Moses Chan and Vincent Wong Did Not Provide Helpful Guidance on “Ace Actress”?

Vincent Wong (王浩信) and Moses Chan (陳豪) appeared as guest stars on Chinese reality show, Ace Actress <我是女演員>. The show showcases rookie actresses who compete to win the leading role in a Youku historical drama. Vincent and Moses took part on the mentorship panel, where they critiqued participants during the competition. Despite the actors’ popularity in Hong Kong, their presence on the variety show was not well-received, with many viewers questioning whether they possessed the qualifications to be mentors.

During a segment of the show, the actresses had 90 seconds to impress the mentors. Reflecting the harsh style and direct feedback typical of Chinese variety shows, film director Chen Jin (金琛) did not hold back and critiqued one of the participants harshly. “You were not prepared at all. I cannot give you any professional feedback on whether your performance was good or bad, because you did not meet the standard at all.” Another director on the panel, Xing Xiao (刑瀟) added, “It was a pity to watch you perform today. It was terrible.”

In contrast, Vincent and Moses remained tactful when providing comments. Vincent delicately said, “You should interact more with your costar.” At one point, Vincent’s comments confused even the participant herself. Beating around the bush, Vincent said, “Your character is naturally passive. Today, you portrayed the character passively. You really should be more assertive. Take what your costar is giving you onscreen and slowly add in some unique characteristics. This is how you make your character stand out!”

In another segment, Moses read the script from a scene in Can’t Buy Me Love <公主嫁到> opposite one of the participants. However, during the rehearsal, Moses did not utter a single word. Instead, the actress acting opposite him did all the talking, while Moses only provided expressions as a response. At one point, Moses appeared awkward and it seemed as though he was not responding because he did not understand Mandarin well enough to know what the actress was saying.

During the feedback portion of the segment, Moses critiqued, “When I rehearsed with you earlier, I feel that you look the part of a princess. However, the physical aspect is not enough. If you improved a little more, then it would even better.”

Moses is Speechless on “Ace Actress”

Source: Oriental Sunday

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“Ace Actress” Gets Backlash for Predominately Male Mentor Panel

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  1. Well. That’s awkward…..
    Surprised no one briefed them on what sort of feedback to give?

  2. It’s never easy to speak in a second language. Ideas, thoughts can never be conveyed in a manner one intended. If producers wanted something better, either engaged Chinese speaking professional or allow them to speak in their native language.

    1. @conan2209 Actually since Hongkong is part of China, their native language is also Mandarin. Cantonese is their dialect. If they do allow them to speak in Cantonese then they have to allow others to speak in their dialects too….That will go against the Communist Policy on united as One.

      1. @hohliu true re speaking in common language. When i said native language, i meant a language they are comfy with, not the national language.

  3. Everybody wants that easy payday even if they don’t have the basic abilities to earn it…..

  4. I think it was a mindset and not communication barrier: they are from HK and feel like outsiders so are going easy instead of being harsh

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