Moses Chan And Aimee Chan Move In Together For More “Sweet Reunions”

Deemed in the entertainment industry as a “hot property,” Moses Chan (陳豪) and rumored girlfriend, Aimee Chan’s (陳茵媺) love grew fire hot recently! Although Moses publicly declared that he was still in pursuit of Aimee, in fact their relationship has advanced to a semi-cohabitation stage! Upgraded to “Moses’ wife,” Amiee was exposed to have rented an apartment at the Bellagio in the the Sham Tseng district with Moses.  This arrangement served as an easy method for the pair to have their rendezvous. The couple were truly passionately in love!

Since breaking up with Bernice Liu (廖碧兒), Moses filmed TVB series, War of the Heart <心戰> and started dating co-star, Aimee Chan. In March 2011, Moses allegedly spent the night at Aimee’s house in Clear Water Bay. The pair denied the allegations, with Moses explaining that he appeared  in Aimee’s neighborhood to visit properties for purchase consideration. Although Moses outwardly claimed that his relationship with Aimee has not progressed while pledging to pursue her, in actuality their relationship burned hotly and advanced to a “semi-cohabitation” stage.

Moved Further Away To Have More Intimacy

Since the pair’s old address location in Tseung Kwan O was exposed, Moses and Aimee were often pursued by the media, destroying their romantic plans. To protect their “love seedling,” Moses had to move to a new place. Approximately two to three months ago,  Moses secretly relocated to a further site at the Bellagio in Sham Tseng. Moses Chan paid a lavish monthly rent of $20,000 HKD. The apartment was reportedly 1,000 square feet in size and located on a very high level facing the sea, which made it difficult for the paparazzi to secretly take photographs.

Very few people knew that Moses rented a new apartment at the Bellagio. When Moses did not have to work or appear at a public event, he and Amiee will arrange to have a rendezvous at the Bellagio. However, the couple will not enter and exit the building together. Moses often chose to leave late at night or early morning to avoid exposing his  whereabouts. When Moses publicly admitted earlier that he had dinner with Amiee in the Gold Coast district, the couple in fact have been living together at the Bellagio. When their date was revealed, Moses and Aimee maintained a low profile and were very careful when they left their homes.

Caught By the Paparazzi

The reporter waited for Moses and Aimee’s appearance at the Bellagio for two days.  On Thursday, August 18th, Moses drove to the Bellagio after attending a public event to meet with Aimee. To deceive the public, Moses deliberately parked his car in a nearby cul de sac street and walked fifteen minutes past the beach and promenade before entering the Bellagio with his resident card.  Moses sweated profusely by the time he entered the building and it was apparent the careful attention he put into his plan to divert the public. On the other hand, Amiee enjoyed the parking space within the building grounds to ensure easy access to her car and possessed the ability to use the private road to drive straight into the Bellagio’s building grounds. It was apparent that Moses loved Aimee very much, perhaps elevating her status to “Moses’ wife!”

Sneakily Leaving One After The Other

After their rendezvous, Moses left the Bellagio on August 19th at dawn.  Aimee remained inside the building until 4 PM on that day. Driving away in her car from the building grounds, Amiee was highly alert and look left and right to avoid discovery. Yesterday morning at 10 AM, the reporter discovered that Moses’ parked his car in the same street near the Bellagio grounds. Heatedly in love, perhaps the couple maximized their time together for another “sweet reunion” and cannot be separated for even a short time!



Jayne: Moses’ plan to move to the Bellagio to ensure a more “low profile” place to meet Aimee was doomed to failure. Since Moses had to park his car on the streets and walk 15 minutes to the Bellagio each time, he was bound to be recognized by local neighbors who would observe his pattern and discover that Aimee also lived inside the building.

Anyhow, now we know why Moses and Aimee always have giant grins on their faces whenever they speak about each other at public events. Obviously they have been sleeping well!

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  1. I wonder how would Bernice feels when Moses declaring his relationship with Aimee officially when her past relationship with Moses had to be hidden…

    1. Maybe Bernice herself didn’t want to publicize the relationship. She didn’t admit she dating Moses too.
      Maybe Bernice care for her career and didn’t want it get effected over her dating with Moses, so it is not one way problem, it is both ways. Both of them deny dating each others.

      1. Yea it may be that both sides decided to keep it a secret but in that interview when asked why the relationship was never made public Bernice said that she kind of waited for Moses to acknowledge it because she felt it was a guy’s duty to acknowledge the girl as a girlfriend (名分). She really wanted him to take her hand and walk out together as a couple, but it never happened (quoted from her). Also, she didn’t want to admit to the relationship herself and not have the other side confirming their status, because that’ll just make her look dumb.

