Myolie Wu and Selena Li at “Exchanging Happiness” Costume Fitting

Myolie Wu (胡杏兒), Selena Li (李詩韻), Vincent Wong (王浩信), and Johnson Li (李思捷) appeared at the costume fitting for new TVB series, Exchanging Happiness <換樂無窮>. The story will revolve around the switching of souls between Myolie and Selena’s characters.
Recently, Selena was photographed at a nightclub hugging and kissing a man who resembled wealthy second generation, Eric Fok (霍啟山). At the costume fitting yesterday, Myolie intentionally teased Selena about her recent news. Myolie noted that when switching souls with Selena, she would prefer the swap occur when she was going out with a male companion.  Angela Tong (湯盈盈) joked and said that she wished to switch boyfriends with Myolie. Angela said, “Although my [boyfriend] is older, he knows kung fu and he possesses a longer…longer breath.”
Selena Knew Male Friend for Half a Year
Asked about the man whom she was intimate with at the nightclub, Selena explained that they were only friends and did not kiss. He only held onto her hand to look for a taxi because she was wearing high heels at the time. Asked whether the man was “Mr. Right,” Selena replied, “We have known each other for half a year. I don’t know what will happen in the future. Currently, we are friends. He is not from a wealthy background. He is a good man, a smart man, and quite handsome!”
Asked whether she would develop further with the photographed man, Selena said, “Nothing is impossible at this moment. “ (Was he pursuing you?)  “I don’t know whether my thinking is different than his. However, I have not found the right person yet. When I found the right person, I will get married. So I will find a husband first before dating a man. I will make my selection very carefully.”
Myolie said she cherished Selena’s position, “A woman needs to date and meet some friends. My free time is spent sleeping, eating and filming.” Regarding Bosco Wong (黃宗澤), Myolie indicated that the pair has little time to see each other. Myolie hoped to take a vacation, however her work schedule will be full until the end of the year.
Exchanging Happiness is produced by Lam Chi Wah (林志華). Additional cast members include: Kiki Sheung (商天娥), Gordon Liu (劉家輝), Mimi Chu (朱咪咪), Cheung Chi Kong (蔣志光), Tina Shek (石天欣), Tang Chi Fung (鄧梓峰), Sin Ho Ying (冼灝英), and others.
Jayne: The story would be more compelling if it involved the switching of souls between a male and a female character, Johnson Li versus Myolie Wu, which would offer more scripting and acting challenges!

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  1. To tell the truth…it doesn’t sound too much like an interessting plot that is hard to work with…Maybe because it’s a bit confusing?

  2. Jayne, woman and man switch – Secret Garden? 😀

  3. I don’t like the outfits worn by Myolie and Selena. Why are they dressing as twins? And the men’s suits look horrible too.

    Not interested in this series.

    1. Agree – the dress looks awkward, the collar so unflattering, and the length plain horrible. Can’t work out whether they’re supposed to be female versions of a business suit, or a weird waitress uniform?

    2. The outfits are hideous. Let’s hope that the dress is only for this one event and they will have better clothes later.

  4. Shorter hair seems to be currently popular with the female artistes.

    In the recent photos as seen in Jaynestars articles, I think it looks good on Tavia and Kaki Leung; Myolie also looks great with her longer bob.

    But I think Selena Li looks better with longer hair. Not that she looks bad with shorter hair, but she looks more girly with a longer hairstyle. I have the same feelings re: Jessica Hsuan.

    Although Shirley Yeung’s shorter hairstyle looks more polished, it doesn’t enhance her appearance since I don’t think she’s particularly good-looking in the first place.

    1. Myolie’s curly hair before this make her look like a 40 year old seelai. This haircut is better.

      Agree with you Selena looks better with longer hair.

    2. I never view Shirley as a ‘beauty’ and now after the infamous break up scandal definitely will never.

      1. totally agree with ya. miss hk is a joke. she lost the only selling point i.e. inside beauty and now she turns out to be a total fake…

      2. Her selling point before the scandal is being cute but who will see her as ‘cute’ now? ROFL

    3. Definitely agree with you that Selena looks more girly in long hair! 😛 She has this sweet vibe and although she is a mature person, she comes off as more cute.

      As for Shirley, I don’t like her new cut; she looks better with long hair too. For a while, I was very jealous of her super long hair. However, I never had the perseverance to grow it that long!

  5. I want Selena to play lead in a series.

    Its interesting that in the new series ‘Life and Times of a Sentinel’ that all the female cast is from TVB’s secondary line 🙂

    1. that’s series is so boring even steven can’t save it LOL

      1. Steven himself is one of the most boring TVB leading man onscreen.

      2. @Vivien

        His not boring, his his his… different 😛 I rest my case.

        Ok, his not just different but since I’m not going to get any gold coins for defending him I won’t bother. So I’ll just say, just watch him in HJDUKA – he was TREMENDOUS in that SERIES!!!!!! yarg…

      3. He’s a male version of Tavia. Same acting and expressions many different series. Boring and no charisma.

      4. I like Steven in the Dog series with Linda. At least another him.

      5. that dog series with Kent Cheng, Steven Ma and Linda right? That was soooo boringgggg…. the people were boring and the storyline was ridiculously boring.. dogs like seriously??

      6. @lara

        Yeah I know! Omg, all tvb dramas about cats and dogs and animals are so boring! I never even bother trying them.

      7. TVB’s best series about cat & dog is Men’s best friend. I like the dog.

        Cat and dog series of Gallen and Myolie, I prefer to watch the dogs and the cats more than the characters :P.

        Dogs series of Linda, Steven, etc., I also like to watch the dog more. I dun say this series is interesting (if it is, I didn’t quit it in the middle) but Steven there is slightly different to him in another series.

