    u r the best and the most innocent
    so please shaddup!

      1. thats fanny or funny, lol
        they shut it, you shut it and let the free press shout it, lol
        Pan is’nt impressive, Raymond not impressive, however his car(s)which perhaps are impressive.
        unlucky Pan, perhaps Arron’s Lynn is luckier

    1. @Veejay: It’s hard to be friends with your ex and it depends on both individuals. It was hard for me to be friends with my ex and it was the same for him. It took us years before we finally come together and resolve our relationship issues and we’re friends again. It’s not the same as before and we’ve became distant, but at least it’s better than being enemies. Some people can still be friends with their ex but not everyone.

      I’m sure it’s the same as Mavis because she’s still hurt. Only time will heal her heart. It’s best not to bring relationship issues to the lime light and no one likes it to be the center of attention.

      Veejay, can you still be friends with your ex? It’s just a random question and you don’t have to respond if you don’t want to. =)

      1. I dumped my ex for another man lol and he was like mad at me for years then only this recent year, we bumped into each other and we just proceed for a drinks :). We’re in contact till now.

      2. @Veejay, LOL it’s okay because if you’re not happy with the person you’re with then it’s best to split up right? But I’m glad that you guys are friends again. 😀

      3. @ Veejay, u sound like an awful person. dumped? sounds like apiece of garbage. anyway, u just got lucky ur ex didn’t beat u up or murder u like some ugly breakups. who knows, what goes around comes around,maybe ur current man is cheating behind ur back.

    2. I think depends. My ex and I broke up in peace so we can be good friends after that. But my friend’s ex and her broke up in fire (I thought I told about it, the one that the girl dumped him to get married with his cousin) and they can’t talk with each other, even after years. It’s very hard to talk again if the breakup is a bitter one.

      1. Yeah. It depends on the situation. My ex and I broke up peacefully too; because we found out we better stay as close friends(what originally was) instead of dating..:P

      2. If break up with minimum drama and hatred is the best.

        But somehow I would not wish to run into my past again.

        Even though we will be polite and smile and make small talk, the whole feeling is still embarrassing and feels awkward.

    3. It is hard to be friends with your exs. But it also depends on how you broke up as well and what kind of people you both are.

  2. Can’t believe this is still going on 😀 Neutral on Ray but I do think he’s a bit of a hypocrite based on his ‘image’ and all these ‘scandals’ breaking out. hmmm, really didn’t enjoy Men With No shadows either..a bit disappointed that Bobby took on that show.

    1. Bobby seems not to care about his image anymore and only aims for the cash.

      his mainland series is utterly crap!

  3. In a recent interview, Raymond revealed that Mavis broke his heart in their former relationship.

    Uhm, actually he said that the last relationship (implied of the relationship with PSS but he didn’t mention of her name) was his most hurt one, however he still wanna get married.

    So PSS thinks too much. He didn’t say she broke his heart or mention of her name.

    Maybe, PSS is kinda lacked of news recently? Last news I saw about her is the fake cat fight with Rose Chan and her photobook is cancelled.

    1. Either way, ray better watch out. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned… especially those hot but crazy chicks.

      1. He can try to date a man and she can’t comment anymore =)). Ron is free now.

        Ok, I’m kidding. Dun make it’s big.

      2. I tot Ron and Viann are still like “together”?

        U think it’s easy to get close to Ron with Viann around? I think these Big 35D cup girls will skin you alive if you dare to come close to their men LOL..look at Kate..poor girl who got labelled.

      3. Not together anymore? Rumour say so, haha. If not Ron, then LF is living with 5 other handsome guys (ok, put Ekin out because he has Yoyo :P), can choose one.

      4. let’s put Ekin back (ppl named him old dated playboy), Yoyo will kill ya alive, she’s no sweet heart in real lol.