      2. @Lily and Leilafan,

        If Bernice and Moses didn’t want to admit they’re dating last time then why Bernice excuse Moses for not declaring their relationship? Bernice mentioned in the interview that she was dissappointed that mosed decided to hide their relationship thus leading to their breakup. I don’t think Bernice wants it that way “hiding” the relationship.

      3. I felt Bernice didn’t want to admit their relationship, at the time she dating Moses, her career was at the top than compared to now.
        Obcourse when they break up, she have to think of an “excuse” to say why she didn’t want to publicize their relationship.
        Bernice also deny dating the rich Alestair Lam, you believe her words?
        I think she dating Alestair Lam, she has keys to his place.
        I’m not fans of Bernice or Moses, so I don’t follow their news. It just what I think.
        Maybe someone else who are their fans can fill you in the details.

      4. “Obcourse when they break up, she have to think of an “excuse” to say why she didn’t want to publicize their relationship.”

        The way Bernice said it during the interview, she felt quite hurt by Moses actions. I don’t know, but I believe Bernice in this case. Moses didn’t deny those claims, did he?

        “Bernice also deny dating the rich Alestair Lam, you believe her words?”

        She was prolly lying in this case, but many celebrities say they’re just friends or they’re too busy to date. Like Fox said, we have to automatically translate it to, “They are more than friends.” Lol. I think I do believe they’re more than friends. There should at least some attraction.

    2. @Veejay. I didn’t say Bernice tried to hide the relationship as well, I said it may have been so but ultimately she wanted Moses to be the one to tell the media of their relationship, which he never did. I am siding with you on this one.

      1. Agreed. I don’t hear wedding bells ringing at all lol! And is it weird that they share the same last name? I understand Chen/Chan is such a common last name and they are most likely not related but still…

        I really hope if they can turn down the drama. It’s good that they’ve found love, but just give us viewers/readers a break.

      2. Common surname no problem.
        Accordingto Wikipedia in Vietnam surname Nguyen holds up to half of Vietnam population. Meaning 90 millions Vietnamese, there 45 millions already with Nguyen surname.
        Wang (Wong), Li (Lee), Lau (Liu), Chan (Chen), Cheung (Zhang) are the top 5 surname in China, and it already hold up to 25% of China population.

      3. If common surname is a bar to marriage, then Korea die lar! Their surname so limited! As long as not related by blood, why not?

      1. A lot younger this couple disgusts me and I don’t know why.

      2. She’s actually only 2 years younger than Bernice. Aimee is 30, Bernice is 32, and Moses is 40.

      3. Wow AC! That is amazing… I though Aimee would be 5 years younger. lol. Thank you for your thoughts Daisy! I find this couple quite cute. Hehe

  2. this is kinda silly, why go through all the trouble of declaring his pursuit of aimee, and then hiding it now. what a waste of time.

    1. I agreed the couple really annoys me too. Moses, who is trying his best to spill updates to their relationship but hiding it so the reporters want to find out more. “Hot property” ? From Mrs. Lok.
      I am not really fond of Aimee or her acting but I think she is the “hot property”.

      1. Aimee’s crying skill really need to improve, her crying was not very convincing plus a bit exeggerated imo in TOT.

      2. Agreed with u.

        I feel that Moses is trying to spite Bernice.

    2. yes, this couple annoys me too. Seems like the Moses/Aimee couple is pretty well received by the audience + fans… so it seems unnecessary for them to hide anything. Seems like an awful a lot of work for Moses to publicly declare his pursuit of Aimee and then work so hard to hide it from the public… it’s so contradictory.

      1. This couple has fans?

        I think Moses is lucky he looks good in a suit. Otherwise, audience wouldn’t be so forgiving.

    1. They both have the same last name ‘Chan’. Lol just noticed. 🙂

  3. I am quite interested to know why there are some people here who find this couple annoying. I quite like Moses but definitely dislike Aimee very much indeed. She is just one of these people I really dislike, her and Shirley Yeung – my God, no thanks. Well, I don’t think Aimee Chan and Moses go well together either.

    1. @Pineapple,

      Since we don’t know them personally, it’s difficult to say that we find them annoying. Do you just not like Aimee as an actress? Because I would agree that she’s over-dramatic in her crying scenes. Even when she tries to act cute, she can come off as OTT.

  4. What’s the purpose of sneaking when he willingly share about his dates and flirts with Aimee all this while?

    1. To get more news on headlines. There will be nothing to write about anymore if we all know they living together. They are really annoying… Lol… I know anyone saying that, but I can’t help to say it again

  5. I think they are not a real couple. It is all made up by TVB to drum up publicity.

  6. Erm…I have to say me 2 on the fact that Aimee is one of the few artists that I can’t stand. I couldn’t even remember how she got away from the plastic surgery “rumour” after failing in the Toronto Chinese pageant and somehow won the Miss HK. Her acting and Cantonese are quite hard to bear.

