No Awkwardness Between Tony Hung and Kelly Fu in “We Lied About Marriage”

There was no awkwardness between Tony Hung (洪永城) and Kelly Fu (傅嘉莉) when they had to do a rather intimate scene for the new TVB drama, tentatively titled We Lied About Marriage <我瞞結婚了>. The scene was apparently pretty intense, because when reporters asked if Tony had notified his girlfriend, Natalie Tong (唐詩詠), about the scene, Tony slipped up and said, “Probably should’ve mentioned it.”

A while ago, paparazzi caught up with Tony and Kelly while they were filming an outdoor shoot for the new series in Kowloon City. The scene was about Tony saving Kelly from a speeding car. He wrapped his arms tightly around Kelly’s waist and pulled her to him. Their interaction was romantic and intimate.

In the show, Tony is married to Priscilla Wong (黃翠如). He has an extra-marital affair with Kelly.

In a brief interview with the reporters afterwards, Kelly said she didn’t feel embarrassed with Tony. “Not really… we have an action choreographer directing us on how to do the scene. It’s just acting.”

How did Kelly “feel”? Tony said, “Let’s not talk about that. It’ll be awkward for her. We’re just acting. I don’t feel embarrassed… everything’s okay.”

Source: Eastweek

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  1. What is tvb thinking now? So now it has become normal for married man to have affairs? Very cool is it? How male leads become crappy ethically being made to be cool??? OMG.

    1. @dramadrama Agree!! So many dramas with men (the male leads too!) having extra-marital affairs and making it seem like it is OK. “My Lover from Planet Meow” and “Two Steps from Heaven” BOTH have it, and both are making it seem ok or romantic or even “better”. It’s ok as a plot device in one drama, but every drama? That’s not cool at all. Seems like they are desperate for viewers or to make headlines.

      1. @melia880 @dramadrama
        I know right. It’s good that you two are pointing this out. One of the reasons why I do not watch American shows is for this reason, but I feel like Asians are beginning to follow the same route. I’m beginning to not only see this on TVB shows, but also on Korean dramas. What ever happened to the ancient dramas where even touching the hand of the opposite-sex was inappropriate. I’ve been avoiding these kind of dramas with extra-marital affairs; soon, the only thing I’ll be able to watch are children cartoons.

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