Police Alerted Over Gordon Liu’s Disappearance

Martial artist, Gordon Liu (劉家輝), is reported to have gone missing. Gordon’s 21-year-old son, Kris, filed a report with the Hong Kong Police yesterday that he has been unable to locate his father, whose current whereabouts remain unknown.

Tense Relations With Family

After suffering a stroke in August 2011 and losing his mobility, Gordon became estranged from his second wife and two children, Kris and Sonia.  Gordon said that his family was only interested in his money, pressuring him to transfer his financial assets under their name. Gordon’s welfare and health condition were largely ignored.

Last September, Gordon’s elder sister from the United States and friends intervened to have him stay at a nursing home. Gordon’s trusted assistant of five years, Eva, became his financial manager and oversaw Gordon’s monthly expenses.

Kris believes that Gordon was being manipulated to turn against his own family by an unnamed individual.  Gordon refused to see his own children at the nursing home. Gordon was reported to have regained 40 percent of his mobility in October 2012 after intensive physical therapy sessions.

Gordon’s Disappearance

In the months that have lapsed, access to Gordon’s money was changed from his personal assistant, Eva, to an unknown actress. Gordon has left the nursing home and his son, Kris, panicked last month when he was unable to locate the 57-year-old. Kris had tried to contact the actress through his lawyer but did not receive any response, prompting him to finally alert the police yesterday.

Gordon had once entrusted several million RMB in Eva’s care to handle any expenses that may crop up. Since December, Eva has lost contact with Gordon. Before Gordon’s disappearance, Eva helped Gordon give Kris and Sonia $5,000 HKD in monthly living expense money.

“Someone intervened and prevented him from seeing me. I have helped Gordon for five years and he trusts me a lot,” Eva said. “I am very worried and hope to see him soon. When he is better, I can give him back his money.” In January, Eva paid for his physical therapy session, but Gordon did not go, making Eva concerned about his safety.

Kris has filed a report with the Hong Kong Police. Gordon’s disappearance is currently investigated by the East Kowloon Police Precinct’s Regional Missing Person Unit (RMPU).

“I only want to know where my father is. I want to see him again!” Kris said worriedly. In December, Gordon had initiated a phone call to Kris, but after an abrupt exchange Gordon was interrupted by another person on the other end to hang up.

Source: On.cc; Oriental Daily

Note: This article was updated on March 6, 2013 at 4:59 PM with additional details that have emerged regarding Gordon Liu’s disappearance.

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  1. Gordon may be located once the HK Police watch over his bank account and establish a financial trail of where the withdrawals from his bank account take place.

    Gordon’s $1 million RMB in cash (?) is obviously tempting others’ greed. Who is this sudden actress to have entered the picture?

    There seems to be a gap in Gordon’s assistant and son’s stories. They mention the unnamed person who has been manipulating Gordon since last September, but if suspected of taking advantage of his lack of mental clarity after the stroke, the police should have been called in much earlier.

    Although Kris was continuously denied to be seen by Gordon last year, perhaps Gordon has since allowed his children to enter his heart again, as he did give them $5,000 HKD in monthly allowance although the amount is not big.

  2. Omg I’m so sad for Gordon. I remember he played in hella tv series. He’s funny and full of life. I hope everything is okay with him.

  3. Gordon seems to have aged since his stroke perhaps due to stress and sadness. Wish him the best.

    1. Right. He looks so much older in the above photo as a 57-year old man.

    2. yeah, he look so cautious in pix above, if only he had not befriended his new found girlfriend, friends are so important, would be better if he had chosen his friends wisely

  4. If, I’m only saying IF, the rumors are true that his family is after his cash, WOW just wow. Have humanity fallen so low?

    1. seems to me that the actress girlfriend is after his money

  5. That is a sad news.

    I have always liked Gordon. Great actor with mass of versatilities. Wish him the best.

  6. Very sad news.
    I hope that hk police will find him.

  7. I hope the police will be able to find him soon, and he be rid of all the ‘small people’ around him. Why can’t just let him recuperate in peace, instead of with all this drama?

  8. How heart-breaking. Hope Gordon will be located soon and wish him the best.

  9. Feel so bad for Gordon! He is now ill and can’t seem to trust anyone with his money and assets,especially his own wife and kids who many would think would be his closest people. This is very sad… Hope that he is ok and will recover soon and be found safe and sound.

  10. Very sad for him… He left a great impression for his acting all these while… He seriously look older than Damian Lau despite the years difference! Hope everythin goes well for him…

  11. In his younger days, Gordon dumped his first wife for another woman. I may be mean – but I call this retribution. There is always a cause and effect to things we do. That said, I hope Gordon can be found and things will turn out well for him.

    1. Where did you hear that from?? I have never heard of him ever doing so, but of course none of us would know the whole truth and details… That is so mean of you to think that though even if he did do that, I still don’t feel that he deserves to go through what he is going through now. There are many that do a lot worse things but yet are still enjoying their life… Life is just not fair…

      1. Gordon admitted it himself that he let his first wife down. It was carried in one of the articles on this site. Yes, I agree I am mean to say he deserves it. But heartless and unfaithful men deserve no sympathy from me.

      2. Really?? But even if so, he still does not deserve to go through what he is going through now. Also, what were his exact words?? If he just said let down, that can mean many things. How do you feel about women who cheat? Women can cheat just as much as men can too. I think it is a bigger offense for women to cheat because they can get pregnant and carry a child that is not her husband’s.

      3. Whether men or women, cheating is a deplorable act. In life, you reap what you sow. Many people enjoy a happy marriage, are blessed in their old age with fifial children and grandchildren because they were first a faithful spouse and a caring, responsible parent.

  12. Let’s hope this is just a false alarm and Gordon is safe.

  13. I am just wonder whether he is estranged from his adopted brothers Lau Kar Leung and Lau Kar Wing?

  14. Really like watching him in Super Trio and On the first beat. Hope they locate him.

  15. It is sad that his current situation is being told on the tabloid. Sometime in life, it is better not knowing than knowing. I rather remember him as an actor than as a medical conditioned person. This is the price of fame, I hope he finds peace and hope.

  16. i hope that people who have ‘kidnapped’ will release him soon

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