Pinky Cheung Reveals Christianity Saved Her

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Pinky Cheung Reveals Christianity Saved Her

Actress Pinky Cheung (張文慈), who recently appeared in TVB’s Life on the Line < 跳躍生命線 >, experienced many ups and downs in her life, including being a teen rape victim. During her darkest days, Pinky found relief in Christianity, which also brought her closer with her family.

In the industry for over two decades, Pinky left ATV in 2010 and was baptized in the same year. Voicing her gratitude, Pinky expressed, “Faith saved me and my family. In the past, my family would not see me often and whenever they do, we would always end up having arguments. Now, we care a lot about each other. Even though I didn’t have a warm family growing up, I have one that cares about me now.”

When asked about her unhappy times in the past, Pinky bluntly said, “I don’t really want to use my past stories as promotion – do you really think it’s worth mentioning? Who would want to talk about their sad past? However, trying to face your old wounds is a type of healing mechanism. It might hurt when you talk about it at first, but when you think about it again for a second time, it won’t hurt anymore.”

Although she is getting consistent work, Pinky’s love life is currently a blank sheet. Explaining that she lacks the traditional characteristics of a wife, Pinky said that was one of the reasons her recent relationship failed. Not wanting to get married just for the sake of it, Pinky i’s not in a hurry and believes that she will eventually find happiness.

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