Plump Athena Chu Denies Pregnancy: “That’s Crazy News!”

Rumored to be pregnant, Athena Chu (朱茵) wore a one-piece dress to attend the charity event of a skin care brand. Despite her waist appearing to be visibly thicker than before, Athena denied pregnant rumors. Asked what plans she had for Valentine’s Day, Athena said, “I do not have plans yet. Perhaps my boyfriend, Paul Wong (黃貫中), and I will cook dinner together. However, I did receive a bicycle as a gift.”

Asked whether Athena will give Paul a baby for this year’s Valentine’s Day, Athena said, “That’s crazy! It’s a human life. Right now, I am not pregnant.” (You cannot reveal the pregnancy yet due to its early stage?) “That’s crazy! No, that’s not it! Each winter, when I wear a puffy down coat, the journalists will craft such pregnancy stories!”



Jayne: Is Athena pregnant or not? I guess we’ll know in a matter of months! 

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  1. She might be pregnant,all the Hong Kong celebrities lie or maybe she ate too much and put on a bit of weight. She’s too skinny anyway,won’t harm to eat a few burgers and chips. If she is really pregnant her tummy is still flatter than mine and i’m not pregnant – just had one too many KFCs lol

  2. Hmm, why she reacts too serious like this? I sense a real pregnancy :). BTW in her age, havin’ a baby is nothing wrong.

    1. Maybe she’s strict in following the chinese taboo? like for eg. One can’t announce their pregnancy if they haven’t reach 3 months of stability.

  3. Time will show. And yes, having a baby may not a bad thing for her as she has…..been old (still cute)

  4. She looks bigger than normal. It is either she is pregnant or gain a good amount of weight.

  5. She may be pregnant. We will see in a few months if she is or not…

  6. Hate to say it guys, but every winter I look pregnant too! LOL LOL

  7. It’s it about time she gets pregnant? She has been with Paul like forever! She’s not young either (neither is Paul). It they really want a family, they need to start soon!

  8. She should be exposed for getting breast implant, as those girls are not her own.

  9. Everyone has their own time line , we don’t always have to follow the cosmo timeline, I been with my husband for 14 years, and we are not ready to have kids yet, maybe another six, I am just enjoying the life before children at the moment,:) 😡 😛

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