Nicholas Tse’s New Cookie Brand is a Big Hit

Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒) has made a name for himself as an idol chef after the whirlwind success of his food program Chef Nic <12道鋒味> last year. Last month, the 34-year-old artiste made his own brand of cookies, called the Taste of Nic (鋒味), and released them in limited quantities to the public. Selling only 500 boxes per day at Taste of Nic stores, the cookies are made and sold only in Hong Kong.

Fans from all over the world rushed to Nicholas’ store in Hong Kong, hoping to try a taste of his unique cookies. Many locals queue outside the store at least five hours before the store opens. Among the people are elderly women, who are getting paid by tourists to queue. Some of these cookies are also sold online elsewhere for a shockingly expensive price.

Taste of Nic cookiesThe outstanding popularity for Taste of Nic can be seen every morning. Over 100 people line up at least five hours before the store opens at 11 am. Yesterday a granny, who was the first in line, said she had been lining up since 6 a.m. The granny expressed that she has been getting paid to queue for the past few days to purchase the Taste of Nic cookies.

“There will always be people who will pay me to line up,” she said. “A few days ago, someone paid me $60 HKD. Today, it was $40 HKD. Even if no one pays me to queue, I’m sure someone will buy the cookies from me.”

With the help of a queuer, a tourist managed to purchase six boxes of cookies. The tourist, who is from Mainland China, shared, “I’ve been here a few days and couldn’t get my hands on these cookies until now. That’s why I’m buying so many boxes.”

After stuffing all of the boxes in his bag, the tourist was asked if he would be re-selling them in Mainland China. “No,” he said firmly. “I’m giving these away as souvenirs.” However, once the reporters walked away, the tourist shouted at them rudely to not publish the photos.

Reporters phoned Nicholas’ manager Mani Fok (霍汶希), asking her if she is aware that many elderly women are getting paid to queue in line. Mani said that Nicholas is aware of the situation and his heart is aching for the grandmothers who are standing in line under the scorching heat for five hours.

“Nicholas is having contradicting feelings. While he is happy to know that they are finding ways to earn money, he is very worried about their health.”

Mani said that Nicholas is also aware that his cookies are getting resold at higher prices in Mainland China, but in order to maintain the quality of his product, he will continue to make only 500 boxes per day.

Nicholas Tse Shares Concept Behind “Taste of Nic” Cookies

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  1. Smart move. Clever marketing strategy – keep supplies limited, which boosts the urge to want … bec it is now ‘exclusive’.

  2. Yes, 500 boxes per day to up the value but why not say per person 3 or 4 boxes only to stop those hording the boxes?

  3. 500 boxes per day than limit the amount per client… Nic he shouldn’t be stup*d why not just enforce the limit on it. Once I step foot in HK i want these cookies too lolll

  4. It’s like when those mainland tourists come to shop at shopping outlets in the States for branded products and then go back reselling them for higher prices.

  5. I watched the show and I feel that it is very scripted and not genuine. But I think that Nic can really cook and has a talent and interest for doing so. But gosh, I don’t think any fan will keep buying those cookies at that price over long periods of time. I would rather have my good old “Blue Ribbon” brand yummy cookies.

    1. Hype drives fads and sales, esp effective on sheep mentalities who need to have, for the sake of having just because everyone else is doing it/having it.


      And they look like generic cookies for all the hype (the last one – shortbread butter cookie)

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