        Ron has Viann to safeguard him, and LF is definitely out..maybe PSS can try Moses…let’s see if Aimee can do anything to safeguard her love

      5. I said “HE”, Veejay.

        LF is acting in Yang movie, 7 Yang sons are Ekin, Yu Bo, Vic Zhou, Li Chen, LF, Wu Chun and the last guy is a young idol that I dun rmb name. I mean except Ekin who has Yoyo, other 6 are single :P.

      6. @Fox,

        You think after the scandal broke out between LF and herself, namely pss. You think other guys will get themselves into trouble liasing with PSS who will backfire and leak out intimate pics like she did to LF when they can find someone who has less scandal or no bad reputation? :p

      7. =.= You don’t read? I said “He can try to date a man and she can’t comment anymore =)).”. So wat I mean is: LF can try to date one of the 5 handsome guys around him now and PSS can’t say anything more. Who say that I’m finding guys for PSS?

      8. Fox,

        LF can’t keep his hands off those 35G cups.. so its impossible for him to date men 😛

      9. Maybe her implants are so hard, they hurt his hands.

        And sometimes change is good. I like to imagine ray working out w/ Wu chun. Gives him the confidence to wear deep V again.

      10. Ray doesn’t need to work out, yet. He needs to eat. Too thin. He is a handsome guys, and fans always say he looks better in person. So no need to starve himself. He is not fat or chubby. Just gain some muscle will do. and get a better haircut. And perhaps better taste in women.

      11. Well, u usually exercise to lose weight and work out to build muscle. I meant the latter.

      12. @Veejay: Other than the 35F PSS, he has anyone else? Don’t forget that he dated a 33C.

        @Funn: That’s right. He needs to eat more.

      13. Fox,
        According to your inside source, you mentioned that Raymond and Linda had dated at one point. How long were they together?

      14. Hard to say :P. My source didn’t tell me in details about the love but look like it has a lot of breakup and reunion. I guess the time is from 2008 to 2009 or beginning of 2010.

      15. Fox,
        “Hard to say . My source didn’t tell me in details about the love but look like it has a lot of breakup and reunion. I guess the time is from 2008 to 2009 or beginning of 2010”

        I’m a little surprised though. If they did date and break up, they seem surprisingly comfortable in talking about each other in front of the press, such that they still look forward to collaborating together again.

        Based on appearances, Linda does seem to be Raymond’s type, as he prefers tall girls with long legs and oval faces.

      16. He also said the same thing in the article that PSS mentioned.

    2. I think PSS is heartbroken because LF didnt want her (joking) therefore she backfires at LF for every interview he had regarding his relationship with women. PSS should really move on, she looks like a grumpy grandma now.

      1. Grumpy grandma look or attitude? If look, she looks quite good in the last picture I saw her. She doesn’t look like ShuQi anymore, dunno why.

      2. From this pic above, she looks a bit like Ada choy..

        I think PSS already make name thru LF hehe.

      3. It’s obvious that ppl know her name through the scandal with him. Without it, not many ppl know her.

    3. Raymond Lam needs to have sex with sexy girl on regular basic. True love? I do not think it is a good word these people use to describe their relation but material-dependent is a better one. Faking and acting like innovent and naive people, PSS and LF are playing their political game.

      1. I do think Raymond was serious with Mavis while dating her. He wouldn’t have brought her to meet his family, his colleagues and his boss (Miss Lok) if he just want her for sex.

      2. And yet he can’t introduce her to the world and when exposed had to lie about it. Maybe he was serious or maybe she won’t let him near her unless he introduced her to his friends.

      3. He did said that he won’t announce his love to the public until he is found, so he is kinda consistent with his word.

      4. @Kidd: I think the same as you. If he dun think of her seriously, he won’t introduce her to that many ppl.

  4. At first glance, I thought Mavis resembled US reality Octomom. Their facial features are very similar: long oval face with plump joker smirk…not appealing.

  5. we got it girl only naive children would think plastic ray is innocent.

  6. I guessed they all had sex with lot of people so they are not angels in Asian definition. However, if a love ended then let it end and keep its beauty and sadness in each’s heart why remind of the pain?

    A man should act like a man, always protect the girl he once loved even after breaking-up. If for some reasons, he cannot tell good things about his ex then just keep silent.

