Moses Chan: “I Didn’t Know I Was Married!”

While Moses Chan (陳豪)was assuming a low profile in pursuing Aimee Chan (陳茵媺), a recent tabloid report claimed the couple was secretly married! When asked to confirm the news, Moses laughed heartily, “I didn’t even know I was married myself and they knew ahead of me! That’s very funny!” Did TVB executive management approve of Moses and Aimee dating? Moses replied, “They didn’t tell me.” (Did you meet each other’s parents?) “Of course not!”

On the other hand, Aimee denied that Moses proposed to her. “That’s not the truth. It’s the first time I heard about it.” (Did you meet each other’s parents?) “No.” (Have you gone on a date yet?) “We have not been in touch since I have been busy filming. We did not have a date to go out yet.”

Appearing at a promotional event at Olympian City yesterday, Moses was surrounded by a large crowd of female fans. After meeting the fans’ requests, he boarded a TVB car to return to his home in Tseung Kwan O. He did not attempt to meet with Aimee secretly afterwards.

Source: Orientaldaily

Jayne: Moses and Aimee’s were very forthright in the beginning of their courtship; now they seem to have gone more private. Aimee said they did not gone on a date outside, perhaps they like to meet each other at home?


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  1. I think Aimee & Moses doesn’t match very well. Somehow, they don’t give me the couple feeling. TVB is promoting Aimee a lot because of her rumor with Moses.

  2. I agree Jayne, they do seem to be shying away a little bit more. Aimee probably more than Moses.

    I really don’t like what she’s wearing in the picture, it’s like an oversized potato sack lol

  3. i think it’s really distasteful on moses part to openly says he’s interested in her yet he kept his serious long term relationship with bernice a secret. i just find it really insensitive.

    1. I agree with you. It’s like he ‘knows better’ now because of the secret relationship of him and bernice so he’s doing so much to promote this new ‘relationship’ with aimee that may/may not have already blossomed.

    2. It just shows she is the one and he is ready to go public. Going public is a 2 way street. Who says Bernice didn’t consent to all the secrecy?

  4. Don’t think so; I always got the sense that keeping the Bermo relationship secret was a mutual decision between the two, and probably more Bernice’s preference than Moses.

    1. In an interview, Bernice mentioned that she was disappointed that Moses for publicly announce their relationship an acknowledge him as his gf. The article is actually on JayneStars. 😀

      1. This was just Bernice’s side of the story, with no proof just plain talking. As an ardent fan of Moses, I have seen Moses hinting to interviewers about their affair but the next day, Bernice will deny it straight away. There was once incident where Moses said he make special latte for her and the next day she tell reporter she don’t even take milk!! He even once said to reporters that “You won’t even believe me if I tell you I am not dating”. Aren’t him admitting all the time? On the other hand, I don’t even believe story. She said they split in 2008 but Moses only unfollow her in Twitter the day after her news about dating Alastair. So, if there’s really false news, why he unfollow her the very next day?

      2. @Queenie, Wow, did the reporters discovered that Moses unfollowed Bernice on Twitter or you did? You seem like a strong supporter of Moses.

        I was very iffy about Moses since he moved on so quickly after Bernice broke up with him. It was only about three months and he was rumored happily with Aimee. If the news reports about him being so deeply in love with Bernice was true, I’m not too sure if he can brush off a relationship that he has had for 6 years and just move on in 3 months.

      3. @ Chriselle.

        One need not be a strong supporter to know he unfollowed Bernice in Twitter. I’m supporter of neither in this case and I also knew he unfollowed Bernice, although I’m not sure when. It’s not hard to know.

        I followed Bernice’s Twitter first, then Moses. I always have the impression that it’s Bernice who introduced Twitter to Moses. Bernice was the first person Moses followed and his first twitter entry (or one of the first few) was asking how this twitter works, saying he’s not familiar with it. It was in year 2009 iirc. After the Alastair news, I check Moses ‘following’ list and Bernice was not there anymore.

        Btw, reporters won’t bother about Twitter. They are too busy checking weibo.

      4. I check my twitter everyday and if I follow both Bernice and Moses. Twitter will tell u the person u follow also following that person. After the incident, I noticed Moses unfollow her the moment the news broke out.

      5. There is no more brutal truth about a relationship than when someone unfollow you in twitter or unfriend you in facebook. Brutal but it shows it is the end. Did Bernice unfollow Moses as well?

      6. Bernice only unfollow Moses months after the incident. Maybe she got too many followers till she forgot about CoffeeMo still in her list.

  5. Aimee is more dressy in this photo, but please don’t choose brown. It’s hard to stand out for the color is so dull.

  6. I find her annoying especially her acting.

    1. her acting is even more annoying than bernice’s!
      but it’s none of my business – she and moses probably deserve each other!

  7. They just don’t look like an item. They seemed better off brother and sister.

  8. I agree with Samantha and find her extremely annoying with her awful Cantonese accent! She never seems to be serious in anything.

  9. Moses Chan is no eye candy..I can’t understand why girls are into him…Star status and money..Again, my opinion only..

    1. yeah i kinda agree. personally i like Steven Ma so much more. Only liked Moses in HOG.

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