Phoebe Sin Spells Difference in Treatment from Ruco Before And After Marriage

Married to actor Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) for close to four years, actress Phoebe Sin (單文柔) shared how her husband had courted her by showering her with praises, and said she continues to be “infatuated” with him – though to a lesser degree now!

Sharing details of their love story on MIB: Men in Binlo <人夫放假約出去滾>, Ruco recalled how he had “formed a good impression” of Phoebe, a Miss Hong Kong 2016 pageant contestant, when he was part of the panel of judges. Returning her husband’s compliment on Sharon Chan’s (陳敏之) heart-to-heart talkshow Chi Chat, 31-year-old Phoebe spilled that she first took notice of Ruco while tuning in to the 2014 romantic drama Outbound Love <單戀雙城>. Then doing her undergraduate studies in England, she had wanted to catch Aimee Chan (陳茵媺) onscreen, but ended up being drawn to Ruco. Little did she think that she would one day become the leading lady of his life as the two got to know each other in real life, date, marry and even build a family together.

About Getting Praised Generously During Their Courtship

Phoebe shared how she was praised by Ruco for the smallest things.

Reminiscing their dating interactions, Phoebe said, “I’ve never had anyone praise me so highly before…it could merely be something small that I arranged, and he’d say, ‘that’s so brilliant, or so capable,’ that had me thinking, wow, he really knows how to appreciate me. I’d feel really good.”

However, the “infatuated” wife said that friction in the relationship, and Ruco’s nit-picking on small matters after marriage, made her think, “Why don’t you praise me as much as you used to? Why does it seem that everything I do now is a little less [than perfect]?”

Nevertheless, Phoebe is still very much in love, as she self-deprecatingly joked on the show, “But he is always so good-looking–it’s very dangerous for me.”

Amused by Ruco’s Jealousy that Daughter “Loves Mommy More”

The arrival of their firstborn “Little Piggy” changed the couple’s lives!

Holding a dream wedding in 2018 after dating for just over a year, Ruco and Phoebe embraced parenthood and welcomed the birth of “Little Piggy” (小豬比) in 2019.

Sharing insights into their family life, Phoebe recalls the funny part about how Ruco got “jealous” and even looked “heartbroken” when he sensed that Little Piggy’s love for Daddy was less than her affection for Mommy. “When Little Piggy said, ‘No, Don’t like Daddy,’ he’d get real upset, like he just fell out of love, and then try teasing her by saying, ‘Piggy, what’s happened?’”

While he used to be someone of few words before becoming a father, Ruco’s interactions with Little Piggy gradually shaped him into someone who is “nicer” and also more genuinely “happier” now, Sharon commented.

Keeping her decision to take part in the 2016 beauty pageant a secret from her family – Phoebe had told herself the worst thing that can happen was simply losing. She had entered the industry later on despite their objections!

Though she did not make it to the finals, entering the pageant led to her meeting the love of her life, as her tentativeness on stage had evoked his protective instincts. Ruco earlier confided, “I felt as if she was very unconfident. You really felt like protecting her, to give her some confidence.”

Source: HK01

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