Moses Chan and Aimee Chan Secretly Dating?

Since Bernice Liu Bik Yee left Moses Chan Ho for the wealthy Alastair Lam, 39-year-old Moses’ feeling were deeply hurt. In the last few months, Moses appeared tired and haggard. His recent liveliness was attributed to a rumored two-month romance with TVB colleague, Aimee Chan Yan Mei! Last week, Moses allegedly spent one night at Aimee’s house and was photographed by the paparazzi leaving her apartment building the next morning!

Moses Frequently Takes Taxi to Aimee’s Home
Many of the hottest actresses at TVB were infatuated with Moses. Finally, voluptuous Aimee Chan, who possessed a background similar to Bernice Liu, was successful in winning Moses’ heart. Allegedly, sparks grew between Moses and Aimee on the set of War of the Heart <心战>. To keep the new relationship private, both Moses and Aimee have been very careful. Each time, Moses took a taxi to meet Aimee at her apartment.

After spending one night at Aimee’s house, Moses was spotted leaving Aimee’s apartment building on March 24th at 10:30 AM. Moses wore a cap and a mask, revealing only his dreamless sleepy eyes. Out of the area, he hurriedly boarded a taxi to return to his home, changed clothes and later attended an event at the wax museum. He drove his usual white car, which was parked in the garage facilities of his building.

At 12 noon on the same day, Aimee left her house at 12 noon to go shopping. Throughout the outing, Aimee was spotted with coffee cup in hand. Aimee appeared to match Moses’ requirement in seeking a partner who enjoyed drinking coffee.

How Aimee Won Moses’ Heart
Last December, when Bernice Liu was spotted on a late-night date with Alastair Lam, Moses was heartbroken. The haggard Moses continued to film War of the Heart. Co-star, Candice Chiu, allegedly showcased her interest in Moses openly. It turned out that another War of the Heart star, Aimee Chan, won Moses’ heart quietly instead. When reporters asked Aimee whether she will join the list of admirers to “capture” Moses’ heart, Aimee used nearly ten adjectives to praise him, “Basically, for any good man, women will be in a hurry. Moses is very, very good and is a gentleman. He is very real and is a good brother (si hing). He will often help out newcomers.” Asked whether Moses was an ideal boyfriend, Aimee grew evasive, “I never thought about it. In the series, he plays my elder brother. Please do not spoil our relationship.”

A production crew member of War of the Heart stated, “Since Moses was so haggard at the time, many people offered him some comforting words.  Aimee possessed a particularly enthusiastic personality. Sometimes she would buy two cups of coffee and take the opportunity to chat with Moses in a private corner. Both of them speak English. Although Aimee knew Moses’ Chinese was not very good, she clamored to have him help her translate the script. Aimee often cooked food to share with her colleagues. However, each time, she will give the food to Moses first.”

Allegedly, Moses privately told his friends that Aimee possessed a reflection of Bernice Liu when she first entered the industry. To protect their fledgling romance, Moses and Aimee officially started dating after War of the Heart finished filming. Their relationship has developed rapidly.

Moses and Aimee’s Responses

In response to being spotted near Aimee’s home, Moses explained, “I went to look at some apartment homes. It is not as everyone interprets the situation to be.”

Responding to dating rumors, Aimee emphasized that Moses never went to her home. Aimee said, “My home is private and I do not invite colleagues home. However, I do find Moses to be a good man. Right now, I will focus on work. Normally, I am not in frequent contact with him.”

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Jayne: We have heard many female artists comment how Moses was a good man. Earlier, Kate Tsui was rumored to have frequented Moses’ home, but no photographs were taken. So that piece of news was likely fabricated.

However, tabloids managed to take photos of Moses near Aimee’s home this time. Is Hong Kong so small that Moses was looking at a home near Aimee’s apartment building? Perhaps so…it could have been coincidence or perhaps there could be something more. Physically, there is a resemblance between Aimee and Bernice.


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  1. I can sense that Moses is a good guy and hopefully he has moved on. There is no need for him to dwell over Bernice anymore. If she has moved on, he should as well. Good luck to him and hopefully he will find happiness one day…

  2. Moses seem to like those who can’t speak Cantonese well AND voluptous. Is Aimee voluptous?

    And nice to know that the papers are following their every step, so now we know they may have consummated their relationship.

