Michelle Chen Gives Birth to Baby Boy

Congratulations! Taiwanese actress Michelle Chen (陳妍希), and her husband Chinese actor Chen Xiao (陳曉), announced on social media today that they have welcomed their first baby, a boy!

33-year-old Michelle and 29-year-old Chen Xiao started dating soon after collaborating in 2014’s The Romance of the Condor Heroes <神雕俠侶>. They tied the knot in July, when Michelle also announced that she was expecting her first child with Chen Xiao.

On December 20, Michelle shared a photo of her newborn’s fist on Sina Weibo, announcing that she has safely given birth to her little boy on Monday. Michelle and Chen Xiao also stuck out their hands, in the fashion of rock, paper, scissors.

Michelle said, “Thankful that Xiao Xingxing (Little Star) has now become a part of our family. Wishing you peaceful happiness like a little bright star.”

Chen Xiao shared Michelle’s picture and wrote, “That kid who decided to throw a punch, I hope you stay strong! Listen to your mother!”

Reporters reached out to the couple for comment. Chen Xiao replied through text, “I’m very happy. I hope he will grow up healthily and happily. Thank you everyone.”

Source: Oriental Daily

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Congratulations to the happy family!!!! I love the “Listen to your mother” remark from the hubby! Too cute!

  2. Congrats to the new parents. Babies are so, cute, adorable and fun until they become teenagers. That’s a whole other story. This couple when they laugh and squint their eyes – they have the same eyes. 🙁

      1. @happybi Hello. Happy Holidays to you. The fastest way to get gray hair is when your kids become teenagers. Of course we’ll always love our children even when they are driving us crazy.

      2. @dramas4me happy holidays to you too! I hsve a niece who is a teen so i know what you mean. Not looking forward to it! Thanks to my grandma good gene I still have a full ser of black hair. Can’t say the same for my hubby!

  3. She’s so lucky. Grew up in a rich family, steady and successful career, a younger, famous and handsome husband, and now a healthy baby and happy family. Some people just have it all

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