Natalie Tong Dumps Amigo Chui For Kenneth Ma To Earn Extra Income

Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) and her relationship with rumored boyfriend Amigo Chui (崔建邦) has been going on-and-off. Natalie decided to seal her lips and refused to respond to questions pertaining to it. However, when mentioned about onscreen lover Kenneth Ma (馬國明), Natalie went on and on about Kenneth, having full praises for him that he was a good man and hoping to partner up with him to earn “couple money” together. Natalie also expressed that she wouldn’t mind recommending girls to him.

Pairing artistes up as on-screen couples has always been one of TVB’s recent money spinning strategies. Natalie Tong and Kenneth Ma have collaborated for three drama series now, namely, A Fistful of Stances <鐵馬尋橋>, The Other Truth <真相>, and The Life and Times of a Sentinel <紫禁驚雷>.

Through all these collaborations, Natalie’s understanding of Kenneth deepened and as a result, when they filmed together, their acting was able to become more natural. Natalie explained, “We weren’t familiar with each other when we first filmed Fistful of Stances. Since we were acting as brothers and sisters, our relationship slowly grew. While filming The Other Truth, we  acted as a loving couple. Some of the intimate scenes were requested to be added by us. Because of our mutual trust, there was no need for any avoidance.”

Highly Praised Kenneth Ma As A Good Man

*Warning: Spoilers of The Life and Times of a Sentinel ahead!

In The Life and Times of a Sentinel, Natalie and Kenneth finally married as husband and wife whereas in real life, Kenneth has always been viewed as one of the “hot properties” in TVB. Natalie laughed and said many friends have asked her to recommend girls to Kenneth, “Kenneth is a good man. However, it’s such a pity that he doesn’t know how to brew coffee like Moses Chan (陳豪). He doesn’t even know how to make milk tea. I think I must teach him to make some trademark drinks first!” As for rumors about her reconciliation with Amigo, Natalie did not admit or deny, “I will not respond to this. Work is still my top priority.”

Improving On Her Lazy Slur

Natalie’s scenes in The Life And Times Of A Sentinel was not a lot but in fact it was the first time she was shooting an ancient drama. Hence she professed that there were many areas she had to improve on, “Because the role that I’m playing speaks a mixture of Indonesian and Fujian language hence even till now, I still have a lazy slur when I speak. But I have already found my television station friend to teach me and will listen to language tapes and improve on my enunciation.”

In other news, Natalie had earlier went to Japan’s Kansai and Osaka to film a travel special. Natalie excitedly said, “Although the process was a tough one but to be able to see and feel the culture and sights of other countries, it was indeed an eye-opening experience!”


This article was translated by Ah K, a Contributing Writer at

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      1. @Funn Lim @Larry 3:

        The actual title in Chinese/Cantonese was even more misleading, “Natalie Tong dumps Amigo Chui for Kenneth Ma for her two meals.” Made it seem like Natalie was a beggar man, two meals?! Sheesh, I think Natalie has the ability to earn her own two meals and more than that, thank you very much! :O

      2. @ Ah K

        Earning 2 meals just mean earning a living. It’s a common Canto phrase.

      3. @Kidd:

        Ah, I see! As you can tell, my Cantonese isn’t very good so yeah lol! 😀

    1. I know, the title really confused me. At first I thought it was from a series or something…

  1. Oh gosh I hope that they don’t become a money making couple in my opinion they look like brother and sister. I rather have Selena and Kenneth together they have more chemistry.

    1. Just for money? lol. I do think Kenneth and Selena have more chemistry together.

  2. ““Because the role that I’m playing speaks a mixture of Indonesian and Fujian language”

    Bahasa Indonesia?

    @ Ah K

    *Warning: Spoilers of The Life and Times of a Sentinel ahead!

    Haha, it’s not much of a spoiler. Kenneth and Natalie is a married couple from the start.

    1. @Kidd:

      Ah yes, Bahasa Indonesia lol!

      “Haha, it’s not much of a spoiler. Kenneth and Natalie is a married couple from the start.”

      Oh really? I see, haha! Thanks for pointing that out! I didn’t watch “The Life and Times of a Sentinel” plus the article wrote that they finally married as a couple in that show so I thought it was at a later part of that drama. Lol! 😀

  3. Wahaha! In that case, can Natalie recommend me to Kenneth? I would love to get to meet him in real life! Lol, just kidding! I like Kenneth cause he seems very smart in real life (Erm not counting the loss of his script), graduating from University of British Columbia, majoring in Mechanical Engineering (he was the one who taught Raymond those scientific terms for the drama “Mysteries of Love”)

    Haha maybe cause I’m more drawn to brains than brawns or rather geeks! :S

  4. I find Natalie to be quite wooden playing this ancient character in Life and Times. And her slurring of words is quite annoying too, really hope she improves, fast!

    1. I agreed that she looks wooden and I was thinking she could do better than that. But we can’t blame her because I didn’t realized this was her first time shooting an ancient drama. I also didn’t know that she was speak a mixture of Indonesian and Fujian language but I do find her to have a lazy slur too. I hope she improves too. Since I read her pervious article, I leaned more about her and I think her acting is matured as she is becoming more mature about life.

  5. I also have a lazy slur when I speak…in any language. I chalk it up to my overall lazy habits :T The only time when I don’t speak like this is when I’m speaking English with non-native speaker…I don’t want to mislead them haha

    I think Kenneth and Natalie look cute together…but something is missing in their chemistry. I thought Ma Ming’s chemistry with Selena and Ella Koon are much better.

  6. She should have dumped that bum a long time ago. Wasn’t he beating her up or something? If so she’s a fool to stay.

  7. Watching episode 21 of TOT now.

    Feel sorry for Cecilia. Why everyone also loves Mavis? Keith, Wallace, Alex, Michael. What so attractive about her? Yes, I can see she has her good points. I like her character too. But, I don’t see her as more attractive than the other girls/women in the series. But, the series make her out to me so damn attractive. Alex and Wallace already attracted to her the 1st/2nd time they met her. And then, Keith praise her to be a high quality woman, not to mention her ex to take such a long time to let her go.

    I also feel bad for Cecilia knowing what will happen to her later. The first man she loves does not reciprocate her love, the second man she loves also turns out…

    Watch more liao. The evelator scene a bit not right. Keith was going to kiss Mavis, but, was disrupted. But, Mavis just tried to avoid him earlier. Even if she hugged him and cried, it’s only because she has a great scare. How can Keith just go on to kiss her? Mavis is not his girlfriend, neither has she expressed that she likes him back or show any hint of mutual affection. How can he just kiss like that? I feel abit disturbed by scene.

  8. “Why everyone also loves Mavis?”
    Must be her nose. 😀

  9. Kenneth Ma may not be good looking but I personally feel he’s a nice person. Wish him well.

    1. I think Kenneth is attractive…I just re watched Eternal Happiness and he looked so young and different in there…I almost did not recognize him.

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