    And yes I am being sarcastic.

    1. Doesn’t Moses himself comes from overseas? Australia or somewhere?

      1. Yes, if I remember correctly Australia but I never heard him speak English and if I did, I didn’t think of him as particularly good at it.

      2. @Masaharu & Funn Lim, Moses definitely came from Australia because I remember him saying that in a program that was airing. His English was alright but you can still hear an accent when he speaks English. Didn’t he go to Australia when he was just a young kid or was he born and raised in Australia?

        Also, does Aimee look THAT voluptuous like Mavis Pan?

      3. I remember hearing him speak English too. Very very soft spoken and I can;t detect Australian accent but then doesn;t mean he must have that accent. His English was to me just ok. Maybe he grew up in Chinatown?

      4. I didn’t know that Moses was from overseas.. He doesn’t seem like he comes from overseas. Also, just because he comes from overseas means that his English will be good. I have known people that came from overseas but don’t have really good English skills at all because they did not immerse into the language and culture. If they just stuck to their own kind and language, then their English obviously can’t be that good.

      5. His family moved to Australia when he was in high school, and later returned to HK. I don’t think his English is all that good? Maybe he was a fobby type?

    2. I don’t find Aimee voluptous. She’s not using her sexuality to build up her image. I like that, but at the same time, I don’t find her talented and her Cantonese is still horrible. Sometimes, I feel like she even over acts. Is it me or does she seem like one of the worst dressed TVB actresses? She doesn’t seem to have her own distinct style and doesn’t seem to care either.

    3. I think Moses was born in Hong Kong and practically raised there, but went to Australia in like High School or something. My friend came from Hong Kong and only started using english more often then too and see still has an accent. And if you were raised in an asian country if you’re less than 10 I think we you loss your accent when you move to a western society country.

  3. “Allegedly, Moses privately told his friends that Aimee possessed a reflection of Bernice Liu when she first entered the industry.”

    Maybe it is time to move away from reflection of Bernice?

    1. “Alledgely” = Media assumption or media heard. It means we should take it as a grain of salt haha 😛

      1. In cases of the HK tabloids, i think ‘allegedly’ means ‘don’t ask me about the source cause there ain’t one’.

      2. Or “It’s the truth, we have no solid proof but you know, I know, heaven knows, earth knows, they know, everybody knows”

    2. If he is attracted to her just because she reminds him of Bernice, then I don’t think that is a necessarily a good thing. That would kind of imply that he just hasn’t truly gotten over Bernice yet. It would feel like he is trying to find someone to replace her… I personally would not want a guy to like me just because I remind him of his ex. I would feel sad since he can’t like me for who I am but because I remind him of someone else…

  4. Wow… now that you mentioned it Jayne, Aimee and Bernice does sort of physically look alike.

    1. You sure? Bernice gives me an impression she is very very voluptous and Aimee is well, normal but not as thin as the others.

      1. @Funn, Aimee has a 34C figure at least. When she was in the Miss HK pageant, she was rumored to have gotten breast implants because of how her boobs looked. After the pageant, she has covered up and hasn’t revealed her figure much.

        Rumor has it that her parents are wealthy and bought a house and car for Aimee so that she act in HK.

      2. I see! Now I must pay more attention to that area since hardly could see.

        Maybe she is rich because I doubt TVB’s salary is enough for house AND car for a newcomer like her. or at least affordable since probably DOLLARS against HKD may be different.

      3. also not just physically now that i think of it. Both bernice and aimee don’t have proper cantonese pronouciation, and when they laugh they have similar facial expressions. and face structure as well…. kinda of square-ish

  5. Never found Aimee attractive and her acting is annoying.

    1. But she improved quite a lot in the way she speaks even if her acting is raw. She seems to be those eager to learn and improve and prove herself.

