[Breakup Files] Myolie Wu Responds to Infidelity Rumors in Breakup with Bosco Wong

TVB’s “Golden Couple,” Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) and Bosco Wong’s (黃宗澤) breakup has shocked the public. Appearing at a Ghetto Justice 2 <怒火街頭2> promotional event on July 25th, Myolie confirmed that she and Bosco have ended their 8-year relationship several months ago. “I have been afraid to face this all along! I tried to think of different ways in how to handle it,” Myolie spoke of the shattering heartbreak with tears brimming in her eyes.

Myolie Decided to End the Relationship

Yesterday, Bosco announced he had broken up with Myolie in an emotional interview with radio personality, Eileen Cha Eileen Cha (查小欣). While he declined to provide the reasons for the breakup, he emphasized several times that there was no third party that caused their split.

Bosco hinted that it was Myolie’s decision to end the relationship and was unable to change her mind. Bosco admitted that he had cried over the relationship, suffering depression and hiding himself away over the last several months.

Myolie Cries Tearfully When Speaking of Bosco

Reporters flocked around Myolie Wu at yesterday’s Ghetto Justice 2 promotional event, asking her about her split from Bosco Wong. Although appearing composed at first, Myolie was unable to hold back tears when Bosco’s name was mentioned throughout the interview. She declined to reveal the reasons as to why their relationship ended, only asking that the public give them space and privacy.

Asked whether Bosco had tried to save their relationship, Myolie said, “You have to ask him about this.” When it was pointed out that Bosco will change himself to make her change her mind, she replied, “Hm…please don’t say this!”  

Pausing for a few moments, Myolie’s seemed unable to control her emotions. “We are both mature adults. I hope to handle this in a calm and mature way. I do not wish to make it sound so serious, as today is Ghetto Justice 2’s promotional event.” Asked why they broke up, Myolie declined to answer directly, “Hmm…can we not talk about it? I only wish that we can handle the matter in a mature way.”

Prompted to respond as to whether there was a third party leading to their breakup, Myolie replied, “I hope that everyone will stop asking. I do not wish to clarify the matter in such a blunt manner; I hope that everyone can give us a little space. When we were dating, we did not have any space already. Afterward, I will work hard and pull my emotions together to promote for Ghetto Justice 2.”

Myolie Declines to Comment on Bosco’s Infidelity Rumors

A recent East Weekly report suggested that Bosco had 3 girlfriends within the last 6 months, linking him to his Mainland China costars. Although Bosco had already denied the third party rumors in his radio interview with Eileen Cha, Myolie was prompted to respond to his infidelity rumors. Myolie said, “Since he and I have already broken up, I cannot respond on his behalf. I can only represent myself: I was not involved with a third party on my end.”

Myolie stated that their breakup occurred several months ago. She recounted tearfully, “I have been afraid to face this all along! I tried to think of different ways in how to handle it.” Asked whether she had considered how to announce their breakup publicly, Myolie replied, “Yes, I have thought about it. I have been thinking about it all along, but I do not know what to do. After all…sorry, sorry, I do not wish to say anything bad about him.”

Despite breaking up, Bosco vowed to continue to protect Myolie. He urged the public not to speculate poorly about Myolie, while willing to take the negative gossip himself, as he is a man. Myolie commented, “I also wish that the public will not speculate too much.”

Since Bosco is currently in Hong Kong, Myolie was asked whether it was possible for the pair to reconcile their 8-year relationship. Myolie said, “Hmm…we need to calm down first and be friends once again.” Asked whether they broke up peacefully, Myolie said, “You can say that.”

Myolie Did Not Move Away Yet

Myolie and Bosco lived in the same residential building, in which her apartment was several floors above his home. Bosco lived with his mother, while Myolie lived with her elder sister in a separate apartment. Asked whether the breakup had induced her to move out of the building, Myolie replied, “I have not moved yet. We do not live together and have our own homes. I do not think it is necessary to have such a clear break at this stage.”

Myolie thanked the public for their concern. She indicated that after speaking about her breakup this time, she will not comment again over the matter.

“Ghetto Justice 2” Cast Shocked

Myolie and Bosco’s breakup news dominated press interest at today’s Ghetto Justice 2 promotional event. Myolie’s costars, Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) and Christine Kuo (苟芸慧), were shocked by the breakup.

Kevin Cheng indicated that there was not much he can do over the matter, and can only wait for Myolie to calm down a bit first. He felt that it was a loss that Myolie and Bosco’s relationship had ended. Asked about Bosco’s infidelity rumors, Kevin said that he was not in the position to speculate, as it was a matter between Myolie and Bosco.

Christine Kuo indicated that she had just heard about Myolie and Bosco’s breakup news. Christine hoped that they will be be able to heal their heartbreak over time.

Source: On.cc via ihktv.com

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Jayne: It is clear that Myolie decided to end the relationship. Although she is quite decisive in her response that things are over between Bosco and herself, she did indicate that she did not know how to handle the incident that had triggered their breakup months ago. She is obviously very hurt and still upset at Bosco, but in my opinion, she still has room in her heart to forgive him.

Her response over reconcilation, “Let’s become friends once again” indicates that she needs to have a better handle over her own emotions first. She did not answer in such a conclusive matter in which she said bygones are bygones, or once a relationship is over, it’s over. She obviously still loves him, as she cried several times his name was mentioned.

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    1. That’s not for you or anyone to judge. It’s their relationship, they don’t need anyone’s approval.

      1. agree. Let them break up in peace. It’s over now and outsiders like us are not in the right position to judge since we’re not there when it happened.

      2. hkworld,
        I think there are many fans of Boscolie. We are discussing about them because we are concerned fans, not necessarily to intrude on their privacy or in disrespectful manner.

        Also non-fans of Boscolie are also shocked because they gave us hope that a celebrity couple, who has lasted for 8 years, will make it to the altar. In a world filled with broken relationships and negativity in modern love, Boscolie gave us hope that there are exemptions that love can still survive and last in a long-term relationship.

        We feel a loss for their relationship more than anything else.

      3. that’s just my opinion, why you so hype about it????

      4. Its my opinion that your opinion is pathetic, why are you so hype about it?

      5. you are pathethic, Myolie or Bosco is not your sister or brother why you care of what other people said about them? geez people

      6. Like I said in my 1st reply, it’s their relationship – its NOT for U or anyone to judge. Can’t you read? I don’t have to be related to them to speak this fact. It’s not an pathetic opinion, its a fact. They don’t need your approval if they match or not.

