Netizens Want Bosco Wong to Win Favorite Male Singer

Bosco Wong’s (黃宗澤)  short-lived singing career has always been heatedly debated amongst netizens. After Louis Koo’s (古天樂) surprising Favorite Male Singer win at the 2018 Ultimate Song Chart Awards, netizens believe it should be Bosco’s turn next. Reporters took the chance to ask the actor for his thoughts when he attended a promotional event for Shaw Brothers’ new web drama Guardian Angel <守護神之保險調查> alongside Michael Miu (苗僑偉), Kate Tsui (徐子珊), Annie Liu (劉心悠), Sammi Cheung (張秀文), and Telford Wong (黃庭鋒).

Surprised, Bosco said, “I think Mr. Koo’s speech was so amazing, especially when he said ‘I really like to sing, unfortunately, I don’t know how to.’ I think it’s a pretty happy occasion; now that I think about it, Michael can also try it.”

Dragging Michael into the water, Bosco said he wants to sing a duet with him.  He complimented Michael’s singing, which Michael said has a lot of emotions. “He sings fast songs though and rarely love songs.” Bosco shared. “I will push Michael to become this year’s newcomer. I can’t climb ahead of him.”

Smiling, Michael said he also thought about joining the music scene in the past. In fact, his manager at the time was debating whether to push him or Andy Lau (劉德華) to become a singer. “If I was chosen, the whole music industry would’ve turned out differently,” Michael joked.

Also at the event was Annie, who revealed she already accomplished last year’s goal of realizing her dream to practice ballet. She’s also tackling this year’s goal already, which was to learn how to swim. Originally afraid of water, she could do without a floatie just after six lessons. “I can use the breaststroke to swim 50 meters,” Annie shared. “In the future, I can take on swimming dramas.”

When asked if she wants to find a boyfriend, she said she doesn’t want to yet. “I didn’t find a balance yet – once I’m doing work, I’m very into it and don’t care about anything else,” she said.

Source: OrientalDaily

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