      1. She said that in her than you speech at the 2009 anniversary awards. She said she NGs alot probably cause of the cannto problem. But Her acting ain’t that good in the first place, I think she’d be better as the graphic designer she studied to be…

      2. Some people are just not born with the talent to act(not talking about Aimee but just talking in general), therefore, even if they acted and acted for many many years, they still will not be able to act well. However, they will show some improvement with experience over time. But there are some people that just start acting and you can see their talent already. I guess acting is like singing, if you weren’t born with it then there is only so much you can do…

      3. Speaking of Aimee’s lack of fluency in Cantonese brings me to the idea that she too cannot act. I’m quite against TVB promoting Miss HK as lead actresses mainly because the champions nowadays are either overseas contestants or have had some form of westernized education. Thus, this makes them more fluent in English than in Cantonese, which is a big turnoff for HK viewers as well as producers who are actually seeking TALENT to film to their movies.

        Of course, not all MHK contestants are from overseas, but education does play a part in who wins today. Those that are from native HK almost never makes it to the top despite possessing some talent. Mandy Wong is a good example and besides having talent, she is serious about her work. Unlike Aimee who majored in designing as some people claimed, Mandy actually had experience from taking drama/theater classes at a HK university. But it’s clear that TVB values someone who can’t speak proper Canto like Aimee over someone with a good work ethic, passion for the industry, and skills like Mandy. However, in terms of looks, Aimee does shine more and does have more charisma.

  6. Moses migrated to Australia with his mum and 2 brothers after his father died. He was 13 years old when they went to Australia.

    1. I know so little of him. How did his father died?

      1. according to a article i read a few yrs ago, his dad was a well-known anaesthetist in a wwll-known hospital in HK, and his mum was a chinese physician. The article stated that his dad died of an illness.

      2. So he probably had a privileged upbringing? Meaning he wasn’t poor.

  7. I actually really like Aimee. Haha I think she’s pretty (esp when she had long hair) but she looks good with short hair as well.

    I didn’t like her much till I followed the sitcom “Some Day”. I thought she acted very well as the angsty daughter. Good chemistry with Wong Hei also. Haha.

      1. I think only about 11 years? But seriously… nowadays couples have such big age difference than you don’t even notice. Just like in TVB series, younger actresses always pair up with older actors like Steven and Linda, Moses and Linda, Steven and Fala, Roger and Bernice, Michael Tse and Tavia (like 10 yrs diff).

      2. Bernice is only older than Aimee by two years. So it’s not that much of a difference. I use to think that Moses and Bernice didn’t make a good match due to the age difference (10 years?), but they do seem fit for each other at least in terms of looks. Also, I believed that Bernice’s western background went along with Moses easygoing personality.

        Honestly, Moses and Aimee seems like a weird match. Maybe because Aimee has this little girl vibe while Bernice appears more mature? Amongst all the female stars rumored with Moses after his break up with Bernice, Kate and him looks best together.

      3. If it only 11 years, than that is not that bad especially if the guy is older than the girl. My uncle is 15-16 years older than my aunt, but now my uncle looks younger than my aunt. Women age a lot more than men do so 11 years is not that bad at all.. If the woman was 11 years older than that is more of a big deal.

  8. Why haven’t I bumped into any celebrities in the 2 years I stayed in HK?

    1. I heard it’s easier to meet celebrities in L.A. than in HK.

    2. Maybe for filming you need to be near the harbour in the dead of the night? That’s when they filmed?

    3. It just depends on fate if you want to meet anyone, even a celeb. You know the quote “You yuan qian li neng xiang hui, wu yuan dui mian bu xiang feng”. Maybe your fate to meet a celeb hasn’t come yet???

    4. Just look closely at those wearing masks, caps and even sunglasses. This is their favourite ‘disguise’. Some are quite blase and go around unmasked. And then there are those who go around hoping to be recognised. The place where I have spotted the most stars are 7-11’s and Causeway Bay..

  9. he def. has a type… the more americanized ladies I’d say.

  10. Both Bernice and Aimee are similar in that they are both westernized and do not speak Chinese fluently. I think Moses likes that kind of girl-kind of “guai mui zai xing gaak.” Bernice has a voluptuous figure, but Aimee was also rumored to have had breast implants. And, they both have a very different image route-Bernice gives off the sexy, mature womanly feel, and Aimee gives off a tomboy, girl-next door kind of feel. Only time will tell if this rumor is true or not.
    I actually do like Aimee more than Bernice in terms of the persona they give onscreen. Of course, offscreen we don’t know their true personalities. I don’t know why Bernice gives off a snobbish feel and Aimee gives off a more friendly, easygoing feel. I think that might match Moses’ traits more.

