Nana Ouyang’s Conservative Undergarment Ad Draws Criticisms

In recent years, Taiwanese artist Nana Ouyang (歐陽娜娜) is rising in popularity with her musical talent and sweet looks. Taking notice of the number of fans Nana garnered, advertisers are using her as the face of their marketing campaigns. Though a beloved starlet, Nana’s recent underwear advertisement drew backlash as netizens pointed out the 19-year-old’s undergarment photos are very conservative.

They criticized, “If you want to act innocent and not reveal your body, then don’t accept an underwear ad!”

Expressing disbelief over the photos, in which the active sports bras Nana wore were all half covered by a jacket or coat, netizens mocked, “Little sister, you must be making money so easily.”

They said this type of undergarment photoshoot is completely different from the typical ones where female celebrities would usually show off their glamourous body and a large amount of skin. People commented that if it wasn’t expressed literally that the brand is selling tight sports bras, they would’ve thought it’s a tight coat advertisement.

However, upon reviewing the advertisement details, the campaign focuses on freedom and comfort. The brand aims to sell the idea that women can feel comfortable with whatever they are doing – be it working, studying, exercising, or sleeping. It was not intended for consumers to perceive the product as sexy undergarment.

Source: Oncc

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  1. She looks like that Korean actress who married a Chinese man/actor? Not sure of her name. These pics do look like they are selling jackets more than undergarments. haha lol….

  2. i thought she was selling the entire outfit not the undergarment. is it a typo?

  3. She’s 19 yrs old and I think it’s perfectly appropriate to be conservative. Just because it’s undergarments doesn’t mean it has to be sexy.

    1. @khoobunny Agree.
      I wish there was a facepalm emoji. When they wear less, they say it’s inappropriate and should be covered. When they wear more, they say wear less or that it’s not good enough. xD

  4. People are creepy as hell. She’s 19 and they’re complaining about her conservativeness?

    1. @scarlett013 Agree with your comment. If the agency chose her to represent their brand that means they do not mind it being worn that way (in a conservative manner). As a parent, I would rather buy for my teenage daughter clothing which is portrayed by a model stylishly than in a revealing manner.

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