      7. Boscolie might give some of the young fans a love fantasy, but this real world. Relationships can be fragile. I see a lot of disrespect for Myolie and especially Bosco on the more popular article. It’s also funny when the fans are quick to brand ‘hints’ as ‘evidences’. There must be many young people around here.

      8. Relationships are hard to sustain, especially in the e circle due to the high level of temptation. I guess many are shocked and sad about Bosco and Myolie’s break up because as Jayne mentioned, many thought they were an ideal couple that was able to sustain and keep up a relationship for such a long time.. However, I guess now that we think about it, anything is possible and even marriages that we originally thought would be really happy and everlasting can one day just end out of the blue. The world changes just as with time, people and things change as well. I don’t think it matters whose fault it was. If it ends then it will just end… If there is fate, then they may get a second chance. But I must say that the second chances are hard and rare because once the heart has moved on, it is hard to turn back…

      9. we can’t comment? why Jayne open this forum for then??


      1. Yep, agree with Nicole, anonymous is entitled to voice his/her own opinion.

      2. freedom of speech, u can’t block what I want to say….weirdo

      1. If you are posting on a public website, then anyone has the right to reply. Stop acting like this is your private bedroom.


    4. Whoa, why is there so much hostility for such an innocent comment? I agree, ever since they were rumored to date I never did once thought that they matched well. Myolie seems so mature and elegant. While Bosco seems rather playful and charming. Physically as well, Myolie has vivacious curves and Bosco is on the thin side.

      This is not to say that they wouldn’t work well behind closed doors. I’m just stating my opinion on an outsider looking at them. 🙂

      1. I guess it’s just wrong to state the obvious which also happens to be a fact.

        I never knew that I wasn’t allowed to state the obvious AND have an opinion that anonymous’ comment is pathetic.

        If anonymous is allowed to make a judgmental comment towards the couple, its only fair I’m allowed to make an opinion towards anonymous. Why is it that my opinion is considered hostile and anonymous comments considered innocent.

      2. @KFC, the reason why I said that is b/c to me it sounded like you were being defensive and pretty much telling Anonymous that he/she is not allowed to judge. “That’s not for you or anyone to judge.” So to me, that just sounded a bit strong for a simple opinion. It wasn’t even necessarily a negative comment.

        Whereas A* was just stating an opinion of what they thought about the couple.

        BTW, I never said you were never allowed to make an opinion, just as it was my opinion that it seemed like a hostile reaction.

        This whole thread is becoming redundant. This is exactly why I seldom comment, because netizens seem to take things to the next level. AGAIN my opinion, sorry if I’m offending peeps.

      3. Its your opinion that his comments were innocent. I never said it was negative, I said its pathetic. I stated a fact that its not for anyone to judge – which is the truth. I never told him to shut up or he’s not allowed to comment. Don’t make it sound like I’m chewing him up while he’s just sitting there who made just one comment. He was screaming back at us like a troll.

      4. I did not think they matched, either. I was actually surprised that they lasted this long. But, whatever, it is always sad to end a relationship. They will eventually get over it.

    5. @KFC, first of all I’m just stating my opinion and you were being harsh on me “That’s not for you or anyone to judge”. Each individual have their own perspective of seeing things and to me it seems like you are being so defensive about my comment.

      1. @ anonymous, I don’t think your first comment was pathetic. It was just merely a comment, an opinion. If we’re not allowed to make judgment, then Jayne should disable this comment section. as long as we’re not crossing the line and intruding the artists’ private life, I don’t see anything wrong with expressing an opinion.

      2. Actually, I too don’t think they match >.<!!
        Bosco is too yummyyy for Myolie 😉
        Sorry to Myolie fans

      3. My dear sweet Yen, match or not, it’s up to them. Let me ask you what image you want bosco to have in your mind? Good guy? or the one that go for the pretty skirts? If he choose someone whose looks may not be #1, as he will go for inner qualities over outer.
        Oh, or you want someone yummy enough to “match” with bosco, you know like viann zhang, she sure is sexy and pretty enough. Hope she won’t make you cute little bosco fans puke blood like how she did with ron’s.

      4. man sure feel bad for the plastic dolls, viann and PSS… they get pulled into anything guys related.. lol

      5. @Nicole, why you have to be so sensitive for just a simple comment???

  1. Myolie’s responses are very vague. A third party possibly?

    1. Although Bosco had already denied the third party rumors in his radio interview with Eileen Cha, Myolie was prompted to respond to his infidelity rumors. Myolie said, “Since he and I have already broken up, I cannot respond on his behalf. I can only represent myself: I was not involved with a third party on my end.”

      You mean this?

      It can be and it can be not. Speaking from experience, when the love and trust is wading, you will believe anything bad about the other half even if you’re not sure if it’s true. That’s when it’s a good time to take a break from each other.

      1. I agree with Hkworld that some are quickly jumping to the conclusion just based on Myolie’s responses that there is a third party involved. Honestly, no one knows that for sure. Once your love for a person fades, you have more a tendency to believe things that you would not believe about them before. Also, just because Bosco blames himself and wishes to protect Myolie does not necessarily mean that he is at fault. He can just be a gentlemen and wants to protect her. At times you do need a break from each other to think things through. I remember that Felix Wong took a break from his current wife back then, but then they got back together again and are now happily married… So who knows what can happen in the future??

      2. He Tie Shou i agree wth u on ths.. some couples get back stronger.. maybe thy needed a break to c how to deal wth thngs.. if thy feel thy stll love each other theres always a chance thy wll get back together.. sometimes its good to take a step back n review

      3. HST.
        If Bosco really wants to protect myolie, as he said in his own words, will he go on a radio program, and create an image that he is really sad and depressed, and allow his friend TCW to talk about how he cried all night until 4 am?

        By making a big show out of everything, even before Myolie responded, his protective mechanism should be for himself, not Myolie.

      4. @Nicole,
        I can see what you are saying, but it also shows that we should take with a grain of salt what any celebs say or do…

      5. HST,
        Indeed we should, so we shouldn’t take everything at face value. It’s always good to absorb and think through before having an opinion on things.

    2. Hmm, the fact that she doesn’t deny it is suspicious. If she really feels like they could still be friends, it seems to me like she wants to maintain a good relationship. All the more reasons to deny that kind of allegation to his character. Unless ofc, they are true or she doesn’t know if they are not true…

  2. The break up is the best for them. I never think they have the same personality since they first dating.

    1. hkworld,
      “The break up is the best for them. I never think they have the same personality since they first dating.”

