Pregnant Myolie Wu Wants a Second Baby

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Pregnant Myolie Wu Wants a Second Baby

After wedding businessman Philip Lee (李乘德) in 2015, Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) expressed the couple’s desire to start a family. Currently 37 years old, Myolie revealed on Mother’s Day that she is pregnant. Since then, Myolie’s figure has filled out and she appeared more boated. After the baby arrives, Myolie hopes to immediately follow with another child.


Currently four months pregnant, Myolie said, “I will be giving birth around the end of the year. We are thinking about whether we should find out the baby’s sex via ultrasound or just wait until birth to be surprised. I hope to give birth naturally. Recovery is quicker. I want to make use of time [to have a few more children]. We want at least two kids. If I do a C-section, I will have to wait a few years before giving birth again.”

Reflecting on her first trimester, Myolie recalled, “At first, the pregnancy was quite difficult. I disliked all the foods I used to like, and I would get sudden cravings. One time, I told my husband to buy fish ball noodles after work. I gained five pounds. The doctor said the baby’s size is okay right now, but I’m afraid the baby will be too big and labor would be difficult.”

Although her in-laws do not have a preference on the baby’s sex, Myolie’s husband hopes they have a baby girl. When asked whether her ex-boyfriend, Bosco Wong (黃宗澤), has congratulated her yet, she laughed and said, “Yes he did. Right after [the media] asked him about it, he sent me his blessings. Many of my friends have also sent their congratulations to me. I’m very happy. The baby is very blessed.”


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  1. happybi says:

    She still look so slim! Hope all goes well so she can have. A natural birth as with csection, should wait a least a year before having #2.

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    • janet72 replied:

      @happybi she is not young. can’t blame her for planning for #2 fast.

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      • happybi replied:

        @janet72 Can’t blame her for sure but she’s not THAT old. Still can have #2 after 40.

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      • bubbletea replied:

        @janet72 I have to disagree with you. At 37, Myolie is still a yong woman. There are many women having , normal healthy children well into their forties and even early fifties. Timr to stop thinking by what we were thought by the older generatuons about age inrelationships, status in our social and financial lives, looks, having children after 30 years old etc.

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  2. janet72 says:

    when a woman reaches her 40s, she has lesser energy compared to those in their 30s running after a hyperactive child.

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