“Qianlong” Nie Yuan Picks Daughter Up at School with a Bike

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“Qianlong” Nie Yuan Picks Daughter Up at School with a Bike

The cast of the hit TV series Story of Yanxi Palace <延禧攻略> are the breakout stars of 2018, including 40-year-old Nie Yuan (), who played the Qianlong Emperor. Becoming the paparazzi’s new favorite target, the Yanxi Palace star is also a new favorite guest for talk shows, and in the latest episode of A Date with Luyu <鲁豫有约一日行>, the actor openly talked about his family life, including an endearing habit he has when picking up his daughter from school everyday.

The crew of Luyu documented a day in Nie Yuen’s life and followed him to a kindergarten school where he picked his daughter up. Despite being a famous actor and a popular star, Nie Yuen biked to and from school everyday.

Netizens were shocked and impressed by Nie Yuen’s modest and down-to-earth lifestyle. “He is so low-profile,” said one. “Yuan Ge is China’s best man,” wrote another. Some even suggested Nie Yuan to consider being a guest on the popular variety show, Where Are We Going, Dad? <爸爸去哪儿>.

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“Qianlong” Nie Yuan Picks Daughter Up at School with a Bike

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      Are they even filming 爸爸去哪儿 anymore? There wasn’t a season this year….
      Maybe from all the backlash of “using” their own kids for profits

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