More Restrictions: China Blocks Out Broadcast Dates for Ancient Dramas

From March to June, no historical period dramas will be allowed to air in China.

In a new restriction rule set by the National Radio and Television Administration (previously known as SARFT), historical period drama serials will not be allowed for broadcast on television or online between March and June. Dramas affected by this new broadcasting restriction includes many wuxia, fantasy, historical, time-travel, and palace-themed dramas that have been waiting for broadcast.

The Legend of White Snake <新白娘子传奇> starring Alan Yu (于朦胧) and Ju Jingyi (鞠婧祎), which was slated for a March 27 premiere, has already been pulled from broadcast. Highly anticipated upcoming historical dramas such as Zhang Ziyi’s (章子怡) debut TV drama Monarch Industry <江山故人>, Tang Wei’s (湯唯) Empress of the Ming <大明皇妃·孙若微传>, Yang Mi’s (杨幂) Novoland: Pearl Eclipse <九州·斛珠夫人> and Dilireba’s (迪丽热巴) Eternal Love: The Pillow Book <三生三世枕上书> are all affected.


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  1. These restrictions on period dramas are getting out of hand. What exactly is the reason behind the constantly added restrictions?

  2. Pillow book wasn’t even planning on being broadcast during the summer. This whole time it’s been slated to be broadcast in the 4th quarter of 2019, so definitely Sept-Dec period, so this doesn’t affect anything

    1. @tungamy Uhm, from another source I heard (from soompi forum), the ban actually more extensive than what mentioned here. In details, all historical/fantasy drama that is currently airing will allow to air until its conclusion, however, as soon as it finishes its run, it will be all taken down from all streaming site/services. Any drama that hasn’t been aired, will have to go through another round of audit, and their air date will be 2 yrs from now? That’s what I read, not sure if this is correct though

  3. Chinese producers should focus on other genres that’s still lacking in quality i.e. modern. Too much of ancient dramas will make it bland and boring eventually.

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