Moses Chan Happy About His Late-Coming Spring

Rumors circulated recently that Moses Chan Ho and TVB colleague, Aimee Chan Yan Mei were dating. Appearing at a shoe promotional event, Moses was in lively spirits. He explained that he was in a good mood because his television series will be airing soon.  Asked whether finding a girlfriend made him even happier than the release of a new series, Moses replied, “No, but my spirits have improved. Perhaps I had more time to rest, film commercials and perform at shows. Making money can make people more happy.”

Was Moses especially happy because of the onset of spring? “It’s been a late-coming spring.” (Was this spring better than the last one?) “Anyway, I’m happy now.”

Was Moses interested in looking at new real estate properties because he wanted to move away from his former place of unhappiness? Moses said, “Please don’t say that. I always had investment plans. I want my wealth to increase. I will not sell. I am conservative. I believe in the tactic of the Monopoly game and will acquire [properties] where I can.”

Source: Orientaldaily

Jayne:  Moses is sounding more reticent in this reply about his “late-coming spring,” with spring references to his new romance of course. His good spirits are difficult to mask though.


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  1. I thought his answers are cryptic but polite. Seems our guy is in love!

  2. So this is my first time posting, but I can’t stand Moses anymore! I don’t like that he always indirectly admits to having had a bad experience with Bernice. I feel like he’s purposely trying to put Bernice in a bad spotlight to make himself look like the innocent good boy! If he never admitted his romance with Bernice in the past, why can’t he just continue denying that anything ever happened, including the breakup?. Instead, he’s always giving answers like “let’s not talk about the unhappy past” when asked about his past relationship.
    I remember the bashing that happened to Bernice when she “dug” the rich dude, but what about Moses when he’s “digging” this supposedly voluptuous girl?

    1. Hahahaha… lol, that’s somewhat true about Moses giving INDIRECT answers to the media. I do agree that if Moses never admitting to him dating Bernice, he should not have implied there was a breakup and “let’s not talk about the unhappy anymore.” It’s somewhat contradictory and only adding more drama for the tabloids to publish.

      However, sometimes it’s difficult to contain ourselves, especially if we were hurt in the process. As much as we want to act civilized and mature about the situation, there is always this little part of us that wants some justice (especially if Bernice really cheated on him).

    2. I don’t Moses means that being with Bernice was a bad thing. Since he did say things indirectly, it is still open to interpretation. Also, I think with any past relationship, who truly reveals that they are happy when it is over?? Even if you did have a good relationship, it is now over and who is ever really happy when it is(unless it was really bad and abusive, but I don’t see that being the case here)? But as we all know, he never admitted straight out to dating Bernice, so it would be kind of contradictory of him to say that they broke up right???

    3. I agree with you fofo! He’s only adding oil to fire for Bernice’s bad rumour.

  3. Haha, I love how he responds to reporters! So cute! He does seem like he’s in love…

  4. In my opinion, ”what mo or Bernice digg is there business, is there that many wells out there and are those well playing with bath duck or chicken run?”
    ”any well, any duck, any chicken”

  5. Moses does sound like he is at a new beginning. He sounds happy and in love so congrats to him… I am thinking that he has butterflies in his stomach when he talks… Glad to know that he has moved on…

  6. Moses sounds happy! I believe he’s dating too. Congrats to him

  7. I’m also glad that Moses is happy now… sorry to say it but i never really like Bernice in the 1st place

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