      But they were able to last 8 years, surely that means they were able to come to terms with their differences in personality.

      Is there such a thing as a perfect personality fit for a couple? People grow and change over time anyway. But making it last require a lot of patience, compromise, and forgiveness.

      1. well said!!! yeah, peeps change. when i was teen, i was outgoing, fun-loving, dare-devil, no cares in the world. five decades into this earth, i am a complete opposite. i know to write the word “die”. heh heh it definitely takes a lot (more than just love) to stay together. 32 years in my pocket and still sometimes i want to strangle somebody. hahahaha

      2. Sometimes over time you grow tired of adapting to the other personality and you become irritated and insecure. People change right? That’s when rumours of him/her flirting with other guys/girls at work can throw your patience away and you realize this other half is not meant for me at all. I better walk out before it’s too late to find my true other half.

        Next magazine published a rumour of Bosco flirting with 3 mainland actresses although I haven’t read it yet. It can be what drove Myolie to her edge. Maybe she can’t stand these rumours any longer. Maybe Bosco didn’t even realize he was driving her over the edge if getting close to costars is just normal for him.

      3. If it’s just rumors, I doubt so, but under the rumors, there may always be something real. Heck, Bosco and Myolie were a rumored couple for years.

      4. That’s why I said, it can be, it can be not. There’s the 50-50 chance, and in listening to arguments, there are always two sides to a coin.

      5. hkworld,
        “Sometimes over time you grow tired of adapting to the other personality and you become irritated and insecure.”

        Yes, but the nature of a long-term relationship is that there will be conflicts that test you to your core and how you respond will govern the longevity of a relationship. It requires two very committed people.

        But people are still selfish; it is part of human nature to want to put yourself above your partner. Especially over time, when the novelty of a relationship wears off, and you grow tired.

        When a relationship becomes more “work” than “enjoyment,” when this feeling overtakes one or two partners, this is when it becomes dangerous. When tolerance is lowered, or when we try to purposely hurt the other person through actions that we may grow to regret later.

        I am speaking in generalities here, but long-term relationships tend to pass through this cycle. And what happens afterward is a matter of choice for both.

      6. why are people trying to blame time together as a reason for relationships failing? Time is constant. Relationships don’t just work by themselves, it takes effort on both parts. Effort and compromise and trust. you need all of it. Time doesn’t make a relationship suffer.

        The problem is that people start taking other people for granted. You “expect” them to be there, to “do” things for you. You stop saying thank you, you stop respecting what you have. While this happens over time, it is still a choice made by a person. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about my wife and my son. That I don’t thank the heavens that I found her. I remind her daily of that so that she never forgets how important she is to me. I would never do anything to jeopardize that relationship. Listening and understanding is key.

        I’m not saying this in reference to Bosco/Myolie… but am saying it more because I don’t like reading things that suggest that over time you WILL fall out of love/get bored with your spouse. A relationship is what you put into it. If you stop trying to keep it fresh, and stop trying to keep it healthy, then don’t be surprised when things start to go wrong. But relationships are not destined to flame out over time…

      7. @TVBFanatic,

        “There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about my wife and my son. That I don’t thank the heavens that I found her. I remind her daily of that so that she never forgets how important she is to me. I would never do anything to jeopardize that relationship. Listening and understanding is key.”

        I really appreciate that you shared your perspective with us. You sound like a very appreciative individual. Acknowledgement of your partner’s good qualities and that your love should not be taken for granted help set the positive tone.

        Your perspective and actions have definitely contributed to the longevity of your marriage and relationship. Your experience represents the other half of the positive statistics that marriages do survive over time.

        Love does not automatically derail over time, as you suggest. However, time does carve differences in how people interact with each other, which is why is it often blamed. But you are right, it is not the time factor, but how people respond to changes within themselves, and in their partners. Taking accountability over internal changes and then responding accordingly are still key.

        However, the above requires a lot of internal control, which tested again and again by time, people may fail in some instances. Self control is not an easy matter to exert, especially under very troubled times and high pressure in a relationship.

        It is the common attitude of whether you think the long-term outcome of a relationship is within or beyond one’s control. What we can do is to do good, make sure we do best to make partner happy, and not do anything to wreck it based on our own irresponsibilities. This is very much within our control and you provide a very good example.

      8. Also note – I know my response is under your comment Jayne – but it is not in response to what you wrote 🙂 It’s more in response to what I’ve read over the two reports on the Myolie/Bosco relationship overall.

        I’m also not suggesting that people can’t grow apart or want different things, but then I question the depth of their feeling at the start. I just finally felt the need to say that time isn’t always to blame -.-

      9. thanks for the reminder TVBFanatic. brought tears to my eyes. i believe we, at one point or another can be guilty of taking things/people for granted and pride can get in the way too. again, thanks. funny how you never know when you make a difference to a person’s life with some innocent post/comment. you did it for me today, TVBFanatic!!!! thanks.

      10. Pearl,
        Unfortunately, we get so absorbed into our everyday emotions and needs, sometimes we resort to acting selfish and forgetting about the needs of others. Love needs to be nurtured and our own actions often measured to what our partners are doing. It is also easier to blame others than to blame ourselves for a relationship trouble.

        Sometimes, you don’t realize the extent of damage in a long-term relationship until the damage becomes apparent and hard to turn back. I think everyone has experienced some bump in a long-term relationship and hopefully, those bumps only make us realize how to truly cherish each other, remind us why we fell in love with our significant other. Sometimes, love just takes faith that although things are not perfect, they can be worked out.

      11. thanks Jayne. yeah, the same approach apply to our relationship with our child/ren as well. it’s back to the “will i rather be right or will i rather be happy” ideology. i tink today i will forget about my principle and opt to go with the latter. how just a choice can make 2 unhappy people, happy. thank you both. the Good Lord above sent me 2 angels this morning. 🙂 such blessings!

      12. Pearl,
        “will i rather be right or will i rather be happy” ideology

        Most people may choose to be right, as our principles and beliefs guide us throughout most of our lives. In relationships, couples fight over very little matters because they are bound by these principles too often. I myself am guilty of the former, which hurts over a long period of time, given that they happen and happen again. When stuck in our own love relationships, it is so hard to break that cycle.

