Priscilla Wong Reveals How She Proposed to Edwin Siu

At the 2018 TVB Anniversary Awards, Edwin Siu (蕭正楠) took everyone by surprise and announced his marriage to Priscilla Wong (黃翠如). The couple secretly got married in April, and Edwin has been waiting for the perfect opportunity to announce the news. While the 41-year-old actor shared a humorous story about how he had tried to propose to Priscilla on a roller coaster, the attempt failed. Priscilla actually proposed to Edwin the second time, and the couple decided to get married spontaneously while vacationing in New Zealand.

After the TVB Anniversary Awards ceremony concluded, Priscilla updated her Instagram account and revealed the details behind the marriage proposal:

“Sometime, somewhere. He proposed to me on a roller coaster, and I proposed to him by the river. Sometime, somewhere. Without beautiful clothes or a luxurious location, we couldn’t even find rings that fit us. At a small village market, we finally found a pair of rings that were made with tableware. At that moment, we have nothing, but we have each other.

“The marriage witness asked us why we chose each other. He said: “She is the one. If she forgets me in her next life, I’ll pat her head vigorously. She will remember me, and then we’ll be together again. She is the one.’

“I said: ‘He is the one. Every time I fall, he always sits next to me, allowing me to cry and say that it hurts to bleed. When all is calm, he will pull me up and take me away. He is the one.’

“What we give ourselves is a commitment to accompany each other. No luxury and romance, but it’s enough. We’re not Law Dai Shu or Fa Ping [characters from 師奶 Madam <Madam Cutie on Duty>]. We’re not Fung Chik Yin or Gu Sing Sheung [characters from Two Steps from Heaven  <幕後玩家>. We’re Edwin Siu and Priscilla Wong. On that day, a rainbow appeared in the sky. This is the best blessing.”

Source: Instagram

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  1. That’s a beautiful account of how they got married in New Zealand. Congratulations to Priscilla and Edwin! Priscilla has been glowing at recent functions (initially I just thought she found a really good beauty salon), but now it’s revealed her new marriage is the real reason.

  2. Have they re registered in HK? Because the NZ marriage may not be legally contracted. Just in case.

  3. Actually if you all paid attention to their interviews and social media accounts, it was slipped about half a year ago that the couple secretly got married already.. and in the beginning of this year/end of last year it was rumored Edwin proposed already. They are very low profile and would not make a big announcement or wedding party just to receive all the sponsored gifts like others (Ruco & Pheobe / Gillian & whats his name) did.

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