Michelle Reis Admits Money Is Important

Former beauty queen and actress Michelle Reis (李嘉欣) has been haunted by gold digging rumors for many years. Although the 45-year-old had a successful career in the Hong Kong film industry, the public always seemed to be way more interested in her love life.

Michelle faced intense public scrutiny through the years due to her publicized relationships. Prior to entering the Miss Hong Kong pageant in 1988, Michelle dated Joe Nieh (倪震), now husband of Vivian Chow (周慧敏). It was also rumored that she had dated Leon Lai (黎明) briefly. After winning the MHK title, Michelle was pursued by billionaire Joseph Lau (劉鑾雄), who was then married to the late Teresa Bo (寶詠琴). Their illegitimate relationship lasted for a few years.

Last week, Michelle appeared on an episode of A Day With Luyu <魯豫有約>, where she opened up about her past relationships and how she decided to reset her life after breaking up with the married Joseph Lau.

“At the time, I believed that love was between two people,” Michelle said when recalling her relationship with Joseph Lau. “I didn’t want to let go. But then more people started to get involved, and I was done. It was a lesson for me.”

Following Michelle, Joseph Lau became linked with other famous Hong Kong actresses, including Rosamund Kwan (關之琳) and Ada Choi (蔡少芬). Michelle’s image went south, and she lost faith in love. After breaking up with Joseph, she stayed single for the next five years.

“I didn’t want to date anymore,” Michelle admitted. “I was scared. Scared of hearing noises, scared of hearing people talking about me. It was harder for me to trust people again.”

Michelle first met her current husband, Julian Hui (許晉亨), when she was taking part in the Miss Hong Kong pageant in 1988. Julian also sent her flowers, but he chose to stay anonymous, not even leaving behind a phone number. The couple did not meet again until many years later, and their relationship went public in 2006. As Julian also comes from a wealthy and privileged family like Joseph Lau, Michelle once again came under fire for being a gold digger. Michelle dislikes the term, but did admit that she does not find anything wrong with liking a man who has money.

“I like a man who is successful in his career,” said Michelle. “I like a man who can take control of his family, someone who is aggressive.”

The former actress then admitted, “Yes, [career and money] are important. A part of what I find him attractive is that he is able to assume responsibilities of many things. It is not a quality that he must have, but it is something I find very attractive.”

Michelle has long-learned to ignore the public’s perception of her. “If I marry a poor man, the public would say that the man is useless and only relying on me. If I marry a rich man, I become a gold digger.”

Michelle’s Full Interview At My Date With Luyu


Source: ettoday.net

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Michelle competed in the Ms. HK pageant in 1988. The winner of the 1989 pageant was Monica Chan.

    It is true that money is important but other things like love, capatabilty, etc.. are much more important. It is truly tough being an actress,singer or any public figure. I agree with her that if she or anyone married a poor guy,they would say the man is eating soft rice but if they marry someone rich,they are considered a gold digger. However in spite of that, I still think it was so wrong of her to date a married man which I heard indirectly may have caused the death of his late wife. I wonder if she has any guilt?Of course it was the man’s fault too because it takes 2 to tango. But I really wonder how she would feel since she is married now and other women went after her husband? You really wonder… It also makes me wonder if karma exists since she did so many bad things in the past but yet is enjoying like now… Life is truly unfair.

    1. @hetieshou I agree with you totally. I also heard from friends about her involvements between Teresa Bo and Joseph Lau ………….. Michelle phoned and cursed at Teresa Bo. Would she be happy if there is a 3rd party ……….. Julian Hui’s mistress …………… doing same to her?

      Not sure if there is Karma on earth, but I surely hope there are some to punish those guilty people.

      1. @orchid123 she not only got involved with joseph lau’s marriage but also marriage between her current husband and his ex-wife (daughter of stanley ho).
        i would love to see her husband having an affair with another woman.

      2. @orchid123
        I wonder about karma too. She was already a third party which is so bad already but even has the nerve to call the wife to cuss her out. I thought she has such thick skin and has no shame. I also agree and hope that there will be something or someone to punish all of the evil people in this world so that they can learn their lesson.

  2. she’s a golddigger for sure, but admire her for being frank about the importance of money, especially after hearing amber heard claiming she can do fine without it.

  3. [quote]“At the time, I believed that love was between two people,” Michelle said when recalling her relationship with Joseph Lau. “I didn’t want to let go. But then more people started to get involved, and I was done. It was a lesson for me.[/quote]

    She never thought of herself as the third party? Love between 2 people?? What about the man’s wife?
    I wish to remind her what goes around comes around.

    1. @afan202
      Good point and I remember hearing about her saying that she would go after any man that she has feelings for whether he was married or not. I was thinking if she has any shame? I still wonder what she will do and how she would react if her husband ever has an affair with a younger and prettier woman? Yes and if karma does exist,what goes around will come around.

  4. She was the third party. But it takes 2 to tango. Joseph is still chasing skirts even after the wife’s suicide? So why would karma only befall on the lady, while the guy getting more prosperous? Karma in this world?? Seems like a make believe only.

    1. @dramadrama Agree that “it takes 2 to tango”. Joseph Lau had to take the responsibility of having a third party. Michelle Reis could have loved Joseph Lau as love is blind, but she shouldn’t have to call Teresa Bo and yelled at her with swearword.

    2. @dramadrama
      I agree that they are both at fault. I heard that his late wife died from cancer and became even more sick after knowing about her husband’s affair with Michelle. Also the fact that she called the wife to cuss her out made her condition worse which in turn may have played a part in her death. Therefore,many wondered if Michelle ever felt any guilt and still lives life so happily. Karma was something I used to really believe in but now really wonder if it even exists?

  5. Hey gals, just ignore her. What she said in this interview has nothing interesting, her past love under her view now is nothing interesting too, all she said is too normal, money is important, no need to care about her view

  6. Shallow but yet brutally honest!

    She actually represents the thinking of the majority of female entertainers in HK. Haven’t we always see articles concerning so and so and her RICH new boyfriend?

  7. I don’t follow her nor care about her love life. I’ve always thought she’s a pretty but acting was so-so. I do, however, totally agree with this quote from her.

    ““If I marry a poor man, the public would say that the man is useless and only relying on me. If I marry a rich man, I become a gold digger.””

    It’s like she’s damn if she does, she’s damn if she doesn’t xD

  8. Gotta give her credit for being honest….Money can make someone very attractive for sure.

    Sonjia Kwok come to mind when she said marrying someone poor will generate other gossip too….sigh.. one can never win with reporters..

  9. Well then, socio-economic compatibility in addition to age looks will become a factor if one were to avoid gossips. LOL!

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