Michelle Yeoh’s Foot Deformity Catches Attention

56-year-old martial arts star Michelle Yeoh (楊紫瓊) has been dating 72-year-old French motor sports executive Jean Todt since 2004, and life for the longtime couple has been none the less relaxing. There would be rumors of marriage every year, but the martial arts superstar would shoot them down each time, joking, “I’m afraid you guys would have nothing to talk about once I get married.”

The couple share many leisure interests and often go on vacation together. On February 16th, Michelle shared on social media that she has injured her leg which required 10 stitches.

“Bad trip,” she wrote. “Don’t look closely if squeamish…. My heroes looked it over, then rushed me to [the] hospital for 10 stitches!”

In the photo Michelle shared, Jean looked over her injury with the surgeon.

Many fans wished Michelle to get well soon, but a few others noticed Michelle’s foot deformity, an unfortunate secondary complication after years of practicing martial arts and wearing high heels. With deformed toes and bunions on both feet, the media once dubbed Michelle for having “the ugliest feet” in the industry.

Nonetheless, Michelle embraces the deformity and doesn’t attempt to hide it. In her daily life, Michelle would rest her feet by wearing comfortable shoes and sandals.

Source: QQ.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I have friends who have bunions due to wearing high heels (tight fitting shoes) for many years. Michelle’s case is very severe due to her martial arts career. I wonder why she never opted for surgery to correct her bunions.

      1. @firenationazula ok, that would explain the severity of deformity and also easier transition to martial arts. I did some light reading, and apparently surgery may not always correct the problem and bunions can reappear over time again.

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