    1. @ WhoAmI

      “A man should act like a man…”

      I like your description. I would call such a person a gentleman.

    2. Have you ever seen he said anything bad about PSS? He said quite good about her, on how friendly and nice to family she is.

  7. @Jayne:

    Heehee, such a coincidence that I’m currently translating the Oriental Daily interview where Raymond mentioned Mavis Pan although not explicitly!

    By the way, I think you meant “Let’s not interfere with each other, okay?” instead of “Let’s interfere with each other, okay?” yes yes? 😀

    1. @Ah K: I think this one is translated. However the second part, he said about the relationship with TVB hasn’t been translated.

    2. Ah K,
      Thanks, I made the correction. Looking forward to your post regarding Raymond Lam. 🙂

  8. But she the one very first time going to reporters,and accepting interviews, its either she is just too smart on manipulating and blurbing, so its not fung fault.

      1. he didn’t prepare the stonefish good enough and got poisoned, hehe

  9. Think Ray shouldnt have brought the subject up, asking for trouble regardless who was for blame

    1. Yeah he shouldn’t have mentioned it. The scandal already died down anyway

  10. Hey,PSS could you just shut up. He is telling what was he actually feel at that time,could there be any other person who actually really know what his true feeling,besides the person himself

  11. This is all the past so dwell on it? Can’t they both just move on??? Life is shorter than we all think..

    1. agreed December 21 2012 is nearing, the new beginning people

      1. I wasn’t referring to those false dates about the world ending, but was referring to the fact that we all may die suddenly since who knows the future?? But people just take life for granted, argue and dwell on unhappy events. I don’t understand what the point of it all is…

      2. Oh, I thought he was serious.. It is much harder to tell if people are joking online versus real life.

  12. Did Raymond recently brought up the old flame? In that case, i this Mavis Pan is correct is retaliating. She finally puts a strong stand on the matter. itchy boy, should just stop gaining publicity and heal his repo.

    1. Mavis Pan can bring it up and Raymond cannot? Mavis has also brought up the relationship some time after the scandal and her words were way harsher than Raymond’s.

      Btw, both didn’t name names.

      1. Because Mavis isn’t newsworthy. How many ppl read and translate her news?

      2. no no no. Pls dont get me wrong here. see Raymond is a superstar and Mavis is not! It doenst look proper for Raymond to bring up the oldflame issue. Initially, when mavis took it up, ppl accused tt she wanted recognition and publicity.and i think Mavis painfully swallowed these criticisms and lessons learned! BUT as for Raymond to bring it up? what does it imply? – He is either cheap and wanted cheap publicity OR he intend to “help” promote Mavis Pan? ….. i cant think of any other reasons besides that two stated.

      3. there is a possibility where LF and Mavis are ‘still” dating and the pics leaking thing are just part of the plot for LF to help boosting Mavis’ popularity.. then LF gains some too from sympathy and Mavis gains some from leaking pics, showing off her good body, nice altered face and relationship with famous LF. hehehehehhe. believe it or not, it happens!

      4. @Fox : not really a good lover but LF & Mavis are definitely friends with benefits though 😉

      5. You are saying he is daring to take risks for his career for PSS and he isn’t a great lover? Lol. His career is on top now, I doubt he is stupid enough to do such thing unless he is a great lover and love PSS so much to boost her fame by this way.

      6. I was joking in my earlier post la, if you read carefully, i added alot of “heheheh” and the last sentence “believe it or not” which imply i was being sarcasm & joking.

      7. I’m also joking. You think I’m serious? Lol, after the incident with Hello, you are now becoming sensitive?

      8. Of course not, i wouldn’t post my joke about LF and Mavis at all if i was being sensitive.

      9. Then your comments become inconsistent. Just take thing easy, girl.

      10. I understand perfectly that you are joking, and I’m teasing you back by saying that you are making him a great lover. After that, you suddenly make thing serious by saying you are joking. SO I tell you to take it easy.

