Yang Mi on Unattainable Love in “Novoland: Pearl Eclipse”

Since wrapping up, Tencent’s’s wuxia romance Novoland: Pearl Eclipse <斛珠夫人> left many viewers in an emotional state, as they described it to be a beautiful but torturous sad love story. Drawing attention for her detailed performance, lead actress Yang Mi (楊冪) shared her most unforgettable scenes in the series.

From the moment Yang Mi read the script, she knew the story would be painful and heartbreaking.  Playing Fang Haishi, who was in love with her master Fang Zhu (William Chan (陳偉霆),, Yang Mi was moved by their deep mutual affection. Unfortunately, the couple faced an invisible barrier given how loyal Fang Zhu was to the emperor.

Asked if she would love a man like Fang Zhu in real life, the actress bluntly answered, “No, I won’t like to have such a tiring and difficult relationship,” expressing her exasperation over two people in love and yet unable to fulfill their happiness.

The Most Challenging Times

Besides the angsty romance, Yang Mi also revealed the difficult yet unforgettable experiences of crossdressing as a young man in the early episodes. Although she looked dashing in male costumes, Yang Mi  shared, “I suffered eczema because it was so tough having to wear heavy armor, and fight during the hot weather. The most challenging and memorable was filming the underwater scene. I filmed it on my birthday, and I was so exhausted from being soaked in the water that I was knocked out early that night and didn’t get to reply to all the birthday wishes.”

While it was tough in many aspects, Yang Mi enjoyed portraying the maturation of her character and getting to work with William again. Since this was their third time working together, she was glad that filming went smoothly because of their existing friendship.

Source: ET Today

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Novoland pearl eclipse gave me an ending to remember, the drama had it’s plot flaws but it satisfied me more than all the dramas I had the misfortune of seeing this year combined. I hope we’ll get Meng Hua Lu next.

  2. YM’s totally unconvincing dressed as a guy. Underwater kissing scenes are becoming as cliche and laughable as falling off a cliff, piggyback rides and eyes locking as the man catches the girl from tripping..

    1. …Who is and who doesn’t, isn’t that what telenovelas and romance tv dramas are for?

    2. Is the story that he adopts her as a child, raises her, then falls in love? Perhaps it’s just me, but I can’t get over my hang up of this being grooming behavior and creepy. I probably just need to watch to know, but if this is the underlying premise, I am not so sure it will appeal to me.

      1. That’s in the book. I think in the drama, she was a lot older, like 15yo instead of like 6-7yo. And he was supposed to be an eunuch in the novel >_> so that’s that lol. Tbqh, I don’t see the point of this drama, it’s literally just a love story between these 2, nothing else? N the second couple, idk what’s the rave about, but it’s downright toxic, ridiculous and no one should root for them, and again, super pointless.

    1. It was surprisingly more heartbreaking to me that Ti Lan and Di Xu’s ending bcoz it had more underlying meaning.

      1. I guess you meant than instead of that? Yah, very heartbreaking coz Shifu had to live his life all over again as a Baixi.

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