Myolie Wu’s Husband Posts Moving Message for Two-Year Anniversary

Married for two years, Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) and Philip Lee (李乘德) welcomed their first child Brendan in October. Often sharing long, reflective posts on his social media, Philip reflected on their two-year marriage and dedicated a touching tribute to his wife:

“My wife once told me that no matter what, she would make sure that she would be the hardest working in whatever she did. That moment really struck a chord with me and it says so much about her. I know that most people know her mainly as an actress or public personality. But I would also like you to know that she is a tremendously committed daughter, sister, friend, wife, and now mother who works so hard for everything that is important to her.”

He continued, “Even though our journey is only two years old, and it’s been full of laughter and growth, her never-give-up attitude in making things better for everyone around is something that I respect and treasure. After all, the unachievable notion of ‘perfection’ as a couple is never really the goal – instead it will be our ability and attitude to overcome the obstacles ahead of us together that will define us and help carve out the life we seek. Thank you and happy two years LP xxx.”

In a shorter, but equally sweet gesture, Myolie also posted a photo from their wedding day and happily wrote, “Happy 2 years Hubby, thank you for making me laugh every day, love you!!”


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