Michael Tao Denies Holding Grudge Against Pregnant Sonija Kwok; “My Words Were Twisted!”

Last week, 7-month pregnant Sonija Kwok (郭羡妮) was spotted shopping with her mother at the IFC mall in Central district. Since Sonija’s husband, action choreographer, Zhu Shaojie (朱少杰), was currently working in mainland China, she went shopping for baby goods in anticipation of her daughter’s arrival in June.

First-time mother, Sonija appeared to be anxious in entering the last trimester of her pregnancy. On her Weibo blog, the 37-year-old wrote, “My fingers have become painfully swollen; what should I do?” Sonija was eager to reach out to other experienced mothers, both celebrity friends and fans, in getting useful advice.

Michael Tao Denies Holding Grudge Against Sonija Kwok

Although Sonija Kwok got married to Zhu Shaojie last year and will soon become a mother, tabloids continued to link her with rumored On the First Beat <学警出更> costar, Michael Tao (陶大宇). In 2006, it was rumored that Michael got divorced from his wife of 17 years due to Sonija. Public backlash against Michael for breaking up with his wife was especially strong. Sonija immediately drew clear boundaries with Michael afterward.

Recent tabloids reported that Michael still possessed ill feelings towards Sonija. An insider told tabloids, “Michael Tao hates Sonija Kwok extremely, calling her a foul [expletive]. Although many years have passed, he continued to lament before friends that Sonija was heartless, in which he was almost put to ruin [during the divorce scandal].”

However, Michael denied claims that he still bore a grudge against Sonija Kwok. Michael sought out Eileen Cha (查小欣) and said, “The reporters asked what comments I had towards Ms. Kwok’s pregnancy. I said that I wished her well and was happy for her. It was entirely a positive response. However, tabloids twisted my words and claimed that I was angry. Since I cannot bear [the fabricated rumors], I reached out to you [to clarify].”

Michael Tao’s Words Were Twisted by Tabloids

In addition, Michael indicated that he was currently single. He maintained frequent contact with his ex-wife; the pair still care for each other’s well-being. Michael clarified that he and his ex-wife were not headed towards a reconcilation of their previous marriage, as reported earlier by tabloids. Michael said, “I am not in a rush to find a significant other. I enjoy my current freedom; I am very happy.”

It was reported earlier that Michael’s career outlook in mainland China was dismal. Allegedly he earned $20,000 Yuan per guest performance. Michael denied the rumors by stating, “I appear in a dozen shows on a monthly basis, or 60 shows yearly,  in China. My fees are more than the reported figure of $20,000 Yuan. That’s not important. They can report that I am poor, but do not insult my character!”

Source: 21CN.com; Nddaily.com

This article was updated on April 18, 2012 to reflect Michael Tao’s response regarding clarification that he only wished Sonija Kwok well in her pregnancy.

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Jayne: Glad to see that Michael Tao clarified rumors regarding his comments towards Sonija Kwok’s pregnancy. Indeed, it would be too much if he still bore a grudge 6 years after his divorce.

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  1. I think Micheal should and needs to let bygones be bygones. I feel that holding onto grudges will only hurt him and no one else. It is great to cherish the happy memories of the past but we must forget the bad memories or else they will just continue to haunt us.

    I am also shocked that Micheal is not doing well in China. I guess the big pool celebs makes it really hard to compete and survive there. Maybe the timing is not right for him yet?? I hope that he will let go of the past and continue to work hard.

  2. The relationship affected both of them, not Michael alone.

    You also need the timing to break it into the Mainland market. It’s hard to come across good scripts…

    1. I am sure that it affected Sonjia as well,but she has moved on and is happily married now. Therefore, I feel that Micheal needs to as well. But I think it must have affected Micheal a lot more and in a more negative way.

      1. Didn’t TVB “freeze” Sonija bc of the rumors? Her career had a setback at the time.

      2. I think both of their careers were affected by this “love affairs”. Sonjia was sent by TVB to work in Mainland China and Michael was not given any more jobs by TVB. Sonjia just got luckier because she met her husband and got married in China, while Michael was not well accepted in Mainland China.

      3. Sonija was frozen due to the relationship with Deric On more than Micheal Tao.

  3. What happened between Sonija and Michael Tao back then?

  4. Jayne: Because of the above news, Michael especially called up Eileen Cha to get on her radio to clarify the matter and clear his name. He denies that he still harbors any grudges toward Sonija.


    大胆假设 小欣求证 作者:查小欣

    陶大宇2006年因与郭羡妮传出婚外情,“师奶杀手”形象一夜幻灭。约满无线后,他将工作重心转到内地,最近,却有报道指他经济拮据,向前妻求复合失败,对郭羡妮余情未了,以至对她怀孕感到愤怒。向来低调,的大宇,终于主动致电我,要求我给他伸冤。(来源:南方都市报 南都网)

    1. The below summary of his interview with EC refutes all the allegations in the above article.


      陶大宇2006年因与郭羡妮传出婚外情,“师奶杀手”形象一夜幻灭。约满无线后,他将工作重心转到内地,最近,却有报道指他经济拮据,向前妻求复合失败,对郭羡妮余情未了,以至对她怀孕感到愤怒。向来低调,的大宇,终于主动致电我,要求我给他伸冤。(来源:南方都市报 南都网)

      A“我一年做五六十个活动……可以说我穷,不要抹黑我的人格”(来源:南方都市报 南都网)




      1. Can someone translate this to English? Thank you!

    2. Claimine,
      thanks for your research into clearing Michael Tao’s name. 🙂 I will amend the article when I get the chance tomorrow morning, as it is getting a bit late now.

