Olympian Zhang Jike Breaks Up with Jing Tian

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Olympian Zhang Jike Breaks Up with Jing Tian

Olympian table tennis player Zhang Jike (张继科) has broken up with Chinese actress Jing Tian (景甜), and fans are oddly celebrating.

Known as one of the wealthiest and most influential athletes in China, Zhang Jike announced his relationship with the The Great Wall <长城> actress in March 2018, confirming many months of speculation. The couple comfortably dated in public, and openly showed affection towards each other on social media. Zhang even attended the birthday party of Jing’s mother, and their relationship seemed solid.

Just as the couple was looking like they were about to seal the deal, rumors of separation started to circulate earlier this year after fans noticed that Zhang had gotten rid of a tattoo that was dedicated to Jing. On Valentine’s Day, he told fans that won’t be celebrating it, and removed Jing from his profile portrait. “Do you know understand now?” he asked his fans.

Last month at the Cannes Film Festival, Jing confirmed to reporters that she is no longer in a relationship. She released a short 13-character statement on Weibo, saying, “Thankful to have met one another. Hoping everything will be better here on out.”

After Jing’s statement, the media turned its focus to Zhang to see if he would make a reply. In a recent recording for the Chinese reality show Crazy Magic <疯狂的麦咭>, Zhang appeared to be in a good mood, and not at all affected by the news of the split. While the ex-couple never explained about the reason behind the split, rumors say that Zhang’s father did not approve of Jing due to her background in entertainment.

Fans and netizens left supportive comments on Zhang’s social media after the split was confirmed, joking that the nation’s women now “have hope.” 

Sources: On.cc

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