      11. I knew it!! hehehehe You mistook my sentence as angry one. No lah dear.. I was lol’ed and still is when typing it 😉

        Ok the reason for typing LF and Mavis are friends with benefits and implied LF helping Mavis to boost her popularity was BECAUSE so many here sayign LF’s a liar and acting all innocent..I just lol’ed and thought it would be fun to come up with the idea that LF helped Mavis as accordance to their plot just to see who will believe my silly thought.

      12. I still stick to my answer LF is a not a great lover but friend with benefits with Mavis 😉 although it wouldn’t help LF to boost his popularity.. it sure helps him to have easy access to nightclubs etc 😛 (ppl won’t scream, omg it’s LF!!! what’s he doing here in a nightclub and kissin girls!)

      13. “omg it’s LF!!! what’s he doing here in a nightclub and kissin girls! OMG, not my business. I’m here to clubbing and kissing girls.” – here is the full version.

      14. Veejay n Fox,
        No offence ya,
        just wanna laugh it out.

        fox should “omg it’s LF!!! what’s he doing here in a nightclub and kissin girls! OMG, not my business. I’m here to clubbing and kissing LINDA.” – here is the full version.
        above sound more juicy…..

      1. If it’s true, so good! He can become a good father because he really loves children. I hope to see his kid ASAP so if he is married, it’s good.

      2. Whether Raymond Lam will be a good dad or not i’m not sure but Raymond Wong sure he is….Hahahahaha…

      3. actually,i’m waiting for you to lash at me by teasing you that Raymond is married but you did not fall into my trap. Hai Ya…:-(

      4. Why need to lash at you? Wat I said is my thought :P.

        Still think it’s too hard for ppl to accept that LF fans want him to get married ASAP?

      5. Hahaha…..coz i needs a scrub, pretty boring today.

        quite interesting to read your previous comments how you defended RL.

        Usually die hard fan can’t really accept their idol getting married, some more RL is still single.

      6. Maybe it’s thinking of nonfans. All the fans I know like him to get married soon :).

        I think you should be more open and think that idols are human, also need marriage :P. Dun get mad at your idol if s/he is married.

      7. Oh! no…I won’t get mad of them, I will give my blessing to them.

        I don’t really crazy over an actor or actress, i just admiring them.

        My most favorite actor still Andy Lau. He is the best.

      8. So why it’s hard for you to think that LF fans can accept his marriage?

      9. @Stephy,

        You’re a bit like me, I dont worship/go crazy over any artist, I just adore looking at them cuz they’re pretty.

      10. A lot of popular artist won’t tell their fans that they are married cox they scared that their fans will :-
        1) angry
        2) Heart broken / dismay
        3) commit suicide

        I guessed nowadays Fans are more mature and educate not like olden days where fans commit suicide for Jackie Chan and e.t.c

      11. I want to see future Mrs Lam and his little kids! 😀 Hehe.

      12. To be honest, I never thought of Linda as pretty. I just praised her for being pleasant to eyes but she’s far from being pretty. For eg, I like her looks in that teacher series with Moses & TY but I dislike her looks in ROW. I even said she has a crooked nose looking from side angle but that doesn’t mean I hate her hehe. I never follow her news, probably just read them here whenever there are any.. but u always say linda is my idol..and since it doesn’t do any harm to me..i just lol’ed and be quiet 🙂

        PS : the last sentence about you saying I’m linda fan was just for your info in a rather funny mode.

      13. You might forget but you said Linda is your idol once :P. I rmb very clear because I mistaken you with exoidus this time.

      14. @ Sarah,

        One fine day, you will sure get the chance to see Mrs Lam and his little kids. hehehe.
        Our Ms pretty Fox will share it with all of us…hahahaa

      15. Fox,

        I think you mistaken me with Exoidus, so far if I rmbr correctly I never admit any artist is my idol yet 😛

        Maybe if I did “admitted Linda as my idol” it was mainly just to trick ya.

