Nicholas Tse Denies Being the Father of Cecilia Cheung’s Third Child

When Cecilia Cheung (張柏芝) secretly  gave birth to her third child in November, there were many theories of who is the real father. Rumors ranged from a wealthy Singaporean businessman and even Cecilia’s ex-husband, Nicholas Tse (謝霆锋). The rumors further spread that Nicholas and current girlfriend, Faye Wong (王菲), are having problems in their relationship and he will remarry Cecilia next month. Unhappy with the rumors getting out of control, Nicholas finally released a statement in response.

On Nicholas’ Sina Weibo, he denied to be the father of Cecilia’s third child and claimed his relationship with Faye is fine, “All the rumors about me are astonishing. My love life is stable. I am only the father of Lucas and Quintus and will do my best to care for them.”

Nicholas further pleaded the public to stop fabricating rumors, “I hope everyone will stop spreading rumors; I think they will negatively affect the child’s real father. Please stop the rumors so the child can grow in a healthy environment. I will not respond to this matter any further. Thank you.”

Although Nicholas responded to this particular rumor directly, there are many other outrageous claims. One rumor even tried to link Nicholas and his former co-star, Yang Mi (杨幂), claiming that he will break up with Faye next year and then announce his relationship with Yang Mi. The rumors are so absurd that many netizens exclaimed, “Is the media trying to create news? These things are too exaggerated to be true.”

Source: HK01

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  1. The HK tabloids are really getting out of hand. Do they really need stories that badly that they need to fabricate all these rumors? Like Nicholas said, they need to stop this nonsense and respect the family and the child. Leave them alone and let the child live his life peacefully.

  2. The next thing the tabloids will come out with, is that Edison is the father and secretly had another one-night-stand with Cecelia…………hahahha…………..The thing is, if Cecilia wasn’t so secretive with the newborn from sneaking in/out of hospital and not disclosing to the media who the father is, this type of scenario is expected…………….Yes, everyone wants their privacy, but people in the entertainment business will never get privacy.

    1. @yuaida
      Cecelia should be a lot more respected when it comes to devotion to family. It’s always been known that Cecelia hates the entertainment industry but it’s a great source of money for her and she is talented. Her priorities of boyfriends and family in the past made her a nightmare to work with. The criticism Cecelia got for having her baby in Hong Kong although she is very private about her personal life is totally unreasonably. If she could she would have keep everything from the media but they found out. It is quite obvious that she had the baby in Hong Kong only for nationality or better facilities purposes, Cecelia is very protective of her family and once she fully leaves the entertainment industry, we won’t here of her again…

  3. For the Netizen to call out the media being too exaggerated is like a pot calling the kettle black, lol.

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