        In the end, we have to break down what matters for us the most down the road, years from now. But it is often so hard to see beyond our current pain and moment of high emotions. I will try to remember your words and learn from your experience, that happiness is what matters down the road, even if that means flexing our principles once in awhile. 🙂

      13. “I’m not saying this in reference to Bosco/Myolie… but am saying it more because I don’t like reading things that suggest that over time you WILL fall out of love/get bored with your spouse. A relationship is what you put into it. If you stop trying to keep it fresh, and stop trying to keep it healthy, then don’t be surprised when things start to go wrong. But relationships are not destined to flame out over time…”

        I disagree. From your description it takes a lot of effort and some may put that much but after a while the effort becomes tedious and so the love goes. If it happens overnight than of course the very basis of the relationship or the foundation must be weak. But it can happen overtime and it has. What you’re saying in actual fact is you make the effort to keep the flame. So if you don’t make the effort, the flame can disappear.

        I do not think any relationship can end with a simple “I got bored” or “I just don’t love him or her anymore”. There is always a deeper reason only we don’t look that deep because you might find faults you didn’t know exist and problems not addressed properly, from both sides and not just one person or the other. Something would have triggered something else leading to a mountain of small problems leading to the inevitable end. If it takes too much effort, some may think better to start afresh than to keep plodding on when the effort becomes the reason and nothing else. I always believe if you feel that way, look at her or him and ask yourself why you fell for the person in the first place but if you can think of one and yet feels the person is different, or you’re different, then better to part before bitterness and resentment sets in and tear you both apart, not just apart as in 2 people but individually. People want to be happy and their strive for it.

        But yes there are those who believes in sticking through thick and thin and very rare do we ever find a soulmate in our first attempt at any relationship. Some do and it is heartwarming to read of couples married 50 years 60 years but even they had their disagreements and ups and downs. I feel the level of tolerance today is lower than decades ago, hence the rise in divorce.

        But seriously, even if a relationship ends in parting ways or marriages fail and end in divorce, I feel at the end of the day there shouldn’t be any stigma at all. No need to persevere to the point that you annoy one another. Love can also mean giving the one you love freedom. Life goes on and there are other fishes in the pond, other trees in the forest. Maybe this one isn’t meant for you.

      14. I think you are right in terms of divorce… it’s too easy. I also think that the last few generations have been very “me” oriented, and aren’t willing to work through problems and issues.

        But I also believe that many people dont take marriage as seriously as they should when they decide to get married. it’s “something to do” rather than understanding the commitment behind the act. To many are eager to rush into it before fully understanding their soon to be spouse. Living together is a great way to learn about your spouse and if you are compatible (but I’m not sure how acceptable that is in Asia just yet :D).

        But as you said.. it usually isn’t just a big thing.. it’s a bunch of small things that grow over time. That’s why communication is so key in a relationship. Not only talking about hopes, desires, plans with each other, but also having the confidence to talk to your partner when something is bothering them – and the ability to accept criticism without getting defensive 😀 tinkering and fixing things as you go – or understanding that you might need to give a bit and not try to change them. But letting things pile up and fester is never good…

        There is an old saying that I thinks fits here very well, and that is that anything worth doing isn’t easy. marriage isn’t always a walk in the park, and it especially works well when both partners are willing to make that effort (one way streets do not work well)

        And note – in all my discussions i’m pretty much discussing marriage. I’m assuming that by the time you marry someone you’ve learned what you can about them. Dating / relationships are bound to have failures as we try to find someone who is compatible with us. Breakups are important in terms of personal growth. It’s sad to see Myolie and Bosco break up after such a long courtship.. but at the same time, better now than after marriage.

      15. Myolie said in her speech that he was a difficult person to live with (and so is she according to herself). That suggests to me that they did have some possible irreconcilable differences and it just became too much in the end. Whether or not there’s cheating involved.

      16. You mean compatibility issues? Personality clashes which they discover after 8 long years together? Or is that those exists but only now magnified because one or the 2 refuses to back down?

        Frankly if marriage is so hard, I can understand why people chose to leave the marriage. When something is too hard where the reward is less than the effort, it becomes a chore.

        Life isn’t like k-drama love relationship. Does true love exist? Of course but not many has the luck of finding it first try. Some even found it but hard to live with it so I always think you may not marry the person you love the most. You marry the one most compatible.

    2. I guess love can be like a double edged sword, you can either really love someone but then really hate them.. It can go both ways… It varies from couple to couple….

  3. very sad abt their breakup.
    Hope they can be together again.
    They still love each other.

    1. Sometimes when you have a long relationship, it tends to wade over time and that’s when the trust fades and you get irritated and insecure at any single malicious thing about the other half. If you’re in a long distance relationship, it’s worse. If breaking up is the best for them, let them be.

    2. They won’t. Myolie doesn’t love him anymore from her words and her body language. She hinted that he cheated on him. If she still love him, the breakup wouldn’t happen and she will hide the matter secretly.

      He did a mistake which is irrepairable. To a woman, a cheating husband is a big unforgivable sin.

      1. You don’t know that for sure… what a woman cheats on her husband??I was just watching some Korean series and as you know, they are a more male dominated society. They think it is more forgiveable for a guy to cheat but not a woman… That is unfair, but that is traditional male favoritism right there. I don’t think it is forgivable either way, however, it would depend on the situation as well…

      2. By the way, “hints” are not hard core evidence so who know for sure if he cheated on her not? I also wonder if she herself even knows if he cheated on her if he did? Or, she is just “suspecting” that he did.. If that was the case, then she herself is not even sure so what gives us the right to say so??

    3. Their break up is so sad ! :'( They were cute together <33

    1. Kidd,
      I cannot open the youtube link at work. Did Myolie state anything else that she did not say at the “Ghetto Justice 2” promotional event?

      1. I still can’t get out the feeling that 620 purposely make Myolie’s press con during GJ2 promo to boost the series agh.

        The logic here audience feel sad and cried for Myolie cheated by Bosco so they decided to check her series.

      2. Not everyone is as smart at deduction as us. LOL

        There are many people who scold her for breaking up, especially young bosco fans. They still talking about how Bosco is so good looking, and too good for Myolie.

    2. Anything different from her video interview and official press con?

    3. listen to the interview she sounds very sad. It doesn’t sound like a peaceful break up to me.

      1. Ya. She sounded sad n lorr listening to her voice got me sad as well 🙁

  4. thy may reconcile..as it has happen in the past.. she was clearly tryng hold on to the relationship but aftr a whle ….

    1. Elin,
      “thy may reconcile..as it has happen in the past.. she was clearly tryng hold on to the relationship but aftr a whle ….”