        Ok, i’m being honest now..she’s not my idol 🙂 even if i see her across the street, I won’t run up to her for autograph cuz all these idol things are just plain wasting time FOR ME only hehehe

      16. If see Fox will share. Fox is a pretty girl with huge heart, so Fox will share for sure.

      17. @Veejay: So you are still saying Linda is ugly? I have to disagree with you with that because I think Linda looks kinda good :P.

  13. I think they are “six and half a dozen” as the British would say! They both seem to be similar types of people.

  14. Hey they are both in the circle and if you are too innocent, then you cannot survive in this industry…

  15. It’s easy to criticize that Mavis Pan is the bad one or “not innocent” but it’s so hard for fans to accept criticisms of Raymond Lam – lol! Give me a break! How many years did Twins fake their “goody” image, acting “so pure” when it was finally revealed that one was secretly married (for 6yrs!) and the other one was anything BUT a virgin. It is unfortunate that celebrities cannot be their normal-self or live a normal life because of these crazy fans having these delusional images of them. Can’t take too much truth about Raymond Lam?? LOL

    1. Theres nothing impure about being married for 6yrs. 🙂 well… Unless you dont like it lol I want to find a raymond lam fan who still believes his a virgin. I mean the pictures dint show him doing anything. Two grown adults, one handsome and thee other busty, can consentingly just last together for rest right….. Fingers crossed? Lol

      1. Mavis did mentioned that they did it 🙂 but their relationship is not based on Sex all the time. I used to Like Ray, but he’s been a little weird lately – at least in my opinion.

      2. Yea, Mavis did mention that they did it already and I can’t believe it if some of those Ray fans still think he is a virgin. Maybe they are too young and innocent??

      3. Twins are probably the most actresses with innocent face. Then what, how many people Gillian Cheung did have sex? At least one. The other got married. So virginity is not a thing that actors/actresses can keep(^_°).

      4. Girls and guys in the industry, you think they can keep virginity longer than 3 months after joining? Must be too naive to think so :P.

      5. “Girls and guys in the industry, you think they can keep virginity longer than 3 months after joining? Must be too naive to think so”

        kind of stereotyping statement. Why cant there still have very firm with own principle artist still in virgin?

      6. sure there must be some virgins in the industry and it’s unlikely they will tell the truth to the public unless they can make money on it.

      7. @a-pop @Fox
        “kind of stereotyping statement. Why cant there still have very firm with own principle artist still in virgin?”

        Allegedly, Leanne Li and Wong Cho Lam (driven by their Christian beliefs) strictly follow abstinence from sex before marriage. No idea whether they are virgins or not, how long they have been Christians, and whether they only adopted such principles after becoming Christians.

        Allegedly, Vanness Wu also refused to do kissing scenes and abstain from sex since he became a Christian?

        It takes a strong will to follow through with personal beliefs that may be constantly challenged by people around us (perhaps dating partners in some cases) where peer, family, and even community values may be different than ours.

        Most people are followers though, so if you truly believe in certain core values and wish to enforce them, the best way is to surround yourself with people who will support them, such as church friends who may share the same religious practices.

      8. Exoidus,
        “sure there must be some virgins in the industry and it’s unlikely they will tell the truth to the public unless they can make money on it.”

        There seems to be a hypocrisy in society’s attitudes towards a person’s sexually active status and level of experience. The older generation, particularly our parents, may pass on the values of virginity until marriage.

        However, our peers and the media may ostracize people in fact have no or little sexual experience by a certain age. Movies such as “40 Year-Old Virgin” make fun of a man who never had sexual experience. He was virgin not out of self-choice, but rather a result of social awkwardness and lack of opportunity. In fact, he was desperate to rid himself of his virginity. The same depiction happened in the “American Pie” film installments, where both male and female characters wanted to be experienced in order to be socially acceptable.

        The media especially seems to glorify sexuality and while not enforce promiscuity, does depict sexual experience to be desirable and equate one’s physical desirability with level of sexual activity. It also appears that on a social level, our peers (friends and dating partners) also expect a certain level of sexual experience by a certain age.

