Moses Chan Admits to Pursuing Aimee Chan

Moses Chan Ho, Ron Ng Cheuk Hei, Linda Chung Ka Yan, and Tavia Yeung Yi attended a bowling game to promote Yes Sir, Sorry Sir <點解阿Sir係阿Sir>. Since rturning fromJamaica after filming a coffee program, Moses has appeared lively and coy. While bowling, Moses continued to hold onto a coffee cup and displayed a “chok” expression.

When reporters asked Moses’ ex-girlfriend, Bernice Liu Bik Yee, whether Moses was a good man earlier, she responded, “He is a man that loves coffee!” When asked whether Moses had any response to Bernice’s statement, he laughed, “That’s the way I am!” (Bernice did not praise you as a good man?) “I have no response.” (Was Bernice still upset?) “I have no response.”

Not In Contact with Bernice Liu

Regarding Bernice, Moses obviously wished to draw a clear line. Earlier, Bernice posted photos of a coffee bean on her blog, leading others to speculate whether Moses gave her the beans as a gift. Moses shook his head and denied having contacted Bernice.

When the topic turned to his current rumored girlfriend, Aimee Chan Yan Mei, Moses’ attitude changed. Regarding Aimee’s praise that he was a good man, Moses said flirtatiously, “She is also a good girl.” (Did you invite her to have coffee at your house?) “No I didn’t.” (Edwin Siu Ching Nam claimed that he will not fight over Aimee with you!) “Good women have many pursuers!” (Are you pursuing Aimee?) “I’m working on it!”

Aimee Chan Maintains Friendship With Moses Chan

On the other hand, Aimee Chan attended a Mother’s Day activity in the Harbour City. In a children’s play, the boy who played Law Sir (Moses’ character in Yes Sir, Sorry Sir) gave Aimee a stuffed toy. When it was suggested that Aimee should give the toy to Moses’ mother, Aimee said, “We are not dating.” (Is there anyone pursuing you?) “Yes, there have always been pursuers.” (Is his surname Chan?) “No, we are friends.”


Jayne: Hehe more silly banter…I wonder how long Moses and Aimee will maintain this coy script in front of reporters. So he decided to announce he is pursuing her, but she maintains they are friends….

If Bernice maintained that Moses placed top priority in his image and never wanted to acknowledge their former dating relationship openly, why is he so public in his interest in Aimee this time?


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  1. Maybe he is saying that he is pursuing her to promote the series he is in right now, I mean whenever the stars of a series is in the newspaper, it like free promotion, eventhough, Aimee doesn’t seem to be part of it. They do look cute as a couple though, but in a ways they kinda have more of a borther-sister look, that’s probably why they were cast that way in the drama they were in together.

    1. @Yee Not sure with Moses popularity if he needs to use those tactics to promote a series, lol.

  2. Well he can pursue her and she can still think that they’re friends. Since he is still “chasing” her, she may not have accepted yet.

    Although it seems like there are a lot of relationship rumours surrounding the promotion of “yes sir, no sir”. All around the male leads. Shows nobody seems to care about Tavia or Linda…

    1. Tavia is unable to have rumours. Shes’s asexual. So its hard to be caught on a date or exchanging sms or taking bed photos with someone else.

      Linda, i think, is too focused on her singing and acting etc. And generally wants to keep her girl-next-door image so TVB blackmails or steals the soul anybody who tries to make rumours with her whether real or fake.

      (this post is jus a joke lest i am seen as implicating tvb in illegal activity :P)

  3. C’mon Moses and Aimee, just admit that you two are dating already! They’re probably never going to admit it like Myolie and Bosco when the whole world already knows they’re together!
    But, based on what Moses has been saying consistently about, it does seem that he likes Aimee a lot and admits that he is pursuing her! That’s pretty bold to admit it in front of the media.

  4. …and his career going down the drain!

    1. @Larry 3, Lol, how? Because he declined to film the new series as promised with Producer Cheung?

  5. How long have the rumors of Moses and Aimee interested in each other going on? Two months? Although there is no time limit to how the long the pursuing stage is, if Aimee was really interested in Moses, would she state that they are merely friends? She should have a general idea whether she sees Moses as just a friend or a potential romantic partner at least.

    I also wonder if why Moses was willing to publicly admit that he was pursuing Aimee when he never acknowledged his relationship with Bernice in the past. If what Bernice said was true, is it because Moses learned from his past mistake and is willing to tell the public?

  6. Feels to me they are already together since during interviews when reporters asks Aimee about Moses, she just giggles like a young girl in love.

    Just admit it and you’ll be left alone.

  7. Jayne, simple.

    Because Bernice played along in the charade. And because Moses wants to settle down now so this is like preparing his fans for the inevitable.

    1. Funn, true…different stages in Moses’ career. He’s already gotten the coveted Best Actor award, so he can set his horizons further.

      I do find Aimee looking better recently, perhaps better sponsorship in clothes.

      1. Or love. Love does make someone look prettier, that I will admit. A bit of romance helps in achieving the fountain of youth. See these 2, giggling like teenagers isn’t it?

      2. Funn, most people in the start of a relationship have puppy eyes for each other. Sonjia Kwok is giggling like a teenager since her engagement as well.

  8. Aimee has a boyfriend name Pat Lee. They are dating since before she competed in MK. She cant’ be with Moses.

    1. or maybe she’s two timing? hello! why doesnt any body thing outside the square? this is why tvb series generally suck nowadays, theres just not enough of that lateral thinking 🙂

  9. Yes Sir, Sorry Sir is such a retarded series. Surprised that it actually got 28 points

    1. its ok la………….la

      I’ve seen worse. How dare you say Moses is retarded! Don’t you think we know that already? woops. Retract that. The coffee is getting to me…

  10. Moses and Aimee just don’t seem compatible with each other,one is a star actor and the other just an ordinary actress. I don’t mean to belittle Aimee but they seem to be poles apart. Anyway, I may be wrong for opposites do attract sometimes.

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