Moses Chan Purchases New Townhouse in Tai Po

According to Oriental Daily, TVB Best Actor, Moses Chan (陳豪), has recently purchased a luxury townhouse in the Boulevard du Lac section of The Beverly Hills, an upscale, private housing community in Tai Po. The multi-story townhouse was reported to have cost over $33 million HKD.

His house on the Boulevard du Lac is situated along the coastline of Tai Po and has a view of the sheltered Tolo Harbor in northeast New Territories. The Beverly Hills townhouses are also known for their luxury amenities, advanced facilities, and entertainment venues.

Reports speculated that Moses and his girlfriend of over two years, Aimee Chan (陳茵媺), plan to tie the knot soon, and his new townhouse was to be a wedding gift for Aimee and himself.  In an interview, Moses admitted that he has purchased a new house, but declined to comment on the marriage speculations. “I plan to invest on some more properties in the future, but this time, I am purchasing it for my own use!”

Moses and Aimee met on the set of Master of Play <心戰> in 2010 and have been dating since early 2011. The couple moved in together last year, and rumors indicated that Moses and Aimee plan to wed in Australia next year. Both TVB stars, however, rebuffed the rumors, insisting that their career is currently their top priority.


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  1. Some Chinese think that it would be a kind of taboo to get married with someone who has the same surname.

    1. China 5 top surname, Liu, Li, Wang, Zhang, Chen.
      Vietnam more than half of their population surname Nguyen, More than HALF of their population. There TONS of Vietnamese couple who married both surname Nguyen.
      As long as they not blood related, then I don’t see any problem with married someone same surname as you.
      Think is just think, as long as they not related, so what.
      Wish Moses and Aimee the best.

    2. You’re wrong.

      Villages in China until late into the 20s-30s had everyone with the same surname and they married each other. So that’s villages (read: clans) of Wangs, Xu’s, Chens, etc.

      In fact, some of the more rural villages in China still do this.

      1. LOL, I’m wrong what, I write in my post that as long as they not blood related. then I don’t see what is the problem. I say I don’t see what is the problem.
        I don’t give a s+h+i+t who care. I am from China too, and I can tell you now in China nobody care about married the same surname as you.
        Rural villages is rural villages, nobody in the cities now care.
        Again, wish Moses and Aimee the best, cute couple

      2. I find that soooo contradictory that some think that it is taboo to marry someone with the same surname that is NOT blood related at all. However, they allow cousins who are BLOOD to get marred. That is incest but yet they are ok and are opposed to marrying someone non blood related with the same surname. I find that so BS…

      3. If everything is incest there will be no one to marry. Imagine a sikh, all guys are Singhs and all girls are Kaurs. So like that no need to marry?!

        Same surname does not mean anything. I mean look at Moses, look at Aimee, do they even look related?

        Same surname may just mean from the same village.

  2. career top priority even if u get married u can still focus on ur career look at raymond wong

  3. Don’t know why, but I don’t think he’s going to marry her.

    1. I got the feeling,,, he will marry her,,, seem like he adore her alot…

  4. Means I am outdated! Thanks for educating me. I see okay to marry same surname …!

  5. It’s true that in mainland China isn’t that unusual that a man and his wife do have the same surname. But in Hong Kong ít’s quite rare I guess. At least, I haven’t heard a lot of such cases.

  6. I think the question of marrying someone with the same surname arose from fear of marrying someone who’s not only a relative but close cousins from the same side of the family as this will have a genetical consequences.
    It seems in the past families were so extensive that one doesn’t always know one’s close cousins…
    Having said all that, wish Moses & Aimee the best in their relationship…

  7. I wish there was a HK version of with lots of photos and floorplans of new build residential units and townhouses in HK.

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