Myolie Wu Surprises Philip Lee with Sneaky Kiss

By on May 20, 2016 in NEWS

Myolie Wu Surprises Philip Lee with Sneaky Kiss

Although Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) took a two-month honeymoon after getting married with entrepreneur Philip Lee (胡杏兒), the newlyweds are often separated due to their busy schedules. Most recently, Philip flew to Taiwan to attend his friend’s wedding banquet, while Myolie was busy promoting her new stage play in Mainland China.

However, the couple’s posts on social media captures the sweetness of their relationship despite the separations. Earlier, Philip posted a short video on his Instagram. In the video, Myolie was seen sneaking behind the table where Philip sat with his friends. Approaching her husband from behind, Myolie stealthily planted a kiss on Philip’s cheek. The kiss took Philip by surprise, who instantly stopped talking and froze in place. He awkwardly asked “Who is this?” before finally turning around and realizing it was his wife.

Completely shocked and taken by surprise, Philip blushed profusely. He jumped out of his seat and immediately pulled Myolie in for a hug. Not only was Philip’s face red, but his neck had also flushed a bright scarlet. After recovering from his shock, Philip teased, “I should’ve told the person who kissed me that I was married!”

On the media post, Philip commented, “Mrs. Lee finished all her work early to earn a small break and decided to jump on a plane and pay me a surprise visit at my friend’s wedding in Taipei. Very unexpected but what a lovely surprise after not seeing her for a while.”


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    Ahhhh that is so sweet! I’m really liking this couple these days! Making effort for their marriage for sure!!! Love it!

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