      She didn’t know how to deal with it, nor face the situation. Clearly she loved him, but did not know how to deal with the circumstances.

      However, both he and she thought about how to announce the breakup to the public. So for the time-being, they both have decided that their relationship is beyond repair.

    1. This is a sad news. Relationship sometimes are hard to made but when broken, hard to mend. I feel sorry for both of them. I agree that we shouldn’t interrogate them anymore and play the ugly blame game.

      I was already very sad for Bosco WI episode tonight, now this is making my heart almost break!

  5. Ok, I’m caught up with both interviews. So, Myolie ended the relationship because of an incident. Neither parties are revealing it, but hinting otherwise.

    It must have been something ugly, so TVB is trying to salvage both of their images.

    1. It’s between them so I prefer to let them have their way. Honestly I feel sad for the break up and I’m sadder by the lengthy blame game in the other news.

      1. It’s true. I’m saddened too to see the 300 something comments on the neighbour article.

  6. thanks for the youtube link. 620 said “Bosco is going to try to prove himself to Myolie” again. so what did he do to upset or made Myolie decide to break up?

    seriously, for us women, what will make us break up with our male partner? on top of my list is infidelity. that one is a big no no.

    1. I definitely agree.
      And Myolie refuted Bosco’s claims that problems have already materialised after she won Best Actress, and that it’s not his personality problem.

      1. there must still be some love left as they are still protecting each other. in whatever small way. i mean if there is love, couples will work at sorting out differences/conflicts. so, what is it so grave that she had to call it quits? it’s going to be painful. i wish them strength in this difficult time.

      2. I think Myolie has give it a definite end. If she still love Bosco she will be quick to defend him when reporters ask about third parties, but in the press con she told them to ask him and in the video interview she avoid the question. She sounds bitter.

        Bosco still love her from his tone but it’s too late. Women most hated to be cheated.

      3. We all heard how Bosco don’t want Myolie to be hurt, that’s because he feels guilt from whatever sin he did to Myolie and that’s why he fell into that depression because he must’ve sinned to Myolie by cheating on her. What else?

        A lot of relationship problem exist when the guy cheated. Myolie is smart to quit fast although I can’t help to think that she’s killing 2 birds at once by holding this press con right during GJ2 promo. Free PR!

      4. @Vivien,
        You seem to be really bias against Bosco since you keep on saying that he cheated on Myolie. Honestly, you don’t know that for sure… I am a fan of either of them so I try to be fair.

  7. I hope you are right Jayne.. as I really hope they will get back together.. Sammi and Andy did so why not them??!!!!!

  8. I watched Myolie’s interview and she seems genuinely distressed about this. 9 years is a lot of time in relationship and even not in public eye its a lot of time invested. Shame to have to end the relationship. Its ironic that they kept their relationship for so long (or at least did not confirm)and then made the public declaration last year at the TVB anniversary and now this. I am sure most people, in TVB and other public people are sorry to see this end. Personally would be pleased that they have another go as we all like a good ending. But hey its their relationship and life

  9. Why doing this full fledged press con right exactly in GJ2 promotion?

  10. Just curious wht people think they will still get back together. I heard bosco said in the interview that the “feelings” aren’t there anymore

    1. They won’t. I don’t see love too from Myolie. I only see bitterness. If she still love him, the break up wouldn’t happened LOL

      1. No, even at times when you still love someone, you can still break up..

    2. His interview also had a bunch of points that were refuted by Myolie.
      In fact it’s funny he said that the feelings arent there anymore, because his buddy and 620 are going around telling people that he’s gonna wait for her. If the feelings aren’t there anymore, what’s there to wait for.

      1. He could probably mean that Myolie’s feeling for him aren’t there anymore?? I dunno I’m just guessing….
        but it seem that he really did something HUGE that triggered this split and it’s trying every way he can to salvage this relationship. I can tell he still love Myolie a lot from his radio interview.

        It’s kinda like a deja vu here when this whole case scenario looks really like the plot in Wars of in-laws 2 where Kyle cheated on Ah Mun and it’s trying really hard to save their marriage but still ended up getting a divorce.

      2. I think he meant Myolie’s feelings for him aren’t there anymore. That’s what I get from Myolie. If the feelings is still there, there won’t be a high profile breakup taking over GJ2 promotion with numerous TV interviews. She wants to get the message clear to Bosco that it’s over. and promote her new series while at that LOL

      3. Yah actually his interviews and Myolie’s interviews both look real. He look like he’s still in love with Myolie and tried to repair the HUGE sin that he made but Myolie has lost the feeling and is left with bitterness and to her it’s over and irrepairable. It’s really dejavu to WOIL2!

      4. I only feel that if the feelings aren’t there… she won’t be so hurt.. If she’s so hurt, underlying, she must still love him. Sigh..

      5. Huh? from his interview it sounded he still wanted to get back with her and suddenly no more feelings, LOL

        Bosco is so stupid throwing away his relationship with Myolie for a moment of passion. He sure didn’t clean his mouth after eating an exotic meal in mainland.

        He should kneel down and beg forgiveness and maybe she will take him back, LOL

      6. Right now, contrary to their words, it doesn’t even seem like a peaceful breakup. One is saying something, and the other is refuting.. Sobsob..

      7. I don’t even think they’re still friends although both claimed it’s a peaceful breakup. From Myolie’s interview clips and pics her impression make me think she wants to get away from him.

        Paparazzi show us this girl that made Bosco risk away 8 years of relationship for a moment of passion! I want exclusive intimate pics not filming pics or words without accompanying pics!

      8. Bosco trying to save his gentleman image ala Moses sigh.

        Viv, what if she turns out to be a big pork chop? He will then be ridiculed by entire city, LOL

      9. @Vivien
        Yeah I kinda notice that too when Zi Shan(tvbe host) asked her if they’re still friends she contemplated for a while before answering. Even Zi Shan was getting teary when interviewing Myolie which makes her emotional all over again. So many friends in the entertainment industry felt sad for their split 🙁

        Anyway I dun think Bosco cheated in Mainland because Myo said herself that they broke up a couple of months ago before he left for filming in mainland so he if could have really cheated it would only be in his very own country HK! I wouldn’t be surprise since Myo left HK to mainland in late DEC till early MAY. So if he really wants to cheat on her 6 months would be an ample amount of time to do so.

      10. Moses is the worst! Bosco is still protective of Myolie but Moses simply smiled when reporters around him are accusing Bernice or negative things! Moses made everyone curse on Bernice when Bernice was sick in hospital and nobody come to ask her to clarify anything!

