Ngo Ka Nin to Get Married in September

TVB actor, Ngo Ka Nin (敖嘉年), will also be added to the list of dragon celebrity grooms this year. Next Magazine reported that Ka Nin and his girlfriend of 12 years, Betty, plan to hold a small and private wedding in Canada this September.

Wanting to keep things simple and low-profile, Ka Nin originally did not want to announce his wedding to the public. However, after news of his planned wedding in Canada leaked out, Ka Nin had no choice but to confirm it to the press.

Ka Nin admitted to Next Magazine, “Yes, I will be getting married in September. But I do not wish to disclose the exact date.”

The 39-year-old actor explained that he wants the wedding to be simple and small. The couple will not dress up for the wedding, nor will they invite their friends to witness their marriage. After the ceremony in Canada, they will return to Hong Kong and hold a 3-table wedding banquet, in which they will invite their families, relatives, and elders to attend. Ka Nin’s martial arts elders, including his sifu and martial arts actor, Chen Kuan Tai (陳觀泰), are also invited. The couple will not invite Ka Nin’s colleagues from the entertainment circle.

An insider revealed more details of Ka Nin’s wedding, “His girlfriend’s entire family lives in Canada. Since the couple does not want a high-profile wedding, they decided to hold it there. They have not taken their wedding pictures yet, but they will go to Thailand in the end of the year to make that up. Ka Nin and his sifu, Chen Kuan Tai, agreed to help out in Sharon Yeung’s (楊盼盼) new film, but because of the wedding, Sharon Yeung postponed the filming from September to October. After the wedding, they will also stay in Canada for their honeymoon.”

Ka Nin Plans to Buy a House in Thailand

Ka Nin and his girlfriend currently live in a rented flat in North Point. Ka Nin expressed that he hopes to have a chance to purchase his own residence after marriage, but flat prices are currently too expensive for him to afford. Although Ka Nin cannot realize his home-owning dreams in Hong Kong, he plans to do it elsewhere, “I’m planning to buy a house in Thailand because both my girlfriend and I really like it there. With $2 million HKD, I’ll be able to buy a house there to be our ‘love nest’!”

Betty Willing to Be Ka Nin’s “Invisible Woman”

Ka Nin has been with TVB for 15 years. After earning a “Best Supporting Actor” nomination and winning “Most Improved Actor” for 2009’s Rosy Business <巾幗梟雄>, Ka Nin rose from a second-tier actor to a second-line actor within a few years. Ka Nin received top billing after Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) and Kent Cheng (鄭則士) for the palace drama, King Maker <造王者>, and will star alongside Wayne in Lee Tim Sing’s (李添勝) new drama, Detective Columbo <神探哥倫布>.

A former news reporter for the Associated Press, Ka Nin’s girlfriend, Betty, currently has her own business, and is the owner of a workshop. Betty was very supportive of Ka Nin during the low points of his career, and was willing to be Ka Nin’s “invisible woman” once Ka Nin’s career began to take off again. In 2011, romantic rumors of Ka Nin with Elena Kong (江美儀) and Toby Leung (梁靖琪) sprung, prompting Ka Nin to slowly reveal his “taken” status to the public.

Source: Next Magazine #1172

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  1. Congratulations to Pierre and Betty! I had no idea he was 39 already though.

    1. yeah me either!! shivers..thn again i am 27 but people think i am 17 and always ask me for id lol

      1. I thought he’s about 33-34.
        Haha. Most asians look younger than their age, except for Pinocchio.

      2. Asians always look younger than real age, with some exceptions as Nicole said

  2. Eyes popped. 39-year-old actor.

    39??????!!! But! he’s! so! young-looking!

    omgosh. he’s older than most tvb fadans and ex-fadans.

    anyways, congrats to him and his future bride. =)

    1. i know, OMG he looks really good for his age. hahah…babyface helps??? awesome and just by 12 years together you gotta hang it to him i mean how many can you say celebs last 12 years and actually getting married. wow, congrats…

  3. 3 tables really is a very small wedding dinner.

