Niki Chow Binge Eats to Relieve Stress

While filming for Another Era <再創世紀>, Niki Chow (周勵淇) felt stressed in portraying her character. She started binge eating and even gained five pounds.

The actress had accepted the invitation to return to TVB and star in Another Era, which centers around the turbulence of the Hong Kong financial markets. Portraying Ella from her 20s to 30s, in which she changes from a naive rich second generation to a businesswoman, was Niki’s biggest challenge yet.

“Ella is not a person who schemes or have much emotions. She doesn’t think too much either, because she doesn’t understand how a business works or how calculative people can be. She’s just a very stagnant person, and I had to maintain this attitude for several episodes,” Niki said.

For Niki, it was very difficult to act idle and dull, because it’s almost as if her character is lifeless. Despite, being a second generation, Ella has no authoritative power or control over money. The only power she has, is her status as the daughter of a rich conglomerate. This often leads her to being used by others to achieve their goals. Niki said, “Ella is basically the innocent little rabbit stuck in a circle of eager wolves. And that was hard to act, because I can’t do much, and yet there is so much activity around me.” As a result, Niki has to constantly act unhappy and miserable in most of her scenes.

To comfort herself, Niki stated that she would try to have fun around the set and eat started binge eating. When asked on the amount of food she ate, she replied, “I didn’t stop, I just kept eating. I ate everything my assistant made, and eventually, I gained five pounds.”


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