Michael Tse’s Character ‘Laughing Gor’ Comes Back to Life

Ron Ng and Michael Miu appeared at crime fighting promotional event this weekend. Due to the death of Michael Tse’s character in “Emergency Unit” last week, over 100,000 people have been mourning his death and was noticeably absent from the event. Ron and Michael Miu still managed to attract over a hundred people. The scene was very chaotic and female fans clamored to take photos with Ron and Michael Miu.

The death of Michael Tse’s character, Laughing Gor, in “Emergency Unit” sparked an active discussion among the audience. Due to the character’s immense popularity, TVB is considering resurrecting the character. Producer, Wong Wai Sing, said that TVB’s executive management will decide whether to bring the character back to life. In the original plot, Laughing Gor was killed by Ron’s character. Since the audience does not want Laughing Gor to die, they are still hoping that the character continues to live since the corpse has not been found yet.

Ron Ng Shed Real Tears

Michael Miu noted that Laughing Gor’s death scene pushed the series into its highest peak. Whether or not his character is resurrected depends on the writers. Michael Miu proposed that when his character is arrested, Laughing Gor should appear in the background. This will let the audience imagine whether Laughing Gor survived or not.

Ron Ng agreed that Laughing Gor should be resurrected. The audience also praised Ron for his acting progress, as he looked very emotional in Laughing Gor’s death scene. Ron noted that he filmed this scene in one take. He shed real tears and his nose was running at the same time. Ron could not hold on to the dying Laughing Gor while trying to wipe his own nose.

Michael Tse was absent from the crime fighting promotional event yesterday. Allegedly, it was decided to not have Michael Tse appear due to his immense popularity, which may overshadow Ron and Michael Miu. The staff on site denied this and said that Michael Tse was occupied with another project instead.

Jayne: TVB is rumored to bring back to life “Laughing Gor” due to popular demand. Also TVB intends to film part 4 of “The Academy” series. Since Michael Miu came back as a different character, it seems highly likely that Michael Tse will be in the new series as well. It is just a matter of whether he plays the same character or not.

I prefer the series remain true to its original script. If the character was meant to die, then the ending should not be tampered with.

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