    1. Oh I’ve never heard about her plastic surgery rumours! Are there any before, after photos I could see??

      1. I live in Toronto and I saw Aimee Chan compete in the Miss Chinese Toronto Pageant in 2004. She didn’t win anything, but later worked at that TV Station. Here is a commercial she made back then.

        And here, you can see her profile picture back then.

        You can sort of tell her breasts were much smaller. Not sure about her having plastic surgery on the face, but I’m pretty sure of her breast implants. When she went for Miss Hong Kong, her breasts suddenly got so much bigger, but they looked extremely fake. See here:

        3rd row, 4th picture:

      2. Also, if you could find clips of her in swimsuit in MHK, the fakeness of her breasts were more apparent than in pictures.

      3. WOW thanks for sharing! Yea I always thought her breasts were unnaturally big. Also, I think she did her eyelids. Her eyes were smaller in that ad than they are now.

  7. Their relationship moving quite rapidly. Rumors back in March if I remember correctly? Moses admitted to pursuing her and they are dating. And they’ve moved in together already.

    Somehow I don’t feel that this is a publicity stunt done by TVB. Would the moving in together necessary for the publicity? Lol.

    Moses being so open about his relationship with Aimee now and admitting everything while he didn’t publicly admit Bernice as his girlfriend (assuming what she said was true), makes me sympathize with Bernice a bit since he was unfair to her. I still think Moses match best with Bernice in terms of physical compatibility though I’m no fan of either. Although Aimee is only two years younger than Bernice, she entered the industry 6 years later, which makes it feel that she’s a lot younger. (Btw, Bernice seems to have aged lately. Did she gain weight too?) Moses and Aimee gives me the bro and sis vibe when they’re together.

    1. I think Bernice seems to gain some weight after her surgery. Maybe due to food promoting recovery. Also shorter hair might be a problem with her square shape face.

  8. I’m very curious about this. Some many comments of dislike on Aimee. I have to say it upfront. I don’t like Aimee either, but, I don’t know why.

    Objectively speak. Aimee has a cute and sweet look. Her acting is ok to me and I don’t have problem understanding her cantonese. In the series I’ve watched her in, she didn’t do an awful job in her acting. In fact, I find her acting pretty good in TOT.

    Why so many people dislike her? I wonder.

    1. OTT and dramatic acting, even more so than Natalie. I still don’t find Natalie’s acting that dramatic, but it’s just the way she speaks that bothers me. Aimee’s Cantonese accent is still bad, IMO, for first supporting actress. If she was degraded to roles like Leanne’s, then I wouldn’t care so much about her accent.

    2. Kidd,
      Not a fan of Aimee’s acting. But I find her personality bubbly and cheerful and not as pretentious or always trying to say the right thing to impress. So she feels “real” to me in that sense and I am neutral about her. 🙂

      I tend to separate the artist’s acting from their real life personality where possible. I also find Moses to be a mediocre actor, but he seems charming and gentlemanly in interviews.

      As a couple, I like Moses and Aimee more because they do not mind flaunting their admiration before the public. That’s how love should be, all puppy eyes and giddy excitement.

      I felt Moses and Bernice kept too much of their relationship in the dark before, to the point that fans really didn’t even know what was going on. They seemed quite a “commercial” couple at the time, often appearing at numerous public promotions together. Aside from coffee being the main attraction that pulled them together, there honestly has not been any slip of information. Also, they didn’t break up in a good way, so in that sense, I’m glad both have moved on and seem much happier now.

      Go Moses and Aimee! I like celebrity couples who flaunt their love openly! I disagree with the comment that there is no more exciting news to report about the couple. Come on, we know that they are spending nights with each other now on a regular basis. Isn’t that exciting for fans to dwell on?

      1. They DID flaunt their love the first time it was exposed, but now they are denying that they are together and dating so how do you still “like” them? And don’t forget they are “actors/actresses” it could all be “acting” and you won’t know if it is real or not

  9. Well, the reasons I cannot stand Aimee Chan (just like some of you here) is because I find her too “gok chong” in Cantonese. I also find her to be never serious and too false. I think “gok chong” in English translation is probably something like “put on”. You know when a person is not genuine. There are two of my friends who also thinks the same. Regarding her Cantonese: I can just about understand what she is saying but its even worse than people like Kate Tsui and Fala Chen.

  10. Well, he’s just another cat who loves cheese, but like to run and goes around to get it w/o getting caught, so he does not need to explain too much if things go badly later on, that’s folks.

  11. Well, he’s just another cat who loves cheese, but like to run and goes around to get it w/o getting caught, so he does not need to explain too much if things go badly later on, that’s all folks.

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