    1. I must say that I agree with you Aly. I am not sure about Aimee’s acting since I have not seen much of it, but I have seen Bernice many times. Every time that I see her, she always plays those princess type of roles. Her characters usually irritate me since they are the “da xiao jie” type. She always wants people to serve her and she is always demanding this and that. I know that it is only acting, but for some odd reason, I sort of feel as if Bernice is like that in real life. Maybe not as bad, but she seems to be someone that would demand a lot from her boyfriend. Not saying that she is really like that,however, she just gives me that feeling. While Aimee on the other hand seems to give a more sweet, easy going and relaxing type of feeling which as you said, may match Mose’s character more.

      1. It basically means that they have a very westernized personality, like young white girls if you were to literally translate it. They’re not the typical HK girls, and probably are less traditional and conservative.

      2. Practically all chinese girls in Canada, Us, or Australia have that type of personallity. I mean I really don’t think they should be like that, I mean common your Chinese at least follow show of those traditions. I mean i’m from Canada and all and kinda grew up that way, but I stil am kinda tradition. Compared to my friend who is 100 percent chinese, don’t speak a word, and hates being related to anything asian…I just think people should embrace their culture.

      3. @Yee,
        Well you should not stereotype that ALL Chinese girls in Westernized countries are like that. I have met a variety of girls and have seen a big variety of them too, so it varies from person to person.

    2. I think Aimee shouldn’t be compared to Bernice. I think Aimee’s cantonese is very Markham like, since I think she grew up there. Where aas Bernice grew up without knowing a word of cantonese. It’s hard to compare almost a life time worth of cantonese with ten years. But then again I coulld be wrong, Aimee’s canto does sound a bit bad compared to Linda, or Fala.

      1. Why everyone says Aimee’s cantonese is not good? I watch her in ‘Every Move You Make’. I find her cantonese very good. I even thought she’s native HKer. She has less accent than Fala. :confused:

      2. @Kidd, in an interview, Aimee admitted that she didn’t know how to read and write Chinese before joining TVB. Whether she spoke the language before or not, I’m not sure. But it’s pretty clear that she has an accent and I believe she does not understand the deeper Chinese language/jargon that’s used in ancient series. Perhaps that’s the reason she’s never filmed an ancient series before.

      3. Kidd, really? I thought it was so obvious she struggles with her cantonese BUT must admit, she improved a lot but still struggling.

      4. @ Funn

        Don’t know leh. She did have a bit of an accent, but, somehow I find her speech is pretty fluent.

  11. Wow, congrats to the both of them if they are really dating! Glad to see Moses finally moving on from Bernice (if the rumors of them dating and breaking up were true)

    I kinda like Aimee (especially after “Catch Me Now” with her portray of Nana) she always seem so chirpy and cheerful! Not surprising at all if Moses was won over by her bright personality ((:

    1. Oh and is it just me or is that a horrible photo of Aimee they have on the cover page of the magazine? Her face looked so bloated in that photo! :S

  12. i don’t know if the rumors are true, but if so good for them. Aimee’s smart in changing her image, as she obviously had breast implants during the time of her pageant years. She took them out recently and changed up her image to be tomboy-ish instead of the busty girl that she was before. [She was interviewed about her breast augmentation in this article a while ago]


    1. Was Aimee a beauty pageant contestant???HEr name sort of sounds familiar. I can’t believe that she had breast implants and then had them taken out?? I wonder how that turned out? I don’t think it usually turns out that well if you have had plastic surgery and then try to reverse. You usually end up looking worse then you did before you had it. I think that if you really want any form of plastic surgery, you should think deeply about it before you do.

      1. Yes, Aimee is a pageant contestant, she was in the Toronto Chinese pageant, and went to HK to commit in the International, I don’t know how she did from that. Maybe you can wikipedia her?

      2. @Le,
        Thanks for the info. Yea, let me look her up to see…

      3. Aimee competed in Miss Toronto in 2004, but was unplaced. She then competed in Miss Hong Kong 2006 and won first place. I think Le was referring to Miss Chinese International, which is a different pageant but also hosted by TVB. Because Aimee didn’t win champion in Toronto, she did not get to represent Toronto in Miss Chinese International in 2005. However, because she won Miss HK in 2006, she got to compete in Miss Chinese International in 2007.