      11. @violet

        I want to ask the same thing too, they said they broke up before he went back to mainland to film “The Woman Above the Bread Tree”. They mentioned Bosco’s assistance that was one of the alleged third party. I want to hear her response because if she is innocent she should response, it’s not fair for her too. If Bosco wants Myolie to change her mind, he really has to show changes and win her back. Myolie is pretty firm in her decision that they have broken up. It seemed like she is trying to move on while Bosco is still waiting with hope that they can get back together.

      12. More cheap when Moses quickly announce high profile dating season with Aimee. WTF!

      13. Didn’t Bosco film one part of Bread Tree, then went back to film another part?

      14. Bosco’s assistant is the third party? but usually this make sense because artist and assistant spend the whole day together! Any pics? If she’s a pork chop I’ll laugh LOL

      15. @Summer
        I don’t think it’s appropriate for his assistant to come out to clarify things between them because she herself is not a public figure and she certainly has the right to remain silent.If she ever come out to clarify things she will be under a lot of media pressure and this will make things even more complicated for everyone.

        As far as I know Bosco begin filming “bread tree” around end of May and it’s later schedule to fly over to Taiwan(early august) and Japan(late august) to continue filming for this drama. Boscolie barely could meet each other with their super hectic schedule so how could he have the time to mend for their relationship? Even if he planned to do so after filming the mainland drama and get back to HK around beginning of Sep then it would be Myolie’s turn to fly all over the globe to shoot for TITS2.Therfore, it’s pretty evident that time constraint is also one of the factor for their breakup.

        It makes me wonder if both their schedule wasn’t that tight and both parties are in HK then I guess this break up news wouldn’t had existed and for whatever mistake he had done might just end up like a small case of scenario that happen in every couples relationship.

  11. I hope Myolie could forgive Bosco cos most guys have their naughty side is a natural in them, if Bosco really did hurt Myolie, if they still love each other.

    1. The love is over. Myolie hesitate when she was asked if they’re still friends. Cheating is a big sin to women. No women love their men to have another girl when they’re out of the country.

      1. No, you can’t just stop loving someone just because they cheated on you, esp after 8 years. You’ll hate him but that’s because you really love him. If not, people wouldn’t take so long to get over a relationship.

  12. I love Boscolie. <3

    During TVB's Anniversary Awards, I was so touched with what Myolie said. It felt like it was a dream come true that they finally admitted that they were together. It feels like it was just yesterday that happened.

    -sigh- I was very sad when I heard the news yesterday. When someone told me that they broke up, I automatically said, "No, that's not true." I thought it was just one of those very "lei po" articles. However, it was true. Listening to Bosco's talk with Eileen was hard. I could feel Bosco's pain. Now that Myolie's conference is out, it is even more saddening.

    All in all, I will support Myolie and Bosco with their decisions. <3 As long as they are happy, everything else doesn’t matter because it is their lives. Though, I really hope it is like what you guys have said! They will be together again after they fix the problems.

    1. Last year’s tvb awards was indeed a dream come true for all Boscolie fans. I think they still have feelings for each other, but Myolie was hurt too deeply by Bosco. Hopefully Bosco can persevere and win Myolie back.

    2. If they can reconcile after this break up, I’m sure they will be able get married.

  13. I remember reading in a psychology article that men (particulary those in power) cheat because they don’t think they’ll get caught. Tiger Woods, Jesse James, Koby Bryant, there are plenty of examples. It’s not necessarily because they don’t love their current wife/girl friend. It’s extremely stupid and the price to pay is typically very high. You often find out that the don’t even care about the person they were cheating with but now may have lost the love of their life. It’s very dumb but people do it.

    1. I think celebrities cheat b/c there is too much temptation. It’s like a buffet line in front of u and yes, they don’t think they’ll get caught. But it’s not just men though. Look at kristen Stewart cheating w/ that married director. Twilight fans are sobbing even harder than boscolie fans!

  14. nobody knows the truth about their relationship, bosco treated myolie good, bought her a house and paid for her downpayment for her car, hopefuly the reconile or just go in separate ways

    1. Did he buy her a house and paid for her car, because he did something wrong?
      Expensive gifts may be a sign of guilt.

      1. yep because he done something wrong , that’s why he purchases present to have her forgivness

  15.   新浪娱乐讯 据香港媒体报道,本以为去年当着上亿电视观众的面在荧屏上公开恋情的黄宗泽、胡杏儿下一步会顺理成章地结婚生子,谁知道二人被爆突然分手。视频:胡杏儿黄宗泽电台受访承认分手媒体来源:新浪娱乐
















    1. While reading the article, some may pass it off as just rumors. But there’s no smoke without fire, there’s no waves without wind.

      If you guys are all passing it off as rumors, why are there so many “rumors” for bosco over the years, and none for Myolie.

  16. Unfortunate that their relationship had to end after just making it public last year. Hope the public will give them space and let them breathe. They are both heartbroken and it’s not going to help if the press is going to keep asking them unnecessary questions.

    Hopefully they can reconcile and be friends again, who knows, fate can take a turn.

  17. It really is like WOIL 2, I honestly would rather have it so Bosco cheated on her than either one of them losing feelings for the other. From my experience, the only way you can “lose feelings” is if they were never strong in the first place, which evidently is not the case for this couple who persevered through so much.
    As a Boscolie fan, I really don’t know what should happen next…part of me wants them to get back together because they seemed so perfect for each other. But I’ve always been bias towards Myolie, so if their relationship together causes her to suffer, she should let it go as she did. She has morals and she is so strong. I respect that about her. Bosco, like Kyle, doesn’t deserve a woman who loves him whole-heartedly if he had cheated on her. The signs were there that Myolie was the one who split, she avoided talking about him while Bosco was still acting as though they were a couple. One is trying really hard to let go, while the other is trying to mend the relationship still and hold onto an ounce of hope. I wonder if Bosco really is like Kyle, and doesn’t know what he wants. Although he loves Myolie dearly, as we all can tell, is his type of love really right for her?

  18. A.bit sceptical about the break up news as both have new series being aired??? Why wait until now iff they broke off months ago? Myolie was trying so hard to cry!

  19. Too bad n too sad that they have broken up! Myolie u can do better and stay strong!

    1. I mean to the ppl that were arguing up there.

    1. In a feng shui concept, there is a yin and a yang to balance and counter each other. Where the yin and the yang are out of proportion,it’s time to embrace change and go for a new one!!!!