    2. @SDS,

      It’s really surprise right? that all the female leads are from the tvb’s secondary line.. but it’s good to see new faces rather than using the same old ones always..

      Even tvb is starting to cast their secondary line actress to lead, I’m still not convinced or imagine they’re really lead character in this series probably because their faces had been long casted as 2nd lead/big KLF and they already projected an image that they only give out minority roleplay in my mind. The series (Life and time of a sentinel) is still lacking of attractive female lead imo. Selena Li is tvb’s little fadan, can’t really par with Myolie, Fala, Tavia and Linda, she’s in between the Top Fadans and above the 2nd lead.

      The only person that i’m still watching in “Life and Times of a sentinel” is the two MA’s (Kenneth and Steven)

      1. I’m watching Life and Times of a Sentinel as well, but I’m starting to get bored with the recycled storyline and Kenneth’s character seems more crazy than evil (if that’s what he is supposed to be).. I think he’s role is starting to go OTT.. No offense.

      2. @CY,

        Hahaha ~ normally, in TVB series the villain is the most interesting as well as the driving figure of the plot, but I find myself not caring much about his hidden agenda. I don’t find myself analyzing his motives and actions.

        On the other hand, I find Steven and the sentinels a bit more interesting. Cheung Kwok Wing’s story line is my favorite in the last few episodes!

      3. @ Chriselle

        Yes, normally that is the case but I don’t find it the case in this series.

        To me his main motive seems easy enough to guess, he thinks the throne should have been his, and now he is scheming so that his will be Emperor (the audience all knows this but apparently no one in the actual series can tell, haih), simple enough (but unfortunately, we already know that Kang Xi is here to stay) so Kenneth’s character either dies, repents, goes crazy or goes MIA.. 😛

        I was really interested by the 1st episode because there were so many questions, like what did the letter say, what happened to Steve’s chac family, who really is Steven etc.. but now I dread having to wait until the end to find out….

        TVB series have been doing this to me.. Somehow I cannot seem to finish a series since BTROC, it all seems lame or tired after a while and I start skipping till the end 😛

    3. “Its interesting that in the new series ‘Life and Times of a Sentinel’ that all the female cast is from TVB’s secondary line ”

      Since it’s a male-dominated series, I believe TVB doesn’t feel that it’s important to cast A-listers. However, I still find Natalie and Elaine kinda boring in here. They are still more suitable for modern series as ‘the little sister’ even though they’re in their 30’s now. Both have the more innocent and kind looks that doesn’t make them all that powerful when they’re in Qing costumes.

      I just wished it wasn’t a male-dominated series and the females are actually related to the storyline. It appears that the concubines have their own harem drama going on, which is boring. We’ve seen a better and more focused version in WAB already.

      Also, Grace Wong and Christine Kuo are too new to be casted in ancient dramas. Grace still has this squeaky girly voice that is quite annoying. I loved her in the MHK days, but she’s just more of a dancer than an actress. I’m not surprised if people don’t like Christine’s dubbed voice either. She’s just speaking her lines in a more than boring manner.

      Amongst them all, only Natalie seems to most interesting character. And even the most interesting female here is still boring. Looking forward to Grace’s downfall too.

      Now that Selena knows about her father’s ‘rebelling against the Qing’ secret, she might take part in helping and get more involved in the actual storyline. But other than that, the females almost serves no purpose. :/

      Katy Kung is really cute in here, but she can hardly save a bad plot.

      1. The title is ‘Life and Times of a Sentinel’ . Of course it will be male-dominated. I prefer male-dominated series when it comes to battle of wits palace series like this. That’s why I like ‘The Conqueror’s Story’ more than ‘War and Beauty’.

      2. BTW, so the girl with the dubbed voice in Sentinel is Christine Kuo? I’m very bad with recognizing the newbies, especially the MHK ones because honestly, they are just not interesting enough to make me notice them and there are also too many of them… Oh yes, back to my main question, why is her voice dubbed? It sounds so weird next to the rest of the cast with their more natural tone.

        Oh and who is Grace Wong in the series? I can only recognize Selena, Natalie and Elaine 😛

      3. @Kidd,

        I was looking forward to the battle of wits part, but sadly, I can’t see any of it. Maybe later in the series when Power and the Empress Dowager discovers that Kenneth has eyes for the throne, but right now, everyone believes him.


        Yes, the girl dubbed in Christine Kuo. Her voice is dubbed because she’s not fluent in Cantonese.

        Grace Wong is the evil concubine who wants to become Emperor. Haha, so if you can recognize Natalie, Elaine, and the girl with the dubbed voice, there’s only one more girl… and that’s Grace. 🙂

      4. @Chriselle

        Thanks for the info. Oh so she’s not fluent in Canto, is she Canadian btw? Most of the MHKs seems to be Canadian nowadays.
        Oh her, haha yea, brain wasn’t working.. Errr, I don’t like Grace and Christine in this series, not that I can remember them from anywhere else, haha but they seem very out of place in ancient settings..

      5. @CY,

        Not sure if she’s Canadian, but she hailed from MCI and entered TVB in 2008.

        To refresh your memory, Grace was in My Better Half and ended up with Oscar Leung. She was also in Gun Metal Grey as one of the team member’s on Michael Miu’s team.

        Christine Kuo was in Home Troopers, one of the twin’s girlfriend. She was also in Don Juan Demercado, but I didn’t watch that one so don’t know what role she played. 🙂

    1. Myolie reminds me of Sora Aoi the AV Jap porn star, she really resembles Sora or Sora resembles her since Sora is younger by age.

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