    2. Hi Lily,

      Where can I read the interview article? The 2 url you gave are only her pictures.

      I know you can take out the implants after you plant it. But, this is only the second time I heard a celeb do it. What did they do with the extra skin?

      I’m glad that she removed them. I think that’s more healthy. Although the health risk for breast augmentation has lowered a lot compares to last decade, I still think it’s not a good idea to insert foreign object into your body unnecessarily.

      1. @ Lily

        Thanks Lily. Hopefully you can find that article. In this article, she didn’t actually talk about the beast implant. She just said she’s tired of people always speculating and asking and refused to answer anymore about it.

  13. How can some of you find Aimee and Bernice to look alike? Bernice is so much prettier than Aimee. Aimee’s chin is too distracting, although I think she got some work done on it. I believe Bernice’s beauty is totally real, no plastic surgery. Although her jawline is noticeable, but I do hope she doesn’t do anything on it, cause then she’s just like all the others who fall into the plastic surgery fever.

    1. Who knows if Bernice’s beauty is all real or not? There were many that I thought were mostly natural, but it turns out they aren’t…

    2. I agree that Aimee doesn’t have a nice jawline. It’s too apparent. Her eyes are too small too, but she does have her own unique sense of sweetness and cuteness.

      When I first noticed Bernice in Virtues of Harmony, I thought she had a unique look. I thought she was mixed with another ethnicity, but I assume not since both of her parents are Asian, am I correct? I just recall that she didn’t fit into the ancient look because she looked very modern.

      1. Well a lot of people look mixed when they actually aren’t. I think Bernice looks nice in ancient costume, but it’s just that she usually plays those princess and da xiao jie type of roles that makes me irritated…

  14. Moses deserves another girl, especially after his relationship with Bernice. If it is true, congrats to them?

    Kinda off-topic, but I can’t believe that Aimee went to my university/college… So she’s my “sze jeh”..?

      1. 40 is good time to get married. Wait later and he’ll be old when his children grow up

    1. Moses just looks older than his age. Kevin Cheng is older than Moses, but looks much younger.

      1. Actually now that Moses is 40 I believe? He looks his age, but better. He needs to gain a bit of weight.

      2. Moses is 40. Kevin is 42 but Moses look older than him.

      3. My mom thought that Moses was well into his 40s or more and was shocked to hear this real age. I guess it is because he has a very bony structured face. People with a bony structured face will always look older than their actual age and older than someone that has a fuller face.Yea, Kevin does look young for his age.

  15. well if you kinda think of it, Bernice and Moses never went out. They were rumor to be dating. This news is just like the news from last year, with Charmaine and Moses. Lol. Most of them are rumor to be couples but is it really true? To me, I don’t really believe it unless the Artistes confirm it themselves. lol… its just like Fungs news. After Fung’s thing came out, Linda kinda got bother by the media too. I felt like these media has nothing better to do.. well this is their jobs right? ahhaha
    umm these are my opinions..don’t get offended.

    1. You actually bought up some good points and it is true that we never really know the 100% truth. However, there are times that it is kind of obvious that they are dating but just because they don’t straight out admit it, does not mean that they aren’t. I have seen so many artists that are caught red handed so many times but they still deny it.. It’s like, do they think we are that stupid and blind?? Therefore, just because they don’t straight out admit it means that they are not together. But it varies from case to case… Just like with Bosco and Myolie. They haven’t directly admitted that they are dating, but there are so many obvious signs that they are and have been for a long time. However, will they directly admit it??

  16. Between Aimee and Bernice, where looks are concerned I’d choose the latter for Moses. He’s tall and she is too and has a classier look, more than Aimee.

    1. Aimee and Bernice both has heavy overseas feel since both are from Canada and don’t behave the way HK girls are.

      I think Bernice is prettier but it’s a loss for her if she really did left Moses for the rich heir as the magazines said.

    2. It is way more than looks and physical attraction in a relationship.

  17. Half the people contributing to this thread have grammar mistakes in their posts… and they are commenting on another’s English langauge ability!!


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