Pinky Cheung Files Police Report After Being Harassed by Crazy Fan for 4 Years

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Pinky Cheung Files Police Report After Being Harassed by Crazy Fan for 4 Years

After being harassed by a crazy fan for four years, actress Pinky Cheung (張文慈) finally decided to report her to the police. The fan has been assuming different online identities to spread lies about Pinky, and even started bombarding the actress’ friends and family.

Kick-starting her career in 1996 after participating in the ATV Miss Asia Pageant, Pinky starred in a variety of popular dramas and movies, including the classic My Date With A Vampire <我和殭屍有個約會>. Making a comeback, Pinky starred in TVB drama Deep in the Realm of Conscience <宮心計2深 宮計> in 2018.

Not limiting her work in Hong Kong, Pinky also began working in Mainland China. Gaining some popularity with her Mainland fans, one female fan in particular took special interest in the actress and began attending every one of Pinky’s events. At first, Pinky was moved by the fan’s support and would often take time out of her schedule to either take photos or have mini gatherings with her fans. Taking advantage of Pinky’s kindness, the female fan began making unreasonable requests, which Pinky promptly denied.

Unknown to Pinky, the fan didn’t take the rejections lightly and began plotting against the actress, including going on social media and posting negative comments about Pinky. However, this issue seemingly came to end when the fan posted an apology regarding her poor behavior.

However, in recent months, the fan’s aggressive behavior worsened. Using a fake name and calling the paging station that Pinky utilizes, she left a message stating that Pinky “killed her unborn baby”, claiming that she suffered a miscarriage from all the stressful travelling. Using a male name another time, the fan left a message stating that there’s someone waiting for Pinky outside her apartment building.

Most recently, the fan began targeting Pinky’s family and the people she works with. As it turns out, the fan left messages on various producers’ Weibo accounts, asking them to stop casting Pinky, and claimed that she was a liar and swindled fans out of gifts. The fan said Pinky was extremely greedy and claimed that the actress asked fans to mail all gifts to her brother’s mailbox.

Unable to handle the harassment, Pinky finally reported the issue to the police. Speaking out about accepting gifts, Pinky said she only did it out of respect. She expressed, “When she said I was greedy, she’s probably talking about how I accepted minor gifts from fans. In the beginning, I only accepted them out of respect for the person, but I’ve stopped accepting them afterwards. Because some people were upset about this, I told them that they can send them to TVB instead. To be honest, I’ve only accepted things such as tea leaves, chocolate, and accessories. I feel so bad for my brother – he doesn’t even know my fans and this has nothing to do with him. It’s okay if you talk about me, but why would you involve my family? I’m honestly very hurt by this. Everything I have right now was bought with my hard-earned money.”

Luckily, Pinky has many fans and family who supported her, including good friend Angie Cheong (張慧儀) and co-worker Teresa Mak (麥方喬), who both said that calling the police was the right thing to do.


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