      1. Thanks for updating the article Jayne! I am so happy to know that Micheal has moved on and is no longer holding a grudge towards Sonjia. I hope that Micheal will find someone that he can be happy with. I would not mind seeing him and Sonjia work together in a series in the future. I have seen him in some China series and he is not a bad actor. Hope to see him in more shows and series!

  5. michael tao, doesnt age very well. He really look like an old man now.

    1. I think he looks like tat for several recent years. BTW, I’ve never put Micheal Tao’s look so high.

      1. ya lor, i don’t understand why early year he was named housewife killer. I watch one series, him with kenix kwok. I think called love bond, in the drama he kept covering his face w/ hand when he feel embarrassed , look so girly to me.

      2. “Housewife killer” from DIF franchise. His best series to-date.

      3. Thank to DIF series. He was with Kenix in several series, started from DIF 1 (DIF 1 to 3 are Micheal-Kenix-someone else, DIF 4 changed the whole cast). During this period, Kenix was super cute and pretty :(. And Micheal Tao? Is Micheal Tao but her role is interesting.

  6. wow i didn’t know about this sort of news back then

  7. Michael Tao seems to pretty brusque in his mannerism, I don’t think he meant any ill intent, just that he didn’t feel like rehashing past rumors over and over again especially after he and sonija had already clarified it at the time.

    Really liked him in Love Bond… still one of my favorite dramas 🙂

  8. I’m guessing Sonija was the 3rd party and broke up Michael’s marriage. But who the f*** told Michael to cheat in the first place OR to fall for Sonija’s s***** advances? Both have themselves to blame.

  9. Michael was never a truly gifted actor to begin with. I thought he was overly promoted and I have always thought he wasn’t good looking enough to be an idol and not talented enough to be a true actor. Gallen Lo who is also divorced from his wife of many years has married someone much younger and his image has suffered. But Gallen Lo is probably the perfect example that true talent will bring you continuous jobs in Mainland. Lots of Hong Kong artists would head north and try to dig gold, but only the truly talented will be able to make a career out of it.

  10. Had no idea on these two. They seem ok actors but dont see anything special about them.

  11. Why are people keep saying that Michael needs to move on? Is there any indication that he hasn’t? Reporters sometimes do make things up from nothing.

    1. Right he has moved on, it’s the media that hasnt!!!!
      All this news erupted because they wanted to write something abt Sonjia hence the link back to Tao!!!
      A case of bad luck!

  12. Thought it was only rumors between those two:/
    Did they really got together and Michael left his wife for Sonija? If Sonija is really the 3rd wheel…what a B*TCH. Maybe one day she can taste her own medicine..ok ok jk…don’t want the baby to be fatherless.

  13. I think Sonija is rather naive. She got attracted quite easily if someone was really nice to her. She had an relationship Wan Siu Luen some years ago when they were filming a drama series together. Wan Siu Luen was very nice to her and bought her some of her favourite buns (“pineapple buns” in Chinese) all the time and she showed her affection. Poor Sonija for being so naive and “lovable”! Glad that she finally found someone “unattached” and got married to him.

    1. I think these guys like Wan, Michael etc were just taking advantages from her… Sonija is someone who believes in true love but was in wrong way though… but glad she has found one now!

      1. “Sonija is someone who believes in true love but was in wrong way” …… agree. She is too naive to believe in true love. Those married guys should not have taken advantage of her. I think she fell in love with someone easily if that “someone” took good care of her.

      2. Now she has a small family of her own. It’s the departure of her. I wish it’ll last forever.

    2. I guess many naive guys and girls tend to think just because is nice to them means that they like them in that way. That is only true sometimes, but isn’t in many cases.I guess Sonija has learned that the hard way. I am glad that she has finally found someone that really loves her and she loves him. May they be happy always!

  14. hmm, i think people kind of just made the assumption that shes a homewrecker. from the news article, all it seems is that michael got mad because sonija was so fast to draw clear boundaries (it seems more of an ego issues). but i wouldn’t blame sonija considering she doesn’t have the best reputation in the entertainment circle. she always has rumors with her co-stars (which honestly, is not unavoidable- look at tavia, linda chung, and even charmaine didn’t have many serious rumors). in fact, i think it was a smart move for her because i think her rumors is a big part of what held up career in tvb (although im still a strong believer that she was at fault for stirring rumors with steven ma and then denying it). but anyway, she’s married now, and it seems that she has changed her ways. so wish her best of luck!

    1. @ Claimine (who is a Steven Ma’s fan)

      What is the rumors between Sonja and Steven Ma?

