Michael Lai Closes His Income Gap With Gillian Chung

After Gillian Chung (鍾欣潼) married Taiwanese doctor Michael Lai (賴弘國) in 2018, netizens often compared their large income gap and accused Michael of “eating soft rice.” Still, Gillian defended her husband and revealed he took care of all the wedding expenses because she didn’t want to spend her own money. Michael even joked that he almost went bankrupt from the wedding costs, knocking down the rumors of him relying on Gillian financially.

Recently, Taiwan media broke the news that Michael is becoming more and more successful after his marriage. In just a few years, he went from a gynecologist to the owner of a medical beauty clinic. His net worth jumped drastically because of Gillian.

After the two got married, they frequently appeared on mainland reality shows, leading to the rise of Michael’s popularity. He became a well-known medical doctor on both sides of the Taiwan Strait and made his first bucket of gold with the surge of clients.

At the end of the last year, Michael pooled together approximately HK$15 million with two other doctors to open a medical beauty clinic. Business has been good, and Michael often goes to the mainland to take on more patients. He reportedly earns nearly one million HKD  a month now.

Source: Yahoo

This article is written by MelodyC for JayneStars.com.

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    1. @m0m0 Agreed. I bet he’s doing more than just getting new patients when he heads up to China.

      Guys like him go up to China to go mongering like crazy. It’s perfect excuse for him too.

  1. Michael Lai will lose a lots of patients from China due to the outbreak of Coronavirus. Chinese people are not allowed to go to Taiwan for a while.

  2. It’s good Gillian made him pay for their random wedding in the states. This guy has too many cheating rumors. Hopefully, he didn’t married Gillian for financial gains. Gillian has been vocal about wanting to start a family but Michael is keeping himself very busy with work, seems like he don’t want to be tie down.

    1. @vlol
      i wouldn’t be surprise if he cheated on her and using her for financial gain. they say ah-gil has a tendency to prioritize love over other things, so she might not see his true intentions.

  3. I can’t believe that asians are so pathetic. What is wrong with a woman earning more than her husband? In North America that is not a big deal. Yes, some women will earn more than their husbands. It makes me wanna barf with this crap about soft bowl king and all that dog mess. This is 2020 . No man should be put down or labeled because his wife makes more money than him. No man should be disrespected for that reason either. Should Jillian or other women refuse to fall in love with, or marry their husbands because the men make less than them? That is the sick mentality in Hong Kong, Taiwan. Mainland, Korea, Singapore and Malaysia. Other Asian countries tend to be more liberated from such backward, nonsensical thinking. This article was not written by Melody C, it was just translated to english by said translator. I have no issue with Melody C. I have issue with the original writer. It clearly reflects how the writer and the asian society think in general. A man should be proud to make an honest dollarbill instead of being in a triad, gambling, laundering money, pimping out girls and women, selling drugs, blackmailing or frauding others, or doing other nefarious deeds to make money. The Asian community should not focus on how much money Michael makes, but how he treats Gillian. Gillian has been to hell and back, and her happiness and how she is treated by Micheal should be the primary focus, not his bank account. This article and others like it are disgusting.

    1. @renren – totally agree. We are in 2020, women now are empowered to be strong and have their own careers. I don’t understand why a man should be disrespected because the wife makes more. There are many stay at home dads nowadays. My friend makes more money than her husband and is taking care of the kids more, but he loves the family and takes care of the kids well too. My friend and her husband have a great relationship. So nothing wrong with that. People need to stop judging. The problem I see too is that if woman goes for guys that make more money, they are labeled as gold-diggers but if they go for a guy they makes less, the guys is a soft rice king. People who hate will always hate.

    1. @hetieshou I am fed up with netizens expecting Michael to mess up. It is like they are rooting for him to cheat on Jillian. Yes he had a past, and we should be praying that he has sown his wild oats and is willing to settle down. Instead, all I hear is how he is a soft bowl rice king, and how he will cheat on Jillian. Why don’t these netizens keep their fingers crossed that being married has matured Michael, that would be a decent and sensible thing to hope for.

      1. @renren Michael has too many cheating rumors after they’ve gotten married so it’s no surprise people will assume he’ll cheat on Gillian. Also, they have yet really figure out where they will actually live as Gillian still lives in HK and Michael is still in Taiwan. Gillian is no angel but I think because of what she went through, people tend to feel sorry for her.

      2. @vlol – as you say they are rumors. People shouldn’t judge someone just based in rumors? That’s what’s wrong with humanity. Before people judge, they should find the facts first.

      3. @vlol I am not referring to Michael as an angel, and yes he had a past. Maybe he will, or won’t cheat on Gillian. However, who are You, or anyone else to judge him and his marriage and decide what he will or will not do? You should be hoping he has changed his philandering ways and be a faithful husband. Instead , you seem to want him to cheat, and you seem to want to cast doom on the marriage . Just remember your own marriage or those of your relatives or children, now or in the future. You seem content and hell bent on showing shade on this marriage. What is up with that. I’m just wondering if you are a religious person at all.

      4. @renren lol just because I said he has lots of cheating rumors is me casting doom on their marriage? You act like all of Gillian’s fans were so supportive of her relationship with him. They’ve always been on the fence with him and were furious when she got engaged to him. Whether their marriage work or not, I will not lose sleep over it. There is no need to get personal in bring myself or my family into the mixed. I just find it weird that since their marriage, Gillian is constantly having to come out to clear his name whether it’s cheating rumors or him using her for financial gains. Lol seems like the media is casting doom on this marriage if you’re wanting to find someone to blame. Also, Idk how religion or being religious has anything to do with this topic.

      5. @vlol then you are following in the footsteps of the media and casting doom and gloom on the marriage as well. So yes, you need to take the same blame as the media. The media does not always get it right and salacious gossip like this makes them millions. Since Michael got married, has the media been able to provide proof of the gossip of affairs concerning Michael? How would you like anyone to wish or spread rumorsbpf doom and gloom on the marriages
        of those you hold dear , including yourself???? The reason I mentioned religion is marriage is created by God, and instead on going off about how Micheal had many cheating rumors, you and others should pray that he and Gillian remain faithful to each other, and let God guide them away from temptation. AMEN.

    2. @hetieshou Lol judging him for soft rice king or likely to be a cheater? I think the difference is he has had many cheating rumours even before marrying Gillian. On the other hand, Gillian had the scandal with Edison Chen but she was probably the one who got cheated on.

      1. @1piscesish
        weren’t there bouts of rumors about him getting too close w/ his female friends and activities on Instagram. this guy doesn’t have a clean slate to begin w/

      2. @vlol I know many individuals who have had countless rumors and they turned out to be respectful, loving and caring spouses. You seem to want to blight and curse this marriage. Just my opinion.

      3. @1piscesish
        Why are you giving Gillian they benefit of the doubt but yet are believing in all of those bad rumors of him? Gillian not a clear cut angel either. I do not really call Gillian a victim of the Edison scandal as she was willing so it is not like she was forced or anything. If she did not want anyone to know about it then why even do it in the first place?

  4. its crazy in such a time in China/Mainland people still think about beauty over the coronavirus lol

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