      If Myolie is unable to continue to tolerate Bosco’s erratic behavior, I strongly suggest her not to give herself anymore chance for any single reconciliation!!!

      Please go for a new chapter of life!

  20. So what! And how many percentage of the public are genuine sympathizers, huh? Either get a new beau and move on or stand by your man. Life is too precious!

    1. Barbie,

      What you mentioned here is very logic!!

      Bosco is not young anymore. It’s better for him to forget this “lou gu poh” and pursue a new romantic interest!

      I’m very sure that a big booob is very much softer and ideal than a booobless gal like Myolie.

      1. boobs aren’t everything you know. If it is to you, might as well get yourself some implants.

  21. Who the hell said that Bosco has cheated on Myolie? Just because she didn’t answer that there is a third party, people conclude that Bosco has cheated on her? That’s not fair, definitely not! Where should you guys know that there isn’t another reason for their breaking up? Bosco has rumours with female artists. So? Are the rumours true? He also wanted to marry Myolie. In every news before it is said that she denies all the rumours between them. When she was on the top of her career she finally admitted. What is that?

  22. And Bosco doesn’t mind if people will write garbage about him. He hired security people to protect her, bought her a car and an apartement. He is a real gentleman who wants to make his ex-girlfriend happy and satisfied. Damn .. those news make me feeling sad and weird.

    1. You make good points too. I want to just believe Bosco and Myolie didn’t break up. It’s just… a lot of the things he says is unbelievable. Especially when Ms. Lok gets involved, you know it’s total BS. But I do know he loves her a lot and would want her to be happy. I guess we should think for his own happiness too…apparently he’s happy being flirty. Idk about the affair, but he sure as hell is flirty. And his recent story about being shy is so fake and inconsistent. I know Myolie loved him too, or else she wouldn’t be so hurt to hear that he wants her back still. But do we really know if he does? That’s what he and Ms. Lok have said, Ms. Lok controls all…we have no way of telling if Bosco is telling the truth…especially since Ms. Lok is on his side.What if she’s crying because she can’t believe Bosco would sink so low as to make himself look better and try to make her look bad?
      I’m taking everything with a grain of salt. I don’t want Myolie and Bosco to be unhappy and hate each other. I really hope there was a clean peaceful break that would make it possible for them to reconcile. It’s just right now.. there is so much evidence against Bosco that a lot of us can’t help but feel angry toward him.

      1. from neutral perspective 620 was kind towards Myolie too. She spoke out more forBosco because the magazine was accusing Bosco with the three women which I found lazy writing because they can’t capture any dating pics. Look how 620 and Myolie made her press con and GJ2 promo as kill 2 bird with 1 bullet. Making her the sympathetic woman and promote herself in GJ2. Sorry to Law Ba for being neglected

  23. It is quite strange that Myolie announces their breaking up a week before Ghetto Justice II will be aired. … and Witness Insecurity is getting to the end this week. Because of those news it may affect the rating of WI. And probably because everyone is against Bosco now, Myolie’s new drama will maybe get high ratings due to the news. And I think if people don’t know anything exactly, they shouldn’t make up things which may not be true. I admit that I really like Bosco and his acting. But I am not defending him, I just want to be neutral. It is very unbelievable for many people ’cause they were 8 years together. In a report long time ago he was asked if it would be possible that they will break up like Shirley Yeung and Gregory Lee. He was for sure that it won’t happen ’cause he tried hard earning money to marry Myolie. Now it is over .. damn. It is still unbelievable! Evidence? There have never been evidence. Photos which are taken together with others. Are these evidence? If there is a photo where he kisses a girl, then we can say that. Or a girl is coming out and admit that she has an affair with him. Those things may be true. All these what people now saying against Bosco are prejudices.

    1. Myolie purposely announce this right before GJ2 airing to boost her series. It was damn obvious since she did the damaging press con in GJ2 promo.

      As for affecting WI ratings, TVB never think highly of WI so they wouldn’t care if Myolie want to use this opportunity to damage Bosco’s WI and boost GJ2 because TVB put higher importance to GJ2.

      1. Who was the one who announced? Who went on the radio show? Who had to make their response?

      2. Too bad Bosco was the one to admit the relationship in the first place. What’s Myolie supposed to do? Just keep her mouth shut and say I don’t want to respond. After bosco admitted, it’s inevitable that the press will keep bothering her no matter where she goes. It’s not staged by Myolie, it’s TVB telling the both of them what to do

      3. This will damage Bosco’s chance to be places for any award regardless of how some people praise his cop role LOL. Because Myolie has hinted that he cheated on her and her tears has made her fans angry at Bosco as seen in Jaynestars.

      4. LOL Myolie and Bosco both talk to the radio. There are four radio interviews. Are you guys missing the train? Besides the decision to use GJ2 promo event and have the radio interviews must be planned and not impromptu.

      5. but I keep a neutral stand unlike you both Myolie fans who emotionally attack Bosco and speculate until too illogical LOL.

      6. So? The point is Bosco admitted the relationship. Myolie had no choice but to respond. Do you think even if she showed up at the GJ2 promotions, the papparazzi around her will just say “okay let’s focus on GJ2 for nwo and forget this juicy story?” They control the questions and what is written about. And no duh it was planned, but Myolie doesn’t have the power to force Bosco to admit their break up first, pull strings with radio shows and daringly open up about the break up at the promotion for the drama. It’s obvious TVB arranged it, not Myolie.

      7. I believe both her and Bosco. I see Myolie fans here only believes Myolie and some don’t even want to hear his interviews. Poor guy. Crazy fans are scary.

      8. First of all, I’m a Myolie and Bosco fan. Yes, I have a bias towards Myolie because I started liking her first. But i’m not a “crazy Myolie fan” so watch what you say. I supported Boscolie all the way, so the last thing I want to hear is Bosco cheating and hurting her.

      9. LOL now you said TVB control what is written about. If that is so that means TVB is treating Myolie good because she has the victim title and Bosco is the heartbroken villain.

      10. Heartbroken and villain doesnt go together..
        If Myolie is planned to be victim and Bosco planned to be villain, 620 won’t say so much about him crying and being sad and want to get married, and will die for Myolie. LOL

      11. I said some Myolie fans doesn’t mean all of you LOL. Fox is a Myolie fan but she doesn’t go crazy attacking Bosco like you guys LOL.