        Are traditional values such as no sex before marriage slowly fading and will they ever experience a higher popularity, adopted out of self-will?

        People seem to gravitate towards self-indulgence, while restraint seems to have fallen out of fashion. When we want something, we seem to want gratification now and not wish to wait. We are an impatient generation.

      9. @jayne

        i agree with you as usual 🙂

        that movie was a funny one.

        I suppose more and more people nowadays just want to have sex for the sake of it and there don’t need to be any emotions involved. Just like “friends with benefits”.

        I think the future generation will also be more lazy as people getting richer and have fewer kids. China will be a good illustration where most families only have one child. This child grew up getting everything desired and never have to work for anything.

      10. Exoidus,
        “I suppose more and more people nowadays just want to have sex for the sake of it and there don’t need to be any emotions involved.”

        Not only for pleasure but there the state of virginity seems to have been dissociated from ethical values (which it once was). It was considered unethical for most women to be a non-virgin prior to marriage. For men, most cultures are okay with this.

        As for the level of sexual activity, the number of sex partners a person has while in a relationship, and the cumulative number of sex partners, there may still be an association with some ethical values. Is there a magic number that is considered to be socially acceptable and morally acceptable? It appears that middle-of the road may be best? Too little and you may be socially ostracized. Too many and you may be considered to a be too indulgent, too much excess.

        As for separating emotions from sex, although men may be able to do so, I think many women are still unable to do so.

      11. jayne,

        well being “pure” was very important to people in ancient times. This is also highlighted in several wuxia novels and especially “return of the condor heroes”.

        I think being pure was also a big issue not too long ago i.e. 60s maybe? people had as you said different expectations.

        As times goes on guys seems to accept the fact that their prospective wives won’t be “pure” or them being their first one.

        The issue now is how many sexpartners your gf or soon to be wife had before you, haha
        I suppose the guys acceptence level is getting higher and higher.

        Should one ask about the number of partners your significant other had before you? And can you handle the truth 🙂

      12. @Jayne: Sorry, I don’t blv them. They can say that, but it really happens, only they can tell.

        Because entertainment industry is a field where the joiners are the ones who dare to expose themselves (I dun think timid ones dare to stay in the stage or show face on TV) and they are surrounded by pretty girls and guys and they also have to act “lovers” frequently on screen, so their view on sex are even more open than us – the non entertainers.

        Moreover, the office system will also affected. I hope you still rmb the incident of Korean entertainment field where an actress committed suicide after being forced to have sex with many men by her managed company.

      13. Yah, nowadays no more values as the “ancient” times and series.

        Call me old fashioned but there is still something sweet and pure about the value of “purity” and “chastity” in the “ancient” times, where the female characters blush if there was accidental contact of hands, kiss, etc.

        Different from modern series where there are sex scenes and sleeping together…

    2. Celebs always try to be all sweet, pure, innocent and all of the good things in front of their fans and the public. However, of course who knows what happens behind closed doors?? Even people that we know personally have many sides or even a secret life that we do not even know about.

      I find it sad that some fans are just too crazy and don’t want to accept the truth about their “idols”. They are normal human beings like us with certain needs too.

      1. Why should care so much for what they did behind the closed door? They are entertainers so as long as they produce pleasant films, songs, show and treat their fans well, then they are good artists. Who care they act good or they are really good in person, not gonna be your husband/wife anyway.

    3. I have surf on his forums and bad that I can’t find any fan who think he is a virgin for you :(. Is it too hard(for ppl aka nonfan) to accept that his fans accept the way he is and the bad boy in him?

      I read many comments tat his fans think he is a virgin but even in his official FC’s forum, ppl say that he isnt one. So plz accept the fact that nobody blv he is a virgin.

      Maybe it’s too hard N in some ppl’s mind, being fans must be blind. I think the reason is they are too blind toward their idols to think every other fans are just like them :P.

    4. Who are the Raymond fans who can’t take truth and can’t accept criticisms?

  16. LF looks very awkward lately. He should just take all this exposure & attention like a man! After all he did it. And not try to look “innocent”.