      1. Best if you read the translated articles yourself to get the ‘whole’ picture. But I would like to bring your attention to the passage whereby Sonija refutes ever accusing Steven of mongering rumors for self-promotion. But it was reported as such, and upon reading, Steven believing Sonija had betrayed him & their friendship retaliated with his implication that Sonija was so materialistic as to sell their friendship for fame and career. And Sonija in turn was hurt that Steven would think her so shallow and materialistic, and so it went. With reporters and media and other people putting words in their mouths and pouring oil to fan their discord. Anyway, the truth got distorted and falsehood morphed into ‘truth’.

        <Steven: A friend whom I trusted and respected when faced with career and other self-interest beneficial predicament chose instead to hurt me, that’s what saddens and pains me the most.”

        R: Have you thought about the real reason for this discord?

        Sonija: (softens her tone) He misunderstood me. Earlier there were newspapers saying that he got his status through rumors with a certain leading lady. I even spoke out on his behalf. Said he is a front line xiu sang, he doesn’t need to depend on anybody but he said I betrayed him, hurt him. I swear to heaven I never did that….Feel helpless that he believes what other people said. There’s nothing I could do.

        negative rumors and gossips – assassins of friendship and reputations.

        But to their credit they managed to bury the hatchet and once again become good friends.

        Like I’ve mentioned previously Steven is not one to gossip or talk shop after work.

        And in his 2006 radio interview with Anna Yau, Steven said this “Because after work, during my free time, I prefer not to talk shop. I don’t like talking about myself. Like, so what film are you making now? So on and so forth. Even at old friends’ gatherings, I made it very clear that I’ll brook no entertainment related questions. If you are my friends, don’t discuss my series, don’t ask if she’s pretty or not, or if she’s a nice person. Etc… If you insist on asking me this kind of questions, I’ll leave immediately. I don’t relish chatting these things after work.”

        2011 VIP interview with Astrid Chan
        A: There was once a time, reportedly, that there was some misunderstanding between you and Sonija. But now you two are ok again. And have even become friends.

        S: Good friends, to boot

        A: Can you recount how all this came about?

        S: I recall it was like about 1-2 months before the shooting of 7 Days in Life, just happened that Sonija and I along with other colleagues had to go outstation on an overseas job (Singapore Starhub Awards). We both knew we had this upcoming collaboration. We were sitting inside the hotel restaurant drinking. I asked her bluntly: “So actually what happened last time?”

        A: Haha! What happened? You guys didn’t even know what happened?

        S: Yah, We poured out what we had heard and felt at that time to each other. Yee? How come there were disparities? During that period, we separately heard words (noises) that made each of us feel very uncomfortable, very unpleasant. Left a thorn inside each of our hearts. But after clarifying… Actually it’s quite a pity, if we were truly good friends, we should not have let these noises affect our relationship. So after that we happily collaborated on 7 Days in Life. Even after 7 Days in Life is done, we still keep in touch.

        A: This once again evinces that (like during that time of you and Sonija), especially in this entertainment circle we live that within a circle there are too much extraneous noises, and also maybe media not understanding the situation exacerbated the misunderstanding between the two main characters .

        S: That’s true

        A: But luckily you were willing to take the initiative to bring up the incident.

        S: Actually, I had been waiting for just this opportunity. I feel that two persons, boyfriend or girlfriend, or just good friends, or two good brothers, or good sisters, it’s not like we have a vendetta or a huge grudge. That we can meet and become friends requires fate. Should not let some rumors or gossips influence the relationship.

        I’ve been in the entertainment circle for almost 18 years now. I now hold on to this one attitude. I won’t listen, just won’t listen at all. Won’t listen to those so-call news, or gossips or rumors or news from one person point of view about another person. I’ve no interest to listen to them. Because if I listen to the info that you told me this person was this and that, but that was only your point of view. Maybe I feel differently if I talk to this particular person myself. I only believe my own perception, my own eyes and what my heart feels about that person. Anyway, when I hear this kind of talk, I immediately stop it. Never mind, I don’t want to know. Don’t tell me.

        A: Actually, you said you’ve been in the industry for 18 years that you have become thus, but actually many years ago, you were already that way wo.

        S: True!

        A: Actually there is one thing that can be learned from you, a good thing; to be your friend is good is that many years ago you already disliked gossips/rumors. Like people spreading news, you would not consider that to be true.

        S: I certainly won’t

        I guess Steven had Sonija too close to heart at that time, and being more immature then fell prey to xiu yan’s words and tabloids. — reminds me of Othello

        For more indepth insights into this scandal click on the links below.
        4 articles http://stevenma-fanblog.blogspot.com/2010/10/steven-ma-exposed-change-in-their.html

        My afterthoughts: http://stevenma-fanblog.blogspot.com/2010/11/steven-ma-sonija-kwoks-scandal.html

      2. Thanks Claimine, that is very informative.

        Really appreciate your long writings.

  15. Why is Michael angry at Sonja? He divorced his wife. So what is the grudge all about? I don’t understand.

    1. It’s the media!!!!
      They like to stir things up.
      These people are professional home wreckers!!!!
      Dont believe everything that’s in those gossip columns.

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