      12. Actually I think if 620 didn’t say so much and was so OTT about it, more people will believe him. LOL

      13. What do you mean now I said? I’ve always said TVB controlled when they would announce their break up. And I’ve said Ms. Lok may be using reverse psychology making Myolie look good by siding with Bosco. Or maybe she wants to even out the postive-negative impact of the matter by supporting Bosco who is getting negative rumors that might affect his career. Or maybe she just favors Bosco. I take all this into consideration. I even said maybe the break up is just arranged by TVB and Bosco and Myolie are told to fake it so that TVB can get some publicity. I’m not always blaming Bosco and I consider every possibility.

      14. Fox is not myolie fan. You ask her. She’s only Raymond fan. LOL
        And I already said Im Bosco and Myolie fan, but if he is a cheating idiot he doesnt deserve support!

      15. LOL, isn’t it beyond obvious that it was a order from 620?

        Good this news isn’t abt MM or Him otherwise we would see another crazy fan 😛

      16. But viv, really I’m not only attacking bosco, I even left a message on his weibo, asking him to chase her back if he really regret ok! LOL

      17. Come on Jackie. You knew it when Myolie hinted and avoided the press whenever third party question come up that your heart is yelling at Bosco for his suspected cheating and chanting that Myolie is his victim. I say suspect now because he could be flirtatious which can still make Myolie insecure LOL.

        I still think this is GJ2 promo because only Myolie is getting the big promo and crying on national TV while the others only talk to Eileen Cha and all got hated.

      18. Vivien, you know it’s like you can yell at a guy but deep down you still love him? LOL

      19. LOL Nicole that doesn’t sound like you because since yeaterday I saw you attack every post that support Bosco LOL. Even I never do that!

      20. @Nicole: ^^ Im a fan of many ppl, not just LF. The level of knowledge I have about each of my faves are different. My list is quite large (outside Txb is even larger than :p). Myolie is one in my list. Bosco, too but I refuse to get near of him now :p. So Im with Myolie more in term of bias but I want to give Bosco a change to be doubted. Right now we only has the assumptions and no evidence. Why need to accuse Bosco like he is got caught on bed with someone other than Myolie? I also assume that he did something bad to Myolie but my assumption isnt evidence and never evidence. Dont go to conclusion from nowhere.

        And I agree with Myolie that should give them spaces to solve their own matters. Anyone who isnt their representatives should calm down first.

      21. Ya I attack the posts that support him because those posts bash Myolie, saying that she look down on Bosco and all that. But we all know that’s not true. But I didn’t make a post or something that says I HATE BOSCO OMFGGGGG or he needs to DIEEE. That’s fiona. I only defend Myolie from attacks, I didn’t stab the knives into Bosco ok.

      22. Let’s just see Linda cry to see WI ratings affected by Myolie’s nationwide press con

      23. But I heard the rating for WI has already dropped a few number now even before the break up news.. Audiences are probably sick of the fairy tale storylike.

      24. My poor Linda. Her WI affected, and some people calling her third party too, because she and bosco act too well as couple in WI!? LOL

    2. Well, it wouldn’t matter if people hated him because TVB doesn’t care. They just give the award to whoever they want. A lot of the times they try to please fans, and go with who’s popular at the time, but they also can pull strings if they want someone specific to win. Evidently, it’s not Bosco’s time anyway. If it was, they have ways of ensuring his win.

    3. Well, I was sure that Myolie was avoiding the question because something was fishy. That doesn’t take a Myolie fan to realize. It’s not like a woman would ever admit “my husband/boyfriend is cheating on me” unless it’s true, out of pride or out of love. But I still gave Bosco the benefit of the doubt because I love Boscolie and I like Bosco’s acting. I don’t want to live knowing that one of my favorite actors hurt my favorite actress. So no, I wasn’t like BOSCO IS THE BAD GUY. It’s just I believe Myolie because I know what she’s going through from a female perspective better than a male’s. You believe Bosco is cheating too. When have I ever said Bosco is the bad guy? All I said is that I hate his inconsistent story about him being shy and quiet when it’s obvious he’s a flirt.

      1. There was an article here about Bosco where I comment he has psychological disorder because he said he has sunny personality in front of media and crowds and more quiet personality at home LOL. Someone later comment that many artists have dual personality

      2. yeah? no more fighting or calling me a crazy Myolie fan attacking Bosco, Vivien? But yes, I saw that article saying Bosco is shy at home and that’s why Myolie is bored of him, but flirting with girls on set isn’t exactly in front of a crowd either.

  24. We all should stop discussing/ argueing about this topic who is right or wrong. Everyone is shocked about this news, but they aren’t together anymore. We shouldn’t blame anyone. It was their decision so they have to live with it. It is really unbelievable, but people will accept it with time. When Shirley and Gregory broke up, there was many speculations etc. I think there were other reasons why the broke up. So you all shouldn’t blame on Bosco, it is really not fair towards him. I know here are many Myolie fans who want to defend her. But do you all think it is right to damage Bosco’s reputation because of defending Myolie? I am sorry, I disagree with you all. Things are not clear, so let’s speculate but not causing harm to him. “if you love someone set him/her free. If she/he comes back she/he is yours, forever. If she/he doesn’t they were never meant to be.”

  25. So far, there has been no concrete evidence to say Bosco cheated.

    Let’s just sit back and see which girl pops up on front page admitting to an affair with Bosco. If lucky, we will see Boscolie get back together again!

    1. And why does nobody think that Myolie has another one? … just because Bosco is boy, so it is judged that he must be the one who betrayed Myolie. People can’t live without prejudices.

      1. Because Myolie came out and said she didn’t have another to the press. Bosco has yet to do so.

      2. Are you reading too much of the Kristen Steward news? I’m not saying women can’t cheat but in this case isn’t it pretty obvious now that it’s the guy that made the huge mistake? Myolie is not the one crying miserably asking for a second chance and taking all the blame herself. It’s Bosco! If Myolie is the one cheating why would Bosco do all this drama saying that he would change and prove to her! And the question now is prove to her what?That he is capable of being loyal?That she should trust him again?Well that’s when all this guessing game starts.

  26. Does anybody have the video clip of when Myolie answers the break up questions in the blessing ceremony?

  27. Never a boscolie fan and despite knowing their characters are so different; I tot they make a good couple. people always say opposite attracts. regardless of rumours, fiction or facts, bosco potrayed a flirtatious side. no one actually knows what’s going on in the relationship except them. just wish them both good luck to resolving their problems n time to mend broken hearts

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