    His choice of roles is really getting bad! Cant believe he took up MWNS- real lousy show!

    1. I still wonder where is the part he said or implied that he is so innocent and blame that PSS took his virginity? If you can find tell me ah.

    2. Raymond didn’t get to choose what roles he wanted to act… but from 2012 onward, he can.

    3. Honestly. What do you guys want?

      First, you guys complain that all he played are good guy Prince Charming roles. Now, he took a role of a vengeful young man with psychological problem, you guys still complain.

      What’s so bad about him taking up his role in MWNS? The role is challenging and a departure from the good guy roles he play.

      1. I think this quote of he himself is interesting: “有时会想,我真的很惹事、惹火,电影票房好与我无关,相反却全因为我,剧集收视差又是我的问题,似乎整套剧只由我一人来完成,不拿奖又会说我冇能力,相反又认为拿得早,那应该几时拿呢?还是这辈子也不拿,只是出席算了?凡有份牵涉在内的事,若然任何闪失,我永远也是首当其冲,即使单纯与朋友闲逛超市,因为主角是我,最后也会变成一件事,我是否那麼有新闻价值呢?感谢又无奈!”

        I like his role in MWNS and it’s a good choice. The role in Fa sister is so-so only but Typhoon is a good choice.

        I somehow think that ppl are just complaining for the purpose of complaining :).

      2. Don’t bother. They need something to ‘bash’ him so whatever he does, act, be will still get negative comments… but not only that, if the article is all positive, they’ll either not comment at all or comment on what he wears… The list just keeps going.

      3. “I somehow think that ppl are just complaining for the purpose of complaining ”

        I am most certainly not that sort. The writing is terrible and the acting at some point inconsistent. My complaint is more to the writing.

    4. real lousy show – blame the scriptwriters.

      If you watched a horrible Disney cartoon, do you blame Mickey Mouse?

  17. OOOoooo~~ now the issues of Lam’s virginity becomes the subject matter. What has it got to do with his movies, acting etc? LOL…… young fans (those teenage ones esp.) always have this dilusions that their favourite man on tv MUST BE A VIRGIN ….. (cant blame them…. i use to hope & think Alex Fong Chung Sun & Aaron Kwok are to be virgins….. ) hahahaha

    1. Hey loungegirl girl, I find someone who believe that he is a virgin for you – point Lady Gaga. Lol, too bad, she seems not his fan :(.

      So I guess I should find among his non fans to find the teenagers who think he is a virgin for you :P.

      Ok, kidding.

    2. Oh really? For me as a fan, even b4 the Mavis’s incident, I kept the thought that he was no longer a virgin, and truly hoped that he was not, coz for a 3x man to be virgin, he must have had some problems LOL

  18. They (both) jus could shut up, end their relationship nicely. But they wouldnot because they needed more publicity so they implied they were madly in love and accidentially got hurt like korean drama, so sad. I feel sorry for them..for 5 mins.

  19. Off topic a bit, his dad is a Dr. of Philosophical, no doubt why his dad had very wise comments and methods to his relationship.

  20. Thing is they want to keep the fame for so long. They earn lot of money and easily to settle down with their money.

    Famous people might say they love a normal life and it is hard to get normal life, being famous is annoying etc but it is truely so? Stop from acting/signing for 3-5 years then who care

  21. If not because of MAVIS, he wont be so pressure on his shoulders even she have break with him, what for she betray him. At last, all the trouble only come to her.

  22. Hey everyone, on a lighter note, that pic of Mavis above…. i jst notice tt Mavis looks like this ‘JOKER’ fr batman movie (esp. her puffy n wide lips) ….. i m terrified of Joker (Batman) and clowns generally. so, i dont go to circus and HATE to be approached by clowns in supermarket!

      1. I think we see a clown everyday when we go to Mcdonalds hehe. But a plastic made one though.

        I’m not scared of clown, they’re just human. I’m just scared if they misbehave though like touch ya w/o permission.

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