    Anyway, congrats to Ka Nin and Betty. 😀

  4. Congratz Ka Nin n Betty! I like Ka Nin and his acting is very good.

  5. I always read about first line and second line actors saying they do not have enough money to buy a house. If they also do not have enough money, what about the 3rd and 4th tier married actors? Do they own a house or not?

    1. It is super expensive to own a flat in Hong Kong. Don’t mention about houses. You will have to a billionaire to own a house in Hong Kong.

      1. Imagine charmaine Sheh can own a few properties in HK… that means she’s super rich.

      2. Kidd, it means they can buy a much smaller apartment or they can buy outskirts or in China where their money can buy a bigger property. In HK itself, it would be near impossible unless we are talking about old areas which are prone to fire. I see their wires all hanging out, I also fear walking in the building, more so live in them.

        You don’t need to be a billionaire. But it depends where you’re living.

    2. I doubt it. The houses in HK are the most expensive in the world. 3-5 million HKD will probably buy you a small 300-400 SQF condo/apartment. Average price in HK now is around 10k (HKD) per SQF.

      1. Hong Kong property are super expensive and Hong Kong celebrity also make Malaysian property to raise up like crazy. My hometown Penang property are so so so expensive..

  6. He looks very young for his age! He is even older than Kenneth?! Wow!!

    Congrats to him but why Thailand? Every few months got political unrest. If want a vacation home try malaysia!! Girlfriend looks plain but she stood by him, not unlike Carol Chu except to me they look like the healthier couple to so speak.

    1. @Funn,

      Dangerous in Msia nowadays.. I feel like i was in a foreign country during the Raya festives especially when you’re in KL city!! Tons of foreigners lofting around etc..

      1. At least no bombs. Out of KL is ok. Like anywhere in the world, don’t walk out alone in the middle of the night.

    2. Life in Thailand can be pretty good if you are well off. My friend’s husband’s family lives there so my buddy goes there every year. She tells me it is a third world country but since her husband’s family is rich, their life is pretty good for the most part.

      Looks are not important once you really connect, love each other, are there for each other,etc… I am glad that Jia Nian has a great person that was with him through thick and thin. Don’t we all hope for someone like that??? Therefore, looks are no longer important after you reach thr marriage stage..

      1. Yeah, because living costs are low so for overseas investors buying a home, they get more value than compared to HK. HK population is too dense it seems.

      2. Thailand is not THAT dangerous. It is just exaggerated for political purposes. There are nice beaches there for a quick getaway!

  7. Wow, I did not realize that he’s 39! I would have thought younger thirties.

    Congrats to the happy couple!

  8. Congratulations, Ngo Ka Nin. You are a good actor and you are lucky to have a woman stand behind you.

  9. Congrats to him and Betty!!! Wow, 3 tables is really small. Actually, that is more than what Julian and Anita did. I think as long as your marriage is lasting and happy then that is the most important thing. I feel it is meaningless to spend a lot of money throwing a big wedding but then not having a happy and lasting marriage. Anyways wish them a lifetime of happiness together!!

    1. I agree. Besides I really admire that they’ve been together for so long! Its nice to see a TVB so faithful and committed to his gf. Though noticeably its the ones who have been supporting actors that have more stable love lives by the looks of it.

  10. Congratulations to the pair of them~! (Gosh, he looks young.)

  11. Pierre Ngo should be able to afford a house in Hong Kong soon. His acting is getting recognised, and should rise to first line actor. He acted really well in the King Maker, alongside superb acting from all the veterans like Kent Cheng and Kingdom Yuen. Surprised that the ratings have been kinda weak.

  12. Great news! Congrats to Ka Nin and Betty! They look very happy together! Hope they will start a family soon!

  13. Congrats to Pierre & Betty ! Pierre acting is very good. TVB should be nominate him to be the best supporting actor.

    REPLY To This Comment

  14. Congrats Pierre & Betty! Pierre is one of the better actors at TVB and I hope he gets more opportunities moving forward!

  15. Yes, Pierre certainly looks young for his age. I’ve always liked him not only for his looks but also for his acting. May he live happily forever with his Betty. Bad things do happen in Thailand but I suppose it depends where you live that is important.

  16. Pierre a very good actor, me n my family like to watch his movies
    Congrats Pierre n Betty, All the BEST.

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