Myolie Wu’s Son’s Face Revealed; Brendan is a Cutie!

Giving birth in October, Myolie Wu‘s (胡杏兒) son Brendan has turned three months old. Although Myolie frequently shares Brendan’s photos online, they have been restricted to side shots of his face. Yesterday, husband Philip Lee (李乘德) finally uploaded a close-up photo of Brendan, revealing the adorable baby’s face for the first time!

Brendan inherited the best traits from his parents. His most striking feature was his big, expressive eyes.

Philip wrote on Instagram, “Brendan is now [three months] old and we would like to share a photo of him with you. We are lucky that he is very healthy, so funny, always talkative, and definitely is a happy baby.
We would also like to share his Chinese name – 李奕霆 Brendan Yik Ting Lee. May you grow up to be an honorable gentleman with strong positive values, and don’t forget to look after your Mom and Dad, take us on holidays and to eat some good food! Love you Son.”

Philip is known for his expressive posts towards Myolie and their son. Earlier, he shared a moving post about Brendan’s birth and Myolie’s refusal to get an epidural during labor. For their two-year wedding anniversary, Philip wrote an appreciative note of gratitude towards Myolie for being an amazing wife.

Surrounded by her husband’s attentive gestures and her son’s cuteness, Myolie is enjoying her early days of motherhood. She wrote about Brendan on Instagram, “The happiest moment each morning is to wake up and see your sweet smile. The most enjoyable moment every night is when you fall asleep on my chest. Mommy loves you!”


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