Moses Chan Reads to His Children Every Night

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Moses Chan Reads to His Children Every Night

Moses Chan (陳豪) has shown that he can excel in balancing his career and family life. In addition to being a well-rounded actor, the 46-year-old also runs a successful coffee business. He and his wife, Aimee Chan (陳茵媺), have also been praised as role-model parents.

Since getting married and welcoming three beautiful children, Aimee has slowed down her acting career, leaving Moses to be the main breadwinner of the household. Despite back-to-back filming obligations and managing his coffee business, Moses ensures to make time for his family. No matter how busy work gets, the family still spends quality time together every day.

Moses shared, “We make time for bedtime stories every night. This has not changed since the day [my kids] were born. Each of my sons and daughter will make sure we don’t miss bedtime stories. They would have their own book. I feel that bedtime stories really help inspire children’s interests in reading. We recently bought a Spiderman storybook. It’s in English and has pictures. The book is quite thick. We would reach one chapter each night. They get so excited for the next chapter.”

However, moderation is key and too much of anything is bad, even when it comes to reading. Moses expressed that although this routine helps to foster children’s reading interest and ability, it also has negatives. “On the contrary, my eldest son reads too much and has been a bit disconnected from society. After a while, we would tell him he needs to stop reading and go socialize a bit!”


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  1. passingby says:

    He sounds like a hands-on fun type of dad. I wonder if in real life he’s like his Mike Kwong character who’s so sweet to surprise Paris with the bag she wanted so badly